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tennis2009 0 1796 12 years ago tennis2009
anmol-ved jodi!

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princess.noor 2 2224 12 years ago PCRocks
Will next week will be last week...

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desi_lover_guy 1 2000 12 years ago sOobsessedx3
Ved or some other guy?

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princess.noor 0 1445 12 years ago princess.noor

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riaz_925 0 1377 12 years ago riaz_925
TB:Maan Rahe Tera Pitaah to end

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.Tanya. 0 1734 12 years ago .Tanya.
TB:Archana Taide to be replaced in MRTP ?

pencil .Tanya.   stackexchange 1   eye 1661

Archana Taide

.Tanya. 1 1661 12 years ago Mariaa.SG
*Ved and Anmol Appreciation Thread*

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apothecary 7 1826 12 years ago 26javey
MRTP - Character Sketch

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Adil112 6 2131 13 years ago princess.noor
TB: Sony's Pitaah gets its old flavor back

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.Tanya. 0 1491 12 years ago .Tanya.


VIEW ALL right-dir
Pramod Moutho
Pramod Moutho

as: Durgaprasad

Anmol’s father who lost his wife in an accident in the coal mines where he used to work. Since then he is fighting to shut these coal mines which are actually dangerous but people think he has a ...

Archana Taide
Archana Taide

as: Anmol

The protagonist, who lost her mother at a tender age, is ill-treated by her family and ridiculed by the world due to her “insane” father’s actions. She has tremendous respect for her MLA uncle, ...

Devrraj Singh Arora
Devrraj Singh Arora

as: Ved

childhood best friend of Anmol

Varun Badola
Varun Badola

as: Kaliprasad

The 50 year old MLA from Brahmapur, is a seasoned politician who shows fake concern for his “lunatic” brother Durgaprasad. He is worshipped as a god by the people of Brahmapur and pretends to be the ...

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