Kasturi... This is a story about a middle class girl named Kasturi and her struggle to protect her family's legacy. The story of her dreams and aspirations which are so closely intertwined with her family. The ambience is pure Delhi. Kasturi's father has a saree shop in Chandni Chowk. Kasturi is born in a middleclass Punjabi family. She is bright, intelligent, chirpy, bubbly and loves to have Puchkas in Karol bagh right on the street. She is a girl who finds happiness even in the smallest and simplest of things. The story opens with Kasturi, rushing to the temple early morning - even as the family gets up to the morning chores - to get the priests blessing as her result is about to be declared. Kasturi is humble and polite but innately very strong - who's fighting to forge her own identity. Remember, Kasturi is not the typical hep, outgoing girl - Her beauty is in her simplicity and her respect for tradition. She is not averse to carrying the Hanuman Chalisa on her maiden job interview. But it is the same discipline and inherent strength that enables her to stand up and fight. Her mother is at par with God for her, as she takes her blessing before the Lord's. The family thinks and believes that there is no need for the lady of the house to work but Kastoori subtly protests against this idea- as she creates her own mark in this world. The results of the University come out and Kasturi graduates with top honours from the University. Kasturi's father who was earlier not opposed to her carrying on with her education, suddenly changes his mind as he is afflicted by Engina. From this juncture starts the real struggle. The family wants her to marry but Kasturi wants to do something in her life. Unknown to the family Kasturi begins to work at a firm. From here the trials and tribulations, the vicissitudes of life begin to emerge through which Kasturi forges her identity.
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