Kaajjal - Sabbki Aankhon Mein Basi

Kaajjal - Sabbki Aankhon Mein Basi

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First meeting of Raju and Kaju

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Chahe zhuba se ( dil hai tumhara)

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Vitaminos for dr. dev’s patients!!

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humko maloom hai VM

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Mix on a Party Scene of Kajjal

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Dev’s 1st wife Payal & where can I watch?

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Song Video Mixes of Dev & Kajjal

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vm - jaane dil mein

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Vm on Telly Actors

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kajjal rerun 25feb rerun video+written

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VIEW ALL right-dir
Chahatt Khanna
Chahatt Khanna

as: Kaajal

Kaajal in second birth

Chetan Hansraj
Chetan Hansraj

as: Dhruv

Dev’s best Friend,Dev and Dhruv have a special bond of friendship. He comes back in India in search of a Perfect Bride and Falls in Love with Kaajjal.

Rohit Bakshi
Rohit Bakshi

as: Karan Pratap Singh

Nayantara Pratap Singh’s eldest Son, Mature, Carring, has his own separate business, take guidance from his mom, and wants to see his brother Dev.

Rita Bhaduri
Rita Bhaduri

as: Bimmo Bua

She is Kaajjal’s bua and a motherly figure for her. She has her trade mark Sharmila tagore gogs,which she loves a lot. She shares a special bond with Kaajjal and Dev both. She knows the fact that ...

Apurva Agnihotri
Apurva Agnihotri

as: Dev Pratap Singh

A Young,handsome, rich debonair, Main patroiniginist. When he was introduced he appeared as the arrogant,brash,rude person, but later on as the story got unfolded, it was revealed tht he is a, ...

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