Jite Hai Jiske Liye

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Jite Hai Jiske Liye

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Completely black character, All she wants is to rule the empire, she had widened gap Between Aman and Ashmit so that she can take advantange of their fight. She gives Anjali Pills so that she can never concieve and Aman's family can never get a heir!!

Anjali's husband. He loves his wife a lot. His Past Avni returns back in his life, marrying his younger brother Ashmit. She tries her level best to create Misunderstanding between Aman and Anjali

Son of Ayub Khan and Renuka Shahane who is not at all fond of his father. This poor little rich boy does not have the support of his mother who has been falsely accused of murder. He is taken care of by his sister and aunt and because he is rich and spoilt he turns negative.