Jiji Maa which aired on Star Bharat revolves around the lives of two sisters, Falguni and Niyati Purohit. Falguni is the elder sister who is more like a Mother to Niyati after their mother's demise. She fulfills her needs and raises her like a mother than an elder sister. Despite remaining illiterate, Falguni educates her younger sister and is ready to sacrifice anything for her. 

The show depicts the journey of the two sisters who goes on to overcome the hurdles of life and support each other. In the midst, the face several difficulties and problems laid down by Uttara Devi, whose sons the two sisters end up marrying. 

Jiji Maa aired its last episode on 18th February 2019 on Star Bharat and stars Tanvi Dogra and Bhavika Sharma in the main lead, portraying the role of two sisters.