Ishq Subhan Allah is a Hindi drama television series starring Eisha Singh and Adnan Khan. Kabeer and Zara are both devout followers of Islam but interpret the Quraan' differently. Kabeer abides by the traditional code of conduct and Zara applies the teachings of Allah in a practical way. 

Kabeer and Zara take us on a journey of their world where they are grappling with issues like Triple Talaaq.  While Kabeer is a maulvi' (priest) who abides by the widely followed, traditional moral ethical code of conduct, Zara is a well-educated young woman who applies the teachings of Allah to a logical, liberal way of life based on modern fundamentals of practicality, rationality, gender equality, justice and fairness. 

Viewers will be taken on a gripping journey of what happens when destiny brings Zara and Kabeer a liberal and a staunch hardliner together in matrimony. 

In showcasing Zara and Kabeer's starkly opposite schools of thought, "Ishq Subhan Allah urges viewers to re-examine their own perspective and interpretations on religious practices and codes of conduct and bring an element of rationality to the way they understand and apply religion to their lives.

The show airs on Zee TV and is streamed on ZEE 5.