Ghar.. Ek Sapna

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Ghar.. Ek Sapna

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He's the true blue son of the soil of Bihar whose every aspect of life reveals the ethos of the place he belongs to. Om Shankar is a wily, crude and powerful businessman politician of Bihar for whom power is everything and no cost is too high to acquire it. He keeps the dignity of his violent operations by never appearing in the forefront of things, but he trusts his man Friday and son-in-law Sujeet implicitly, as much as he's fond of his daughters Trisha and Kakul. He has little patience or understanding of the complexities of delicate human relationships and left to himself would apply the maxim of power, money and gun to them also. Through the story Om Shankar only changes his methods from silent pressure to open force, but has no journey of his own evolution.

Alok Nath, veteran of tellywood, famous for his roles in Astitva & Bunyaad, now seen as Samman's dad, first very angry with Khakul because of Sammans marriage to Khakul he could loose his business ( Vanshika-Sammans finance was his cash cow). But later on he realized that his son was the guilty one and Khakul had left home of dreams. Amarnath is not as gentle as he appears on the eye. He has done things in the past, shadows of his action still haunting him at night. The business he claims as his own, was equally own his friend, father of Neha and husband of Kaushalya. He robbed their share in the business, leaving them poor, depending on Amarnath for even cent. He is very emotional, get angry quickly, everyone should consult him before taking any action and he doesn't like to told that he is wrong. He is good by heart, but sometimes fails to judge the situation correctly. He is dependent on emotional and moral support of his family, especially his elder son Rishabh. He has complete trust in Rishabh. He expects little of his other children and already lost hope for Samman. After Samman Left the house he declared him death and told him never to come back. He also disapproves when other family members try to meet Samman. He cares a lot for Khakul and he feels sorry for Om Shankar Ji. But because he has own daughters to worry about he appears selfish and tries to ignore all contacts with Bihar.

Neha is sharad girlfriend and she is a lawyer.