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EPU Picture Gallery

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Ek Packet Umeed Creations Gallery

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Was Gattu in EPU?

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EPU written update for 5th Aug

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EPU Updates Archive

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Ek Packet Umeed Articles Corner

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EPU Written update for 29th July

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EPU timing

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EPU getting better!!!

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Jay Bhanushali in Ek Packet Umeed

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Bhanu Jay Bhanushali

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Neena Kulkarni
Neena Kulkarni

as: Ambika Dharamraj

She is the 50 year old Head of Umeed Bhavan. She has a strict demeanor with a strong sense of what she believes in as right and wrong and hence she is very fair and objective in all her decisions . At ...

Raqesh Bapat
Raqesh Bapat

as: Anuj

He is a 27 year old MBA graduate who helps run Umeed Bhavan and works there as well. Sujata and he have been friends for a long time and share a great comfort level with each other. Sujata is not ...

Aatisha Naik
Aatisha Naik

as: Sundari

She is the 35 years old former Lavani dancer with a great sense of humor and a carefree attitude. She lives life on her own terms and doesn’t take anything too seriously. She also constantly teases ...

Rupali Ganguly
Rupali Ganguly

as: Sujata

She is the 25 year old vivacious daughter of Ambika Dharamraj. She is a typical youngster who is happy with life in general and also has quite a stubborn streak in her. She is loved by one and all at ...

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