Having connected millions of people through dance and given so many youngsters a career through dance, Zee TV brings back the dance ke baaps on popular demand - DID L'il Masters Season 3. In its third season, the show returns with a unique positioning - 'Bachchagiri'! Premiering Saturday, March 1st at 9PM, the show has Geeta Kapoor and Ahmad Khan as Masters along with Sanam Johar, Raghav Crockroaz Juyal, DID 4 contestant- Swarali Karulkar as skippers. There will also be a fourth member on board as a skipper whose name is still under consideration. 
Like always, the focus of the show will be on the talent par excellence, the fun and the passion the kids share for dance through several stages of progression. The skill, discipline, artistry and mental-physical development of the kids will be of utmost importance throughout the show. DID L'il Masters has always presented ace dancers and never before seen acts with highest quality of training with the help of reliable and efficient Skippers. This time, the Top 16 contestants will be put under the able-guidance of Sanam Johar, Raghav Juyal, Swarali Karulkar and the fourth skipper and will strive to cultivate a positive environment for the children to nurture, develop and further hone their dancing skills and overall personality. Everybody's favorite host, Jay Bhanushali will anchor the show and grandmaster Mithun Da will support the young talent to bring out the best in each contestant in his own charismatic manner.
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