• Rahul Mahajan Rahul Mahajan

    as: Judge

    Charming & handsome, Rahul Mahajan was the life of the COLORS' Bigg Boss house with his antics & jokes! And for someone who has been through a serious of difficulties over the past two years, putting on a brave face and laughing in the face of adversity puts Rahul in the best position to judge a comedy reality show!

  • Sachin Pilgaonkar Sachin Pilgaonkar

    as: Judge

    Known for his acting skills & his comic timing, Sachin Pilgaonkar is a man of many talents! His comic genius is on full display in the superhit sitcom Tu Tu main Main & the film 'Satte pe satta'. He feels that kids today know how to entertain; in fact, they know it better than anyone. It will be a great experience to see these little masters come on stage and perform & who know even he may have something new to learn from them!

  • Juhi Parmar Juhi Parmar

    as: Host

    The cute actress Juhi Parmar has entertained television audiences in India in many different and unique avatars. Used to seeing her as a weepy bahu, her stand up comedy acts in 'Comedy Circus' stunned everyone! She feels that kids have a better understanding of jokes, their innocence and perception of things around them makes them come up with original ideas.

  • Kapil Sharma Kapil Sharma

    as: Host

    Known for his quick wit and the ability to find humour in any situation, comedian Kapil Sharma has always been a favourite with the young and old alike! Hailing from a small town, he is appreciative of the platform that the kids now have to showcase their talent! Already having won a laughter challenge himself, he feels that kids have an instinctive sense of humour which can never be imitated by adults!