Shalini Shauta Shalini Shauta

as: Pari

Bharti's daughter in law

Kanika Kotnala Kanika Kotnala

as: Jasmine

Aditi Tailang Aditi Tailang

as: Kopal

Pari's sister

Tanvi Thakkar Tanvi Thakkar

as: Jhumka

Shobhit Attray Shobhit Attray

as: Prakash

Juhi Aslam Juhi Aslam

as: Bharti Chauhan

The only child of rich and kind parents, Bharati is a dwarf who is only 3.5 feet tall. She has been raised with all the luxuries of life and has never been made to feel that she is lacking in any way. She is very intelligent, headstrong yet soft spoken and a nice human being. A top ranked student, she has always made her parents proud of her. While she has accepted what life has offered her, she dislikes being ridiculed about her height.

Amita Udgata Amita Udgata

as: Dadi

Pari & Kopal's dadi, Srivastava's mother

Dadhi Raj Dadhi Raj

as: Bansi Lal

Rahul Trivedi Rahul Trivedi

as: Dumroo

Raj Singh Raj Singh

as: Aditya

Bharti's younger son

Darshan Gandas Darshan Gandas

as: Mridang

Madhvi Gokhte Madhvi Gokhte

as: Dhara Chauhan

Apart from being a religious, polite and soft-spoken lady, Dhara is also active in social work. She faced some complications during her pregnancy due to which the baby’s growth was stunted. After the birth of her daughter she couldn’t conceive again. Like her husband, Dhara too is worried about her daughter’s height and her marriage in particular.Dhara’s only wish in life is to see her daughter happy and get married to a very nice person.

Tabrez Khan Tabrez Khan

as: Veehan

Bharti's older son

Shailesh Datar Shailesh Datar

as: Rupesh Chauhan

Fondly called as Roopji, he is one of Agra’s rich, famous and reputed businessmen. Roopji owns several paper factories along with a huge business of ‘Petha’ manufacturing in Agra. He is a gentleman and adores his wife and only child Bharati. Being a successful businessman he has all the comforts and luxuries in life; but he has one concern. He is worried about his daughter Bharati who is a dwarf. He worries what the future will hold for her. He is a loving father and has never let Bharati feel incompatible. He has raised and educated her well.

Priya Bhatija Priya Bhatija

as: Sudha

Nupur Alankaar Nupur Alankaar

as: Manju

Pari & Kopal's mother, Srivastava's wife

Reshmi Ghosh Reshmi Ghosh

as: Ashthami