Aek Chabhi Hai Padoss Mein is the story of a middle class mohalla. The plot revolves around regular, identifiable people as they live their lives, juggle their hopes and aspirations with their troubles. This is a story that everybody will identify with. The mohalla consists of simple and real people and the plot revolves around their lives. Be it Ratiram, a small cafe owner or Sukha Singh with his family of four or Bapida, a photocopy shop owner who is a die-hard fan of Amitabh Bachchan, everyone has simple needs and remarkable strength to face any problem in life. The mohalla comprises of the working class, housewives, students and shop owners who live harmoniously together. Watch this new show to witness the twists and turns in their lives! The uniqueness of the show is that it does not stay with one story but introduces new ones every few episodes through it's gamut of characters and interesting new things that keep happening in their lives, so that, it encompasses many stories about many people, not unlike life.
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