The film traces Modi's meteoric rise in the corridors of politics, as a four-time serving Chief Minister. We see the numerous challenges he faces, be it the infamous Hindu-Muslim Godhra riots in 2002 where his state burned and more than a 1000 people died, or the Islamic terror attack on the Akshardham temple. We see his resolve to ensure that riots never recur in Gujarat through his statesmanship and dedication to the cause of religious unity. We also see the remarkable transformation of Gujarat in his capable hands, from an ailing economy to the fastest growing state economy in the country, in a span of just 12 years. We see his strategies to ensure 24/7 electricity for the poor, unheard of at the time, his brilliant plans to make his state the Detroit of India, the largest manufacturing hub for automobiles, his untiring efforts to bring water to parched lands and promote women empowerment and education. We also see how, despite the American visa ban against him, he brought millions of dollars of investments into Gujarat with the help of NRIs and the corporates; and the ultimate creation of the historic Gujarat Vibrant Summits, all of which led to the mega-successful Gujarat Development Model, that became the envy of all other states in India! The film shows his historic battles with his political opponents, devious business leaders trying to oppose the Gujarat success story and the enemy country that unleashed a wave of terrorism to destabilize India and even attempted to assassinate Modi.And the film culminates in Modi’s overcoming all these obstacles to create and lead one of the most fascinating and successful election campaigns in world politics in 2013-14. A magnificent victory in the face of one of the most audacious assassination attempts in political history.  Narendra Modi is the first Indian Prime Minister to be born in independent India! and so, this is not one, but two biographies! This film is not only the Life Story of Modi from 1957 to 2014, but it is also the story of a Nation, as it progressed from a rural socialist state to its current status as the world’s fastest-growing economy! And that is why it is often said today's India is Modi and Modi is India!