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IVF related details are quite interesting

10 January 2020
The directors have taken pains to depict the rigors that a woman goes thru during IVF... the stress.. the emotions... the fear of failure ..the support if families something missing ..the social stigma etc .. Loved the way comedy was added in the form of exchanged sperms... in the end I loved how Kareena and Akshay acted the perfect parents ... and summed up the movie ... It's a must watch for all ages to get used to the idea of IVF and get over any social stigma attached it .. Also they have done away with discriminating girls n boys at birth. I watched GN recently n loved the medical managements they mentioned ... n the hilarious way they got the sperm samples cross matched .. BTW such things never happen in real life .. IVF is a very very specialised lab Technique n they don’t have any margin for such human error ..but for entertainment purposes ..sonchne mein kya burayi hain ... The movie will make you laugh and laugh ... with generous doses of comical situations and funny dialogues ... great for family watch n full doses of entertainment....



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IVF related details are quite interesting

Full Review   10 January 2020

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