Hansal Mehta who earlier directed the underworld crime thriller `Chhal'
and the sex-comedy `Yeh Kya Ho Raha Hai' comes up with a `marital
thriller' Anjaan. The film looks at the relationship of a husband and
wife at the brink of breakdown. Aamir Ali who was introduced in Mehta's
Yeh Kya Ho Raha Hai, plays the title role of a mysterious stranger who
creates havoc in the lives of a husband and wife, within a few days
after he visits their house. Mahek Chahel who debuted with Nayee
Padosan plays the female lead. Anjaan is a look at a relationship
desperately in search of a reason for its existence. A relationship
that has long been clouded by miscommunication and misunderstanding!
What seems to be an innocuously normal day in the life of a bored
marital relationship soon turns into an exploration of the psyche of
the individuals that inhabit these relationships. Aditya (Vipul Gupta)
is a film-maker whose last two films have failed miserably. He is
currently working on a script which for him is almost like a final
attempt at glory. His failures have created a rift in his relationship
with Meneka (Mahek Chahal), his wife. While the marriage is not really
on the rocks, Meneka does feel neglected and lonely. Her attempts at
understanding Aditya are usually met with a snub. She misses the
caring, loving and passionate Aditya for whom she had forfeited her
successful modeling career. The arrival of a stranger, Shoaib (Aamir
Ali), into the house soon turns into an exploration of morality and
momentary temptation. The disarming, mysterious Shoaib opens up vistas
that were till now taboo for Meneka. He charms her, he angers her and
in the process he provokes her innermost thoughts and desires. Who is
this dangerously charming stranger? Will his presence rock the very
institution that Meneka has been clinging to? And what will Aditya who
has been so engrossed in his own professional failures do when he
realizes the deception that is about to engulf his personal life?

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