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Posted: 18 years ago
He's the hottest kid on the block-EIJAZ KHAN
[old interview]

 Ejaz Khan has captured the minds and imagination of several fans across the sub-continent, but somehow the plum roles seem to be evading the good looking actor. Prashant Golecha finds out why

Why did you leave 'Kahiin To Hoga', although your character Varun was being appreciated?
My leaving Kahiin To Hoga was a management decision at Balaji Telefilms. I had Kesar and Koi Dil Mein Hai to shoot for, which were suffering due to my time constraints. There were rumours floating that I left because I wasn't paid enough, but that was not true. I knew I would be exiting KTH. In fact, for one and a half months, we were unable to find a suitable replacement till Chaitanya came into the picture.

Why do you keep getting the second or third leads in Balaji shows? Did Ekta promise you a bigger role?
Ekta didn't promise me any bigger roles. I am doing the lead in Koi Dil Mein Hai. In Kesar too, I have a prominent role although my character, Abhinav Pandey has died right now - he is going to make a comeback. From the 16th episode in Kesar the story had to become a love triangle, which didn't happen. In case of Kahiin To Hoga my character was to evolve after Piyush's death. But some time after Piyush's death, I was replaced. I am happy doing what I am doing.

Why did you take up "Kkusum" that's already cluttered with so many actors?
My character Sohan has been introduced to fight for Kkusum. I agreed to do it because Kkusum is still the number one show for Sony in terms of viewership. Moreover it is a short-term character and I had time on my hands, as Koi Dil Mein Hai is a half hour weekly show now instead of an hour long weekly.

How difficult is it to avoid getting attracted to beautiful co-stars?
It is pretty difficult but one needs to maintain a certain level of professionalism. I don't believe in mixing my love and professional lives.

Why did you opt for television instead of approaching producers for films?
Frankly, I turned down many item number offers, as I didn't want to get slotted. Moreover, I had met with an accident and broken my shoulder I had some decent film offers but they were taking time. So when Balaji approached me for Kulvadhu (later renamed as Koi Dil Mein Hai) for a lead role, I decided to take the offer. But the show took time. Meanwhile I was offered the role of Varun. I took it.

Do you still want to do films?
Yes. Let me market myself well. At Balaji, I have sort of graduated in acting. In any case, television is bigger than films. In films, you can get written off with one flop, but that's not so with television shows. I want to do films but later. Right now I am happy doing television and improving my performances. I am a chilled out person. I want to exhaust myself first on television.

Do you have a girlfriend?
I had a girlfriend for four years. We have broken off now.

We keep hearing that 'Koi Dil Mein hai' is going off air soon. What's the truth?
Koi Dil Mein Hai was supposed to go off air, due to low TRPs, as Star Plus was airing movies at the same time. Right now, the serial has got an extension of around 2-3 months, as the ratings are better than before.

Is it true that Nandini Singh, who plays the title role of 'Kesar' has a major attitude problem on the sets?
Yes, it's totally true. I hate her. I haven't spoken to her for the last six months. We don't even rehearse the scenes with her. She just sits in her make up van with her mom. I don't know why, but everyone somehow goes on tolerating her.

How do you react to your female fan following?
Uncannily, I am still called Varun. Fans write letters to me and there are even people coming to my house to meet me. It feels good. When I was in hospital for five days after my hand injury, many fans visited me. That really touched me.

What are your passions?
My current passion is sleeping! Otherwise, I like to take off for vacations to places like Goa
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Posted: 18 years ago
Natassha Live chat -8th June

Natassha of KKavyanjali

Transcript of LIVE CHAT with TV actress, Natassha at 12 noon on Wednesday, June 8 , 2005 in Mumbai

TV actress

"Ektaa has given life to many actors and if we have to ask her before giving interviews, there is no harm in it. As for myself, I don't like giving interviews."

Hi2jagruti > Hi, I am 21 years old and I want to be an actress. I did a theatre workshop but really don't know how to start. Will you please advise me?
Natassha > Balaji is starting many more new shows so why don't you send some pictures. If you are lucky then you will be called for an audition because that's how I started.

Hi2jagruti > I really love you in (TV serial) Kkavyaanjali . Are you doing any films? You look so beautiful!
Natassha > Thank you so much. I am doing two films right now - Silsilay should release anytime this month and I there's another film called Koi Aapsa with Aftab Shivdasani, which will release in October, this year.

Kely > Are you Ektaa Kapoor's lucky charm? You seem to be a part of most of her projects? What makes her prefer you so much?
Natassha > I share a great rapport with Balaji Telelfilms. I started my career with
them. Shobha (Ektaa's mom and one of the directors of the company) aunty is like my mother. It's more like family, that's why my priorities and loyalties lie with them.

Lili > Are you too superstitious or believe in astrology or numerology? You spell your name with two "S".
Natassha > To some extent I do believe in numerology but at the end of it what has to happen will happen. I changed my spelling because I was told I would be more successful. There is no harm in trying.

Raggie > Where are you from? And how did you become an actress?
Natassha > I was born and brought up in Mumbai. I never thought that I'd be an actress. I was forced by my friends to do an audition for an ad film and that's how it all started.

Roza > How did you come in contact with Ektaa and how did your friendship with her grow? Please do say something here. Are you two friends from school or something?
Natassha > No, we are not school friends. Our friendship started off when I did the serial Kabhi Sautan Kabhi Saheli and then I also did films with Tusshar Kapoor.

Shreyss_007 > Aap "Anjali" Se Kitni Milti Ho (How close are you in nature to your onscreen character "Anjali")?
Natassha > Not very much. Initially, when the serial started "Anjali" was bubbly and naughty - that's more me.

Johny > Except for Kuch To Ha, none of your released films did well at the box office. Why did you choose such projects? Do you think that you can make a career in Hindi cinema, in the long run?
Natassha > I did those films because I liked the script at that point of time. I believe in working hard. The fate of the film is not in my hands. I am doing two more films, out of which in Koi Aapsa, I have a substantial role. Let's see how things move after that release. At present, I am really happy with Kkavyanjali.

Mausam > Would you continue as a TV actress or go to Hindi movies permanently or maybe even direct/produce a film?
Natassha > I think I will continue as a TV actress and do films also if I get good projects. No plans of directing or producing films.

Lili > Why aren't you seen in more TV serials like other popular actors? And, are you only going to act in Balaji produced TV soaps? Aren't you open to working for other production houses?
Natassha > I am open to working with other production houses. But, (shooting for) Kkavyanjali is taking almost 20 days in a month and I am also doing south Indian films simultaneously. So I don't have the time.

Your fan > You did your debut in a negative role in (film) Kuch Toh Hai . Quite unlike for a new comer. Comments/. Also, were you a model?
Natassha > I thought the role was really nice and different. I was lucky to start off with a negative role because for an actress it is important to do versatile roles. No, I was not a model but I did do a couple of ads at the initial stage of my career.

Shreyss_007 > Main Aapka fan Tha, Lekin Mujhe Kuch Toh Hai Mein Aapka Item Dance Bahut Hi Bura Laga! Aapne Woh Kyun Kiya Tha ? (I was your fan but didn't like your item number dance in Kuch Toh Hai . Why did you do it?)
Natassha > Because I thought the song was outstanding, and for an actress it is important to do different stuff. Besides, people loved the item number.

Rima > Is it an advantage to be known as bold and beautiful? How do you deal with the image?
Natassha > I don't think I have that image.

Your fan > How was it working with Tusshar Kapoor, considering the fact that you were a new comer then?
Natassha > It was amazing to work with him. He is really sweet, inspiring and supportive.

Mona-darling > You are seen quite a lot but your interviews hardly appear anywhere? Why? Are you aversed to the idea of giving interviews?
Natassha > I don't like giving too many interviews. I think my work speaks for itself.

Kaju > What do you think of Ektaa's recent diktat to her actors that they will need her prior permission before giving interviews? It has appeared in today's newspapers.
Natassha > I think she has given life to many actors so if we have to ask her before giving interviews there is no harm.

Vasudha > Doyou have a boyfriend? What is your opinion about your co-star, Ejaz Khan? Ejaz/ Rakshak Sahini (previous actor who was opposite you in Kkavyanjal i) -whom do you like as an actor, costar and friend?
Natassha > At present I don't have a boyfriend. Ejaz is a very nice guy, comfortable to work and fun to be with. I like Ejaz as a co-star because I think he is a better actor.

Your fan > When is your birthday ? Where were you born and brought up? Are you a south Indian?
Natassha > Birthday is on 14th of April. I am born and brought up in Mumbai. No, I am a Sindhi.

Vasudha > Congrats on getting the award in star parivaar!!!!!!!! Whom do you get along with the best from Kkavyanjali ?
Natassha > Thanks. I get along with everybody. But most the time I am shooting with Ejaz and Amrita. I get along with them much more.

Your fan > What does your name Natassha mean?
Natassha > I think in Russian it means "to like."

Jags > How is Amrita Singh as a person. Have you interacted with her? What's your equation with such a senior actress like her?
Natassha > She is absolute fun to work with and an amazing human being. We really get along.

Your fan > What is your family background?
Natassha > I am from a middle class family. The family consists of my mom and my sister. My mom is into fashion designing. My family has no connection with the film industry.
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Posted: 18 years ago
Natassha Interview April 04

'I'm not a violent person'

By: Shaheen Parkar
April 15, 2004

user posted image
Natassha in Krishna Cottage

Her name may be Shanti in Balaji's supernatural film Krishna Cottage which releases this Friday "but I create more ashanti, especially in the movie's first half," says Natassha. Krishna Cottage is directed by Santram Verma (Kahiin Kissi Roz) and also stars Sohail Khan and Ishaa Koppikar. "I play a bubbly college student; the kind who always makes a big noise about everything. In the second half, however, I quieten down due to certain happenings."

Natassha is in Melbourne shooting for Balaji's next venture Koi Aap Sa, a love story directed by Partho Mitra (Kkusum, Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi), with co-stars Aftab Shivdasani and Himanshu Malik. She will also be seen in E Niwas's 11 pm which she describes "as a triangular love story."

An Ektaa Kapoor discovery, Natassha acted in the Balaji soap Kabhi Souten Kabhi Saheli. Her big screen debut was Kucch To Hai with Tusshar and Esha Deol. She has also acted in a couple of South films including the Telugu hit Nuwu Mennu (You and Me) which was remade in Hindi as Yeh Dil with Tusshar as co-star.

Model-tuned-actress Natassha owes her filmi aspirations to Ektaa who not only gave her a "dream debut" but also the numerologically correct screen name Natassha (her real name is Anita Hasanandani).

As she waits for the spooky Krishna Cottage to come alive on screen, Natassha tells us when was the last time she….

Cried while watching a film: Two days ago when I saw this film called 50 First Dates in Melbourne. It stars Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler. It is about this man who is in love with a woman who suffers from short-term memory loss… so he has to woo her everyday as she keeps on forgetting.

Shopped till she dropped: It was in Bangkok, a year and a half ago. I was at this store MBK from morning to night and still did not finish.

Worked out: I work out daily and am on the treadmill everyday. There are also a couple of cardio exercises I do daily. Thrice a week I am at the gym.
Felt jealous: I am happy with what I have.

Hit someone: I don't recall ever hitting anyone. I am not the type who gets violent.

Cooked a meal: It was Sindhi curry for a Hyderabad-based newspaper for their celeb cooks section.

Read a book: I am reading Spencer Johnson's Who Moved My Cheese. I am quite enjoying it. It's all about dealing with changes in your life.

Felt humbled: We visited this old age home in Melbourne. It was very moving to see these old couples and how they live despite all odds.

Let your hair down: In Mumbai a week ago, in fact just before leaving for Melbourne. I was with a bunch of friends at Lush and we partied hard.

Went for a holiday: To Bangkok a year and a half ago. After that I have been shooting without a break.

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Posted: 18 years ago
TV gives us more recognition

By: Shaheen Parkar
January 25, 2005

Model-turned-actress Natassha (Kuch To Hai, Krishna Cottage) began with Kabhie Souten Kabhie Saheli (Star Plus). She is now back on the small screen with Kkavyanjali (Star Plus), which premieres tonight.

Playing the character of Anjali in this daily soap, Natassha explains why she agreed to do Kkavyanjali….

What made you return to television?
Just about everything about Kkavyanjali. It is a big project with a great script. I did not think twice and said yes immediately. Anyway that big divide between the big and small screen has blurred.

Even today, people still remember me as Tanu of Kabhie Souten Kabhie Saheli. Doing a big TV show gives as much recognition and fulfilment as a film.

What is your role as Anjali?
She is this simple, innocent and sweet girl who falls in love with Kkavya (Rakshak Sawhney) and then begins… for that you will have to wait and watch.

Does that mean you are open to more TV offers?
At the moment I am shooting for 15 days in a month for Kkavyanjali. The rest of the time is for my films.

What's happening on the film front?
There is Vashu Bhagnani's Silsiley being directed by Khalid Mohamed. I play a bold role of an extremely fast girl. Then there is debutant Tariq's Ek Se Bhure Do, a comedy which features Arshad Warsi.

Besides, there is Balaji's Koi Aap Sa, a love story opposite Aftab Shivdasani. On the regional front, my Tamil film S A Chandreshekhar's Sukran (Luck) starring Vijay and Ravi Krishna releases next month.

Why is there a general perception that you are only seen in Balaji films?
There is nothing like that. I am working with outside productions and open to other offers.

You have a great comfort level with Ekta Kapoor.
Ekta is a great friend. I am very comfortable with her, with Shobha aunty and Jeetu uncle.

What next?
What can I say about the future; who knows what is going to happen tomorrow? Right now, I am giving my best shot for Kkavyanjali and waiting for the completion and release of my films.

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Posted: 18 years ago
Something about Natassha

By: Shaheen Parkar
January 23, 2003

user posted image

Along with Tusshar and Esha Deol in Balaji Films' Kucch To Hai is the new-find Natassha.

One look at her name (that double 's') and it's obvious that she is part of the Balaji's numerology brigade. "My real name is Anita Hasanandani," she says.

"The film's producers (Shobha and Ekta Kapoor) felt that it did not have the zing to it.

They rechristened me Natassha for the big screen with a double 's' which is numerically correct. It's not that I am into all this. They wanted it and I agreed."

If the name Anita Hasanandani sounds even a wee bit familiar it will be because of her modelling stint (Sunsilk, Boroplus) and her Balaji TV show Kabhi Souten Kabhi Saheli.

"It was during the shoot of this soap that I auditioned for the film. Ekta was on the look out for a new face.

She liked my work in Kabhi Souten… Ekta thought I had this innocent girl look which would suit the role in Kucch To Hai.

She made me do a photo shoot with Gautam Rajyadhaksha. In fact even before she could get back to me, there was this buzz on the sets of Kabhi Souten… that I was going to be Ekta's heroine. It was much later that she told me that I was in the movie."

In Kucch To Hai, Natassha plays a college student in love with a classmate (Tusshar) who likes someone else (Esha Deol). "More than the romantic angle, Kucch To Hai is all about thrills; you won't know what to expect next."

Preparing for the film was no big deal for her. "I knew I had to lose weight and managed to knock off lots of it. Anyway, I always wanted to be an actress.

I wanted to act and make lots of money. I am not from a film background but from a middle-class family in Khar.

After schooling in Bai Avabai Petit, I didn't pursue my education as I was not at all interested in studies. I even did a job in a communications office for a while."

Then began the rounds of studios and producers. "When things began to happen, they all occurred together.

There was modelling initially followed by television. I even managed to act in five Telugu films from which Nuvvu Mennu (You and Me) was a hit."

Incidentally, Nuvvu Mennu has been remade in Hindi called Yeh Dil by Teja. Natassha stars in it along with Tusshar.

Natassha is also part of Ekta's next film to be directed by Santram Varma with Aftab Shivdasani and Ishaa Koppikar.

It's clear that she is part of the Balaji camp. "Ekta gave me a break and if she is repeating me in her next project it's because she thinks I can act."

The rest, meanwhile, will have to decide after Kucch To Hai.

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Posted: 18 years ago
Kavya's bhaiyya in television too
By: Tushar Joshi
July 21, 2005

MAKING OTHERS DANCE TO HIS TUNE: Imran Khan and brother Eijaz Khan (below)
Eijaz Khan, who plays the lead role of Kavya in Kkavyanjali (Star Plus), has a younger brother, Imran, who's also bitten by the TV bug.

Apart from running his own film production company, Stop Block Films, Imran has turned into a choreographer with Kaisa Ye Pyar Hai (Sony), he tells hitList.

Film course

I have always been inclined towards making commercials and short films. I did a filmmaking course in New York, where I made around 25 to 30 documentaries for a friend who was producing a television show. My company also makes ads.

TV item song

Eijaz Khan
Choreography is something I have always been passionate about. I was roped in at the last minute for Kaisa Ye Pyar Hai, to shoot Josh's (Chetan Hansraj) entry on the show. It was great fun shooting for the serial.

I like to call myself a director of choreography, which means I shoot the song after getting inputs from the creative head. I like to get involved with camera angles as well. The scale on which television is doing songs and sequences is huge. The production is lavish, almost on par with films.

Eijaz and I party hard

I have worked with Eijaz on a couple of short films I made. He isn't reserved and serious, as the media portrays him. We are fun-loving guys, and when we get together, we bring the house down.

As a performer, Eijaz has really matured and evolved from the time he started. He just doesn't like to discuss his private life, and I respect that. His item songs have that extra edge, since he gets so involved in them.

Scripting reality

Currently, I am writing the script for a short film. It is based on reality, written keeping urban audiences in mind. The script should be ready in some time, after which I will start shooting. 
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Posted: 18 years ago

Eijaz Khan
Plays: Kavya, in Star Plus daily Kkavyanjali.
Favourite Bollywood Khan: Salman Khan.
Favourite telly Khan: Cezanne Khan.
What it means to be a Khan: We are like rock stars; we do not conform to any rules. We do what we feel like and see ourselves as winners all the way.
What's special about telly Khans: We ruling television today.
Why do you think the Khan block on television is not much talked about? Just wait and watch

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Posted: 18 years ago
"If Ekta asks me to be a lampshade, I'll willingly stand in a corner..."

Natassha, better known as Balaji's blue-eyed girl, is ready with her third film Krishna Cottage. Hoping that it's a hit, she prays it brings her much more than just a top-notch song like a 'Ding dong dole' from Kuch Toh Hai. A chilled out gal, she's also a big star down south but knows a hit Hindi film means instant fame, world over. She is straight-forward and confident, knows what she wants. And goes straight for it.

Here's some straight talk with Natassha.

Tell us something about Krishna Cottage.
After Kuch Toh Hai and Yeh Dil, Krishna Cottage will be my third film. I play a character called Shanti, whose behaviour is in complete contrast to her name. She is one talkative and short-tempered brat. But in the second half she goes silent because of an experience that thrusts her into a shock. Thus, I've got an opportunity to play two sides to a character's personality. It was an enriching experience and a challenge. To add to this the script and story is brilliant. I hope audiences love this scary film.

The bad reception Kuch Toh Hai and Yeh Dil received at the box-office, must've disheartened you.
Hits or flops are not in my hands, but I do feel disappointed after having put in so much in a film and the returns are paltry. I'll only work harder. I won't lose hope and give up acting.

Wasn't doing Yeh Dil a wrong move?
Not at all! In fact, I had done the original Telugu version and when I was not signed for the Hindi one, I was hurt. I felt protective about the film and thought that it should've been offered to me. Tara Sharma was to do it, but things did not work out for her. The filmmaker then contacted me. I was thrilled. So, again, wrong move? Not at all!

Was the atmosphere a friendly one on the sets, seeing that you worked with star kids Sohail Khan, Tusshar Kapoor and Esha Deol?
Yes, it was. All of them were nice and cordial to me, but I am quite reserved and would retire to my room after a shot. We never behaved like the best of friends but were friendly enough to get the shot right or understand if the other needed a retake. I never had any problems with anyone. I talk to everyone, and after pack up, if someone makes an effort to keep in touch, I reciprocate the gesture. I'm particularly close to Tusshar's family. They have been a great support. He is lovely to work with besides being an inspiring and motivating factor on the sets. He works so hard, you feel like working harder.

You have a special connection with the Kapoor family. Comment.
Ekta and her family are like my own. I'm close to Shobha aunty who is like a mother to me. They have been a great support. I'd do anything for them and feel proud being called a Balaji girl. When they repeat me in their movies, I feel it's my privilege for they are free to sign anyone they want. I've signed a romantic film, Koi Aapsa, with Aftab Shivdasani for Balaji. If tomorrow Ekta asks me to be a lampshade, I'll willingly stand in the corner for a scene. Tomorrow if they offer me a serial, I'll accept it. The day after if they call me to shoot for a film, I'll go… without even listening to the story or the role. I trust them so much. Neither of us has taken the other for granted. Balaji is my guardian angel.

How was it doing southern films?
Wonderful! I've done one Tamil film with Vikram, and a few Telugu films. I'm now working in two Telugu films, one a drama and one a comedy. I also have a Kannada film but it became too much to juggle so many films and languages. So from now on I'll concentrate on Telugu. Being a north Indian, a Sindhi to be specific, it was difficult to talk these southern tongues. But gradually, I improved. Today I may not be able to talk fluent Telugu but understand the language totally. I give my interviews, down South, with a half-Telugu-half-English vocabulary.

Will trying to sail in two boats, Hindi and the South, hamper your career?
I don't think so. I juggle both of them quite well. I'm trying to limit my southern films for I'm trying to make my mark in Bollywood. My priority is definitely Hindi films. Just one hit here and I'll be set for life.

Did you always want to be an actress?
No! I was never a studious girl and once I passed out from school I started doing odd jobs. A friend suggested I try my luck in serials, so I sent my pictures and auditioned for one. Ekta Kapoor was looking out for a girl to play the role of a naive wife in her tele-serial Kabhii Souten Kabhii Saheli. She saw my pictures, thought I suited the role, and signed me on. When I did that I never thought I'd be an actress. After that I thought I'd never get a film, but my Telugu career took off with a hit film. Then when I thought I'd never bag a Hindi film and Ekta signed me for Kuch Toh Hai.

What made you change your name from Anita to Natassha?
Balaji has benefited a lot from numerology, and since they were launching me they thought that a change in name would benefit me too. Even I thought that if changing a name might add to the chances of my being successful then why not. I respond to both the names. The only difference is that if someone calls out 'Anita', I know it's family or friends. If it's 'Natassha', it's someone from the industry.

Any famous last words before your next release?
I have a 'Ding dong' in my portfolio, positive feedback from the audiences and films in hand. I see the positive side of everything. I am content. dance_2.gif
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Posted: 18 years ago
"I'm not seeing anyone now" - Natassha

She started her career as a marketing executive for a mobilephone company, but destiny had different plans for her. ''Somebody at the office once told me I had a nice face and I should try modelling,'' recounts Natassha. Getting into this industry wasn't planned —it just happened. But, I'm glad.''

The actress who has been all over the small screen for the past few weeks, thanks to her show Kkavyanjali , started modelling around five years ago. She did her first television show, Kabhi Sauten Kabhie Saheli around that time. Lady luck smiled on Natassha and soon she bagged a lead role in Kucch Toh Hai . She also went down south and did a number of movies there. Natassha's return to the small screen today in no way means it's the end of her film career, she clarifies. ''I took up this show because it's a brilliant role. Besides, I have three Hindi films that will be releasing this year, apart from south Indian movies.''
Natassha doesn't look at TV as a comedown. ''I started from here. How can I look at it as a step down? I'm just looking to balance both films and this show,'' she says. With her traditional Indian looks, where does she see herself in this 'got it, flaunt it' era? ''I have done numbers like Ding Dong and Bindaas which were appreciated,'' comes the reply, ''I'm comfortable doing these numbers. I can give it my best shot. It finally depends on the audience and how viewers accept it.''
But this girl has certain limits set for herself which she won't cross. ''I don't think I'll kiss on screen. I'm not comfortable with the idea and so I wouldn't do it. Life is hectic and there is little time for anything else. I've had boyfriends in the past. But, I'm not seeing anyone right now.''
It's just work and this workaholic enjoys every bit of it. ''There was a time a few years ago when I worked for 72 hours at a stretch. I didn't mind that at all,'' says Natassha. In fact, between chilling out at home and working like a maniac, she would prefer the latter. ''That's how I am. I love acting and that can never tire me.''
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Posted: 18 years ago





















Coming Home!

She is the star from tinseltown who made her name with her debut the super hit Betaab. Though she went on to act in over 50 Hindi movies, her personal life took priority and she gave it all up for her hubby and kids. Life was all set, she thought, as she watched her husband glow under the limelight and her children grow.

But then, life took an ugly turn. Hubby Saif bowed out of her life, leaving her to fend for herself and her kids. She is now back in the limelight, though not on the silver screen, but rather making waves in the teleserial Kkavyanjali. Let's tune in for the latest in the life of Amrita Singh.

Why choose television over films?
Well, you very well know that during my long break from the movies, I wasn't doing anything but looking after my kids when suddenly I realised one day that I needed a job to support myself. The situation in my life was such that I had to do something to earn money, and thus I took up the serial after I got a good offer from Ekta and also because I liked the character very much. My character is very interesting and also complex with both negative and positive aspects to it. Had I to just wait for films to happen, it would've taken a long time and I could not afford the delay. Kkavyanjali happened at the right time and I took it up.

Can you describe your role in the serial?
I play Nitya, a very modern woman of today, ahead of her family. She feels that she ought to be respected by her family for she does not do anything wrong that would spoil the family name. She is she the ideal woman who loves her family with a vengeance… but actually she is hiding a searing pain. The truth is that she hates her son Kavya. She thinks that he is the result of her dead husband's infidelity. She then teams up Anjali and masterminds a plan to drive Kavya insane. From this you can make out that she is an intelligent woman, she's a good mother, a good daughter and also a good daughter-in-law. She wants certain things in life and has her own reasons for wanting all of them.

Is she anything like you in real life?
Yes. I like the character that Ekta created which revolves a little around my personality. I would also say that like Nitya, I am conservative, traditional and modern at the same time. Like her, I too am neither black nor white. I think even my appearance suits the character.

How do you feel playing a negative role?
Taking up a negative role is no big deal really. To add a piece of negativity to my character would really make it real, so I am happy about the role. If I wasn't happy I would've never done it.

Do you think Nitya is justified in hating her own son Kavya?
Nitya loved her husband very deeply, so naturally his infidelity has a deep effect on her. She is neither good nor bad. You must remember that there are different people in the world who act differently in different situations as and when they face them.

How would you differentiate the number of working hours in the film world compared to television?
It's tough, really tough doing a TV serial. I have to put in long hours for my shoots. Cinema gives a person more time and space to finish a particular shot. Television is more demanding. As I said, we have to put in long hours for we are always racing to meet deadlines. And since our serial is a daily we have to complete an x amount of work within an x amount of time. That aside, it's the same thing as in the movies. The same "Lights, camera, action."

Does this hectic life-style affect you a lot?
Well, it does to a certain extent, but more so it affects my children. But I can tell you that my children are intelligent and practical, and they know that mama has to work.

Have they seen any change in you?
Well, they have. They've seen the serial very often and they now realize how mama has to go to work, put on make-up, lipstick and do her hair. My daughter Sara, who's about ten, has begun noticing me do all this. They also know the character I am playing and how it develops. For instance, I was once reading a story-book to my 4-year-old-son Ibrahim and telling him about mothers. When I asked him what he thought about me, he said, 'Always shooting mother'. (Laughs)

Within this tight work schedule, how much time do you get to spend with your children?
Well, I work here twenty days and the rest I make sure I spend with my children.

Do they know that you play a vamp in the serial and have they questioned you about it?
Yes. They know very well that I play a negative role. They have asked me about it and my only answer to them is I am an actor, so I can fit into films or serials of all genres and have to play the role the directors give me.

Are you styling your own outfits for Kkvayanjali?
No, I am not. But I can say that they're great.

Would you mind going grey with the serial now that it has just begun?
Well, I don't mind it for I like the serial very much. All actresses' one day or the other have to grow old.

Have you received any movie offers?
I began my career with the movies and so I don't mind going back and doing them. Kkavyanjali takes up too much of my time to even think of doing anything else. I've got many offers for movies, but they are not the type of roles that I am looking out for. I'm looking out for some really mind-blowing roles and if they come my way I'll sign them. Until then, I'll wait. I'm not really desperate to take up films even though I may get ten days of free time on hand.

What about other TV serials?
I will not do any more television serials.

Are you in touch with Bollywood and have you seen any movies lately?
I am in touch with almost everybody and since Kkvayanjali has started, I have seen Veer Zahra and Black.

Any favourite pastime?
Ever since my kids were born, there has been no other past time for me. My kids keep me very busy and I love being with them.

What was the last film that you did?
I can't remember the last film, but I remember that I did Aasman Se Aage in 1991. It was a one-day shoot and that was it!

Rumours say that you're being paid Rs. 10 lakhs a month to work in the serial. Please comment!
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