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Posted: 18 years ago
Here we will post all KA articles...😃
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1.Gr8 mag interview
2.Karving up carrier-eijaz khan
3.Bindas girl-Natassha
4.Eijaz turns 30
5.Natassha and i are good friends-eijaz
6.Ekta uses BMW
7.My faorite things-Natassha
8.Take ten-eijaz khan

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9.Eijaz khan finally
10.Lust is a must-Eijaz Khan
11.Eijaz Khan-old interview
12.Natassha live chat-8th june
13.Natassha interview
14.TV gives us more recognition
15.Something about Natassha
16.Kavya's bhaiyya in television too

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17.Khan's rule in TV too
18.light's on
19.I'm not seeing anyone now" - Natassha
20.Amirita singh-Coming Home!
21.Name Game
23. Ramazan-eijaz Khan
24.Ekta to rustle up a Kandie Floss for Sony!

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25.Watch out for-Eijaz khan
26.Dipannita, Natassha's cold war
27.Eijoo at-Hottest
28.Ye dosti hum nahin todenge
29.Vanshita Accident
30.TV stars stay away from dandiya
31.Natassha's favourite Kompanian
32.Tusshar blasts Miilee: anti-Ekta outburst

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33.TV stars stay away from dandiya
34.Amrita does a Heidi Fleiss
35.Illusions of equality
36.Ejaz Khan
37.Kamini to turn tables on Nitya
38.Eijaz Khan and Karishma Tanna
39.Sasha, Kumud to enter Kkavyanjali
40.Rakshak back in Ekta's good books

41.Dandiya with the Viranis
42.Swetta takes on 10 TV men
43.Rupali Ganguly enters Kkavyanjali
44.Eijaz Khan
45.Anjali to divorce Kkavya
47.Kesar's Nandini in Kkavyanjali

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48.Kapoor celebrated her 30th birthday on Saturday,
49.Eijaz takes up action!
50.I don't need sympathy from anyone: Karisma
51.Sonia turns down Kavyanjali
52.Kavya's love turns out to be a ghost!
53.New Balaji soap is based on Ekta's life
54.Kuch kuch aap sa
55.No bold scenes for Natassha

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56.Going nuts over Natassha
57.Natassha's fav shoe store
58.Nisha is new Disha in Kkavyanjali
59.Ejaz to do a full monty?
60.balaji stars to do cameo in Kkavyanjali
61.Who says I'm 30? I'm only 25!
62.Kamini to turn tables on Nitya

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63.Ask a star: Ali Asgar
64.Eijaz Khan can't stand Kesar
65.Eijaz Khan
66.Eijaz and Nandini finally turn friends
67.600 M & Bs and 320 Archies!
69.Look who's back on screen!

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70.Koi Aap Sa is an average film'
71.Ravi Raj Kumar
72.It's Kowloon calling for Kkavyanjali
73.TV actors have no time to watch TV
74.elevision award season begins
75.Public sab jaanti hai!
76.Natassha Talks about her pet Kompanian
77.All wasn't well at the Hero Honda awards:

GR8 Mag article Courtesy HUZIEBABY😃

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Posted: 18 years ago
Eijaz Khan karving up a Kareer

He has a long history of teleserials behind him! Today he€™s playing the cool-looking lover of Anjali in Balaji Telefilms Kkavyanjali. Let's meet Eijaz Khan!

Could you tell us your career path that finally led to Kkavyanjali?
I began a few years ago with the serial Kul Vadu which was supposed to be for Sahara, but it did not take off. Later I got an offer for Keshav and by the time it went on air I was replaced in Kahin Ho To Hoga for Star Plus which, incidentally, was my first serial to be aired. After which I landed a role in Koi Dil Me Hai where I replaced Amit Sadh. Koi Dil Me Hai happened to be almost the same as Kul Vadu. I did all three serials at the same time. My roles in the serials were coming to an end and I moved onto other serials. I was then cast in Kkusum, but then soon after, my character was killed and I was out of it for I had Kkavyanjali coming up. At the same time I also did Kya Hadsa Kya Haqeeqat.

What role are you playing in the serial?
I am playing the lead of Kkavy. I like the role very much and being a new serial it's really catching on with the viewers. I have received a lot of positive feedback and am very happy about it.

Is the role you are playing to your liking? Does it meet with your demands?
Yes. I like the role very much and it's something that I was looking out for a long time.

How was it working with Ekta Kapoor?
Working with Ekta has been a nice experience for she's a great person to work with, and she really knows what she wants.

And with Amrita Singh?
I used to see her movies when I was a kid. To work with her is an honour. She is a great actress and carries herself very well. Playing a negative role, she comes out as a very refined actress. I admire her.

Who would you say has helped you make it so far?
It has to be Sandip Sikander and Nivedita Basu.

What roles do you normally like to play?
Negative roles.

Have you ever tried you hand at Bollywood?
Yes. In 2003 I did an item song, €˜Dilli ki sardi€™ for Zameer. I've also done many music videos and ad films. You can count among them Chloromint, Breeze, Visa Electron, TVS Victor and Wrigleys. That's all that I can remember at the moment.

Can you tell us about your school and college days?
I used to live at Chembur and studied till the 10th class at Our Lady of Perpetual Succor High School. I am a science student from Datta Meghe College, Airoli. I later did my Civil Engineering for four years. I also handled the family business for some time. We deal in shock absorbers. Now since most of my time is spent acting, I cannot concentrate on the business, so my brother and dad handle it.

What about your parents?
I lost my mum sometime back and I have my dad, an elder brother who lives in Mumbai and a sister who lives in Hyderabad. I live alone while dad lives with my brother.

What is you age and birth sign?
I am a Virgo, 29 years old and single.

And you love€
€ watching movies, the outdoors, reading books and sports. I've got rods in my elbow due to an accident I suffered while playing rugby.

Have you signed up for any new projects?
No. I have no other serial in hand but Kkavyanjali. Not even Bollywood offers. I am concentrating solely on this serial. I'll look out for offers later in the year.Edited by Supergirl7 - 18 years ago
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Posted: 18 years ago

A girl who has no formal training in acting but believes completely in her natural talent. Koi Aap Sa and Silsilay are Natassha's forthcoming releases

I studied in Avebai Petit High School...
It was a school at Pali Hill. I was a very reserved child. I had very few friends and didn't speak out too much. I was not at all naughty, yet my childhood was fun. I was just an average student but I never dreamt of acting as a profession.

Just my mom 'n' me...
That's my family. I have a sister who is married now. My friends and cousins used to say that I had a pretty face so I should take up acting.

My first job was at Max Touch...
It was as a telemarketing executive for Max Touch. I never went to college and I don't regret it much. I got my photos done and I consequently got offers for acting.

My real name is Anita Hasanandani...
And my screen name is Natassha. I don't believe much in numerology but since Balaji believes in it I choose to do the same. After all it is for my betterment.

My first break was with Balaji...
Was 'Kabhi Sautan Kabhi Saheli', which was a Balaji Telefilms production. I started off my career with Balaji and since then I have never looked back. I share a great working relationship with their team and I am quite comfortable with them. We share a wonderful rapport at work.

I have acted in many South Indian films...
I just gave an audition for them and it worked. I didn't face much of a problem in acting in those films since they teach you how to speak their language in their accent. I was lucky to have worked with a very good director, Teja. I also did a Hindi film, 'Yeh Dil' with him.

I am happy with my progress in the industry...
I like the kind of work that I am doing and I love all the roles I have done till date.

I am very excited about my forthcoming films...
I have got two films coming up - 'Koi Aap Sa' and 'Silsilay'. 'Koi Aap Sa' deals with two friends. It is an emotional film. My co-star in this film is Aftab Shivdasani. It is directed by Partho Mitra. Getting to play 'Simran' in 'Koi Aap Sa' was a dream come true for me. It is an ideal role for an actress, I have put my best in it.

My role in 'Silsilay' is small but exciting...
The role is quite small but I play an important character. It is a very good role and absolutely versatile. I play a 'bindaas' girl who is very forward thinking. The role has many shades.

My mom, my pillar...
My small family has been my biggest supports right from the very beginning. They are the ones responsible for who I am, where I am.

I try to keep fit...
I workout when I have the time and I try controlling all my food-intake. Though I am a complete foodie I avoid ice cream, chocolates, and fried food kinda stuff. I live to eat. So that makes dieting all the more difficult. I love Chinese, Italian as well as Indian cuisines.

This industry has changed me a lot...
Right from my advent in serials, I have learnt to become friendlier. Previously I didn't communicate much and I took a long time to open up with people. I still need to talk to a new person several times before I become comfortable interacting with them. I believe that I have become a far better person and I have seen a lot of life and learnt a lot from my experiences.

I am satisfied with the pace of my career...
'Kavyanjali' is my life. I am very happy with the way it has shaped so far. There are so many shades to Anjali's character. She is confused at times, passionately in love sometimes and revengeful often. As an actress, this role has a lot of scope for allowing me to get versatile. I believe this serial is very promising.

Working with Amrita Singh...
It is sheer pleasure and constant learning. She is an awesome human being and a great co-actor. She is really hard working. Working with her is constantly inspiring, both professionally and personally.

I work very, very hard...
I put in almost 20 hours of shooting in a day. I have not had a proper holiday in six months.

I share a great rapport with the Balaji team...
It's like one big family at the Balaji studios. Each and every person on the sets, right from the spot boys to the co-actors are very comfortable and co-operative with each other. With the amount of working hours I put in, I spend more time with them than with my own family.

Working with Ejaz (Kavya)...
It is a sheer pleasure. We are very comfortable with each other. He is amazingly focussed. He inspires the people who work with him.

Acting, according to me, is inborn...
Acting cannot be taught. It has to come from within oneself. I never took part in any plays or pageants before joining in teleserials and movies. I have no formal training in acting but I know I have it in me.

I don't believed in planning...
I won't make plans for today either. I believe in allowing things to happen. So far thing have happened in my favour. I believe that I have been blessed and lucky in all that I have done. To
have started from scratch and yet to have reached such heights is a dream come true.

I owe a lot to Ekta Kapoor...
She is my best friend. She's been with me through thick and thin. I am very thankful to her.

I will settle down in the future...
It will happen when the time comes. Like I said, I don't plan things. For now I believe in concentrating on my work at hand. I want to give my career my best shot.

My motto in life...
Is to be successful as well as to be able to sustain that success. Edited by Supergirl7 - 18 years ago
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Posted: 18 years ago
Eijaz Khan turns 30
   By: Tushar Joshi
   August 29, 2005

Eijaz Khan
Is it the end of the road for Eijaz Khan?" was the question being asked when the actor signed on to play the lead in Balaji's Kkavyanjali. 

Khan stepped into the shoes of Rakshak Sawhney, who was replaced after being unable to cope with the rigorous schedule.

However, some thought Eijaz looked too mature for the role, while others doubted his acting skills.

But the actor put an end to all the speculation when Kkavyanjali recently touched a viewership rating of 12. "I have come full circle in my life. I have finally realised what to do and what not to do in the industry," he tells hitList….

How has life been in the last few months?
It has been one hell of a joyride. Kkavyanjali has been a life-changing experience for me. I have grown as a person as well as an actor. From doing six different serials to being chosen as the lead for one of the biggest shows in the history of television, has been quite an experience.

Knowing that you are riding something worth crores of rupees is very scary. But I think I have definitely come two steps forward in terms of being an actor.

How do you react when people call you arrogant and rude?
I agree that I'm arrogant. But my arrogance isn't intended to hurt anyone, or cause distress. I have been eating sleeping and drinking Kkavyanjali for the last few months.

If I work my a** off on the show, I expect others to do the same. It pisses me off when people take their job for granted. Of course, I can't force my views on anyone. Initially, everyone on the show thought I had loads of attitude; now they realise it's just my possessiveness about my work.

Do you feel old, turning 30?
I don't exactly feel like a fossil, but yes I realise you need to take care of your body and health. I have been living like a zombie, my health is fading and I have lost a lot of weight. I cannot abuse my body any more.

My constant fear is that I will burn out. I have decided to make sure I get around six hours of sleep daily.

Any birthday wishes as you enter your third decade?  
I want to go back to my workout routine. I have also become a bit cranky and lose my temper very easily – I want to work on that too. I am getting myself a super bike that I have been planning for a long time. The best thing to wish for right now would be an exotic beach, with no mobile phones; completely cut-off from the world.

Is it true that you left home when you were a kid?
Yes that's true. But I was in my early teens then, a rebel without a cause. I had decided to live my life on my own terms and conditions. I didn't like anybody interfering in my matters or giving me instructions.

I wasn't on talking terms with my dad for a long time. It's only recently that I patched up with him. I admire him and love him to death. He's more energetic and alert than me, even at this age.

How would you describe your relationship with your co-star, Natasha?
She's like a kid. Everyone thinks she's very reserved and an introvert, but that isn't true at all. She loves having fun on the sets, but gets cranky if she doesn't get proper sleep. Her stamina and determination surprise me all the time.

Would you consider marrying someone from the industry?
I don't think that's a great idea. I would want someone who's able to handle me well, keep me pampered and control my freaky nature. I don't think I would ever get involved with someone from the same profession.

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Posted: 18 years ago
Natassha and I are good friends: Kkavya
   By: Tushar Joshi
   April 25, 2005

Eijaz Khan
He stepped into some one else's shoes a few months back, when he joined the Star Plus daily Kkavyanjali. But today, Eijaz Khan (who plays Kkavya) seems to be have given the character his own identity.

After playing numerous characters on soaps like Soham in Kkusum, Arjun in Kkoi Dil Mein Hai and Abhinav Pandey in Kesar, he now bears the responsibility of carrying a show that revolves mostly around his character.

Is he insecure about the show's ratings and the pressure of living up to people's expectations?

Were you ever afraid of taking up Kkavyanjali?
No, I was never afraid. In fact, I was highly excited when I was offered the role. Who would not want to be the lead of one of television's biggest shows? The prospect of playing Kkavya was challenging and exciting. Till then, I had only done supporting leads. I knew Kkavyanjali would be unlike any of them.

But when you joined the show, its ratings were low. Weren't you apprehensive?
I knew the ratings weren't great when I joined, but I had already made up my mind to play Kkavya and go to any extent to make things work for the show. Today, after a few months of settling in, the ratings are showing a steady increase. 

Is it true you literally live on the sets?
It's not that dramatic! But yes, it's true that we work round the clock. Ekta (Kapoor) made it very clear to me that I should be available for her 24x7 and it would be the same from her end. I like her honesty and approach towards work.

Some time back, it was a bit difficult because I had to adjust to the working conditions. I looked tired and lost some weight. But I'm sure things will improve gradually. I believe there is no use whining because if you are in it, you might as well give it your best shot.

Is it true that you and co-star Natassha have been sharing the same trailer and are more than just friends?
I don't know who told you about the trailer, but we are just good friends. I share an amazing chemistry with her, off-screen and on-screen as well. She's a sweetheart and one of the best people I have worked with. If people read too much into our bonding then I can't help it. I wouldn't want to deny or accept anything.

How do you react when people say that the show has flopped?
I find it very sad. I have more confidence in this show than anything. Everyone, from the spot boy to the camera man to the artists, has given their all to Kkavyanjali.

When there's so much positivity and hard work, there will definitely be light at the end of the tunnel. Even I have moved my residence closer to the sets to avoid delays. The show has been picking up, and I'm confident it will do well eventually.

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Posted: 18 years ago
Ekta uses 'new' BMW for 1st time
By: Shaheen Parkar
July 26, 2005

Ekta Kapoor
Ekta Kapoor has acquired a brand new pair of wheels — a burgundy BMW 7 series. Though she bought this object of envy more than five months ago, the Balaji czarina stepped into the car for the first time only last Friday!

The reason? Kapoor vowed she would not use the car till her Star Plus daily Kkvayanjali touched a viewership rating of 12. As soon as she learnt that the show had reached that TRP mark, she was ready for a spin.

Pictures of her new BMW
Pics: Rane Ashish and Sayed Sameer Abedi
"Yes, I did take this mannat," admits Kapoor, when asked why the car wasn't broken in.

"When the TRPs of Kkavyanjali reached the 12 mark, I was ready to use the car."

Her first ride was to the Siddhivinayak temple in Prabhadevi. A regular at the temple, Kapoor could not think of any other place to travel to in her brand new wheels. Who accompanied her in the BMW?

"It was Kkavyanjali cast members who first set foot in the car as well as accompanied me to Siddhivinayak on Friday," she says. The lead actors in Kkavyanjali include Natassha and Eijaz Khan.

Over the weekend, Balaji units were buzzing with the news.

"Ekta madam has finally started using her BMW car, which was otherwise permanently parked." Why did Kapoor choose the BMW? "I wanted one as far as I can remember," she explains.

"My dad (Jeetendra) ordered it last year, but it arrived only in January this year." Kapoor's previous car was a Merc. "But now, I'll only use my BMW," she declares. The market price of a BMW 7 series is Rs 80 to 90 lakh

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Posted: 18 years ago
My favourite things! By Natasha

I love: Acting & watching movies

I hate: Wasting time..

I'm afraid of: Darkness

I'm superstitious about: Nothing so far

I get turned on by: Goods smell...

My biggest fear:Losing all i have

My strenght: My mother'

My weakness: Chocolates:.

My sex-appeal: My mole.

My wildest fantasy: Too wild 2 mention

My hero: Shahrukh Khan

My spice : Mirchi!!!

My favourite bedroom line: No bedroom lines is where i say my line

My biggest assets: My perservance

My passion: 'Work'

My greatest necessity: Beauty Sleep

My favourite possession: My Car

What tires me most: Waited on sets.

What touches me most: Vulnerability

'Stardust' to me is: The last emperor of film glossies!!

My birthday 14th April

Love Natasha
------------------------------------------------------------ ----------------------------
I say - Natasha
A good fragrance


Car in school
Didn't have one. I went to school by rickshaw and returned walking

Car today
A black Honda City and a Zen

Favourite TV show
Kasauti Zindagi Ki

I lie sometimes
Only when I'm in sticky situations or might end up hurting someone

Memorable moment
When I saw the outstanding audience reaction to my first Telugu film Nuvvu Nennv

Philosophy of life
There are two ways to look at life-as though nothing is a miracle or as if every thing is a miracle. I choose the later. Everything happens for the best

Secret ambition
To win the Filmfare trophy for Best Actress

On a blind date I'd go out with
Mathew McConnaughey; he's damn cute

If I were a burglar I'd steal
Idon't think there's anything I want to steal

I'd like to be reborn as
Myself, Anita Hassanandani

Favourite night activity
Sleeping and sleeping and sleeping

Fake people

Favourite drink
Diet Coke

What I am terrified of
Losing all that I have

Recurring dream
I'm a sound sleeper, I never dream

Favourite book
Love Story by Erich Segal

Vegetable I resemble most
A potato-I'am round

One role I'd give my left arm for
The one played by Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman
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Posted: 18 years ago

One of the newest heartthrobs to come out of the Balaji camp,
Eijaz Khan played Mr Nice-guy Varun in Kahin To Hoga and is now
playing Abhinav Pandey in Kesar and Sohan in Kkusum. Here are 10
random facts about him...

When is your birthday and what is your star sign?
August 28. I am a Virgo.

Do you believe in astrology and numerology?
Not really; if my friends are reading their horoscopes then I
ask them to read mine aloud, but I don't really follow anything.

Where were you born, and which school did you go to?
I was born in Hyderabad and I went to Our Lady Of Perpetual
Succour in Chembur.

For what did you get your first pay cheque and what was the
I got Rs 6,000 for a market survey job I did for ICCI.
I learned a lot, they kicked my ass.

What is the one thing you are really bad at doing?
I don't ever wake up on time, even if I have set an alarm.
I always need someone to wake me up.

What do you wear at home?
Pajamas or shorts.

What mobile phone do you use?
Nokia 3650.

What's the best thing about working in entertainment?
The recognition and adulation you get. When I had my surgery,
complete strangers would come meet me at the hospital

And the worst thing?
You lose your own identity. People only associate you with your

How often do you say, "I love you"?
I say I love you 10 times a day — but I'm not saying anything
beyond that.       
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Posted: 18 years ago
Courtesy KG

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Posted: 18 years ago
Lust is a Must -Eijaz Khan

On your sex appeal
My eyes and my smile. I also think the way I conduct myself with
women is what really attracts them to me. I make them feel very
comfortable and I know they flip for this.

How girls react to you
I have always been closer to girls
than guys. My female friends like to take care of me and I also go
out of
my way to do things for them. When
it comes to my female fans they say
that they love me. But I don't get
carried away as I know that they like
my screen characters. They don't know the real me. Recently when I
was unwell, I got so many cards and calls from my female well-
wishers. It gets me on cloud nine (laughs).

Your first date
It was in standard nine. I was a
very shy guy. She liked me and pursued me a bit. to date, I can't
pursue a woman. My best friend was dating
her sister. So we got talking and started walking to school
together. One day we went for coffee followed by a movie and then
went home like good kids (laughs).

Your first crush
Zarine. She was an elegant girl and looked like a princess. We got
to know each other in standard 10. I think we liked each other but a
slight misunderstanding happened.

Your most cherished compliment
Someone once told me that I make her want to be a good person.

Your wildest compliment
After one of my stage performances, a girl asked me for a piece of
my clothing. I was stunned and just smiled at her. I think I just
signed on her handkerchief after that.

Love & romance...
Love is a double-edged sword. It is one of the most beautiful things
in the world. I go all out when I am in love. The girl becomes the
focus of my existence. But the problem is I expect the same in
return. If I don't get that then I feel very hurt. I'm very
passionate. I'm a diehard romantic. Long drives, candlelit dinners,
wining, dining, long walks on the beaches; I could do all that to
woo a girl. Once I stayed in a tent on the beach with a girl. That
was the most romantic evening of my life.

(Laughs). Lust is a must in a relationship for it to go places.
Otherwise I think you stagnate. Lust has its own excitement when you
are not in a relationship with the person. And if you lust for
someone when you are already in a relationship then it is even more
exciting (laughs).

On a nudist beach
(Laughs) I hope all the women I lust for are there.

What if a girl made a pass at you?
They do all the time! So? (Laughs).
I have even got propositioned by
them. If I really like the girl and
think she's sensible then I have
gone ahead. What's wrong in a girl
making a pass at a man. It's a huge compliment. She obviously
thinks you are attractive.
Would you ask a girl out if you liked her but didn't know her well?
I have. How do you get to know her otherwise? I would ask her out
for lunch, dinner or a film. I would even ask her to come home.

What if you fell short of money on a date?
I wouldn't embarrass my date and would request the manager if I
could pay later. But I would have no hassles if the girl insisted on
paying and make it up to her later.

Your dream date
I haven't really thought about it but I think it would be somewhere
in Venice.

Would you dress to impress a girl?
No! I like to be myself. That should be impressive enough (laughs).
I'm generally a jeans and T-shirt guy.

I'm quite a physical person. I like to hug and kiss my female
friends. Now if someone thinks I'm flirting then I can't help it
(laughs). I'm a healthy flirt. Most Virgos are that way. I flirt
with my girlfriends even when I'm in a relationship. But the girls
know my intentions. Being a gentleman helps you to get away with a
lot of things (laughs).

I regard it as a holy institution but I'm very apprehensive about
marriage. Your happiness depends on who your spouse is. Anyway I'm
not ready for marriage now. What if your girl caught you with I was
seeing a girl and I got into a situation with another girl. She came
on too strong. I stopped her but she left some marks on my body. I
had a tough time explaining it to my girlfriend. She wouldn't buy
any of it. Obviously there was big trouble. I also feel once the
trust is lost, the relationship cannot survive for long. But I've
never been caught red-handed. I'm too smart for that (laughs). That
was just a joke.

Your Dream woman...
She has to be a combination of
Liz Hurley for her beauty, Audrey Hepburn for her impishness, Nafisa
Ali for her inner beauty, and Tabu for her simplicity.

Are women a necessary evil?
Absolutely! You cant live with them
or without them. Women are all over your life and can make your
world go round or ruin it. But they are an integral part of my life.

(Television actor, Ejaz Khan, made his Bollywood debut with 'Dilli
Ki Sardi' with Amrita Arora. But no 'item number' tag for him. He is
on the lookout for meaty roles now!)