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Posted: 16 years ago

Heeyyy Everyonee!

This is just an appreciation thread for our fellow videobie Smatc aka Sana Di! Who has graciously supplied us for the past couple of months with the KWK Videos!!

I'm sure everyone would agree with me when I say she did an amazzing job! She was always on timee and went out of her way to fix up anything that wasn't workingg!

I would not know what to do without herr!!

So lets all thank her for the fantastic job she didd!!

On behalf of the KWK Team we would like to presentt you with a lil siggy made by (Ainun) has a token of our appreciation :p

Anyone else can feel free to use the following siggies made by Ainun.


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Posted: 16 years ago
hehe! I wanna be the first to thank you Sana for everything you've donee for us here!! I honestly dunno what we woulda done without you!! THank You SOOOO much for everythingg!!
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Posted: 16 years ago
awww yes! thanks u sooooooooooo much sana sis! ur videos are always great and u surely are the best 😳 πŸ˜ƒ
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Posted: 16 years ago
Awwww U guys!!! πŸ€— Way to make me all emotional and teary eyed *sniffles* ~ I have had a blast here and to be blatantly honest, I provided videos only because I loved doing so. Not out of a favor, not out of an obligation but rather out of sheer love and dedication to the show and the wonderful members of this section. So I am truly touched and humbled.. My heavens.. look @ the pretty siggies.. I am going to use the 1st one for now.. Can't believe someone did not include Kajol there *rolls eyes* πŸ€” (j/k)

@ Swati aka pretty missy zinta: Thank u for all the love, darlin!! I still remember our very first pm.. I was literally forcing u to let me be the video updater πŸ˜† ~ The days of blackmailing and emotional pressure *ahem* (j/k) ~ I am truly obliged to you, my friend, as u've stood worthy of your pretty nickname. U've always been there for me through thick and thin... And u organized this forum so brilliantly well along with other dev. team members that for one second, I did not feel like an outsider. It was my 1st time posting in the section and I have gained so many valuable friendships here that I'll cherish for ages to come πŸ€— ~ so thank you darlin for everything πŸ‘ πŸ‘ πŸ‘ ~

@ainun: Oh my goodness! U made all those siggys for moi??? 😲 😲 ~ Not at all shocked at your generous nature but shocked that u'd go out of the way to do that for me..*sniffles* Dammit, somebody grab me a kleanex 😭 😭 😭 ~ Per ye khushi ke aansoo hain..Thank u sooo much, sweetie! I didnt nothing out of the ordinary.. Simply did something that I enjoyed doing a lot and had time to work at πŸ˜› ~

Big *muwaaaah* to Aji and Fashion for keeping me entertained here..

Fashion ki bachi (like calling u this πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜†): Thanxxx for all those times u made my posts sticky and took care of some of the nonsense around.. Truly appreciated πŸ˜ƒ πŸ˜ƒ ~

And a big hug and a warm THANK YOU to all the members of the forum who continued to post comments and thank me for all the videos.. U all are my inspiration. This forum made me a "Videobie" and had it not been for y'all and KWK, I'd probably never get this title. So thank u from the bottom of my heart for being so gracious and amazing to me. Keep on rawkin da joint until we all gather around for another sip of scandalous koffee πŸ˜‰ ~

Mad love,
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Posted: 16 years ago
thx for all the vids....i really appreaciated them!!! thx!!! A big round of applause for u!!! πŸ‘
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Posted: 16 years ago

Thanks a lot sana....I used to wait for u'r videos after every sunday...

I appreciate ur hardwork and thanks once again...😳

U r the best πŸ˜›

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Posted: 16 years ago
Thank you soo much Sana for all the hard work you have done in KWK section. As Swati said, it wouldnt have been the same without your videos in the section. The videos were of good quality and always on time. Thank you sooo muchπŸ€—

We are here to entertain you only dearπŸ˜›, but first make a sigπŸ˜† j/k.

You truly deserved the title.

Take care
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Posted: 16 years ago
**mwuah** you rock sana di~ your hard work is much appreciated! thanks for all the rocking work u do for us :D :D :D
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Posted: 16 years ago
Thanks smartc πŸ˜› πŸ‘   You know smartc, I always thank you by sending pms or posting on your topics or just simply clicking the "Thank you button"... so thanks again for all your hard work of putting all those videos πŸ˜› 😳

But I personally would've loved to see the first season when Konkona sen sharma came to the show, if anyone have that episode or a link to watch it,
pm me plz, thank you 😳 Edited by veryuniquestyle - 16 years ago
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Posted: 16 years ago
WOwwwww sana diii u totally deserved this congratssssss. πŸ‘ and thanks alot for the awsome episode updates.