Rules for the NB section-Updated

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Posted: 13 years ago
Rules for the Section

Hi Everybdy...

Please read the following rules for the section and help keep the Nach Baliye forum clean, lively and welcoming for all members...

  • Do NOT attack the judges, show directors, participants or fellow members. You can comment on their comments or expressions, but DO NOT get personal
  • If you find any topic or post offensive, please use the "Report" button to report it to the Dev Team. Please do not react to posts in a way that leads to fights.
  • Profanity is a strict 'NO NO'  in this section, we do not wish to see any harsh, insulting, abusive or slang words used here. ANYONE using profane or abusive language here will face strict action from the Dev Team
  • Please avoid making posts that is abusive, derogatory, insulting or sarcastic enough to affect the sentiment of another member. Such posts will be dealt with very strictly. Also for such posts members are being asked to use report button and not create a scene on the open forum. Members doing that will also be dealt strictly. No topic can be such that only some particular set of members can post. Every member has the right to post in any topic they want to just that the post should adhere the rules of IF
  • Do not start threads inquiring about show updates or videos. Updaters have been already selected who will do the job regularly. Show updates or videos will surely get posted. So, please have a little patience. Such threads will be trashed without any notice
  • DO NOT post videos of the shows sourced from other forums. Videos of the shows will be posted ONLY by the selected videobies. Others please do not do it.
  • Fan clubs are not allowed here. There is a section dedicated to Fan clubs. Should you want to open a fan club , please do so, but NOT here, open it at the following section :  Celebrity Fan Clubs
  • Please be reminded that no non topic /off topic mundane chatting will be entertained in threads. If you have to discuss, discuss the topic or responses in the topic related to the topic. Non topic chatting makes the threads look unimpressive and also the continuity of the discussion gets lost
  • Please do not open threads to voice issues on the section functioning. If you have any such issue, kindly contact the Dev Team and get it sorted out. Such threads or posts will not be entertained and trashed immediately.
  • When you open a discussion topic do check if the same discussion is going on or not. Please don't open seperate topics discussing the same subject. It makes the forum look untidy. Dev Team may close such topics
  • Before posting articles, please check a few pages to see if it is already posted by someone else... Repeated topics will be closed by the dev team...
  • Do not quote the long posts. It makes the pages look messy. Quote only the portion you want to comment on.
  • Please STOP spamming. It makes the topics and the threads look messy.
  • Personal topics asking about the where about or anything personal regarding any other member will not be allowed to be opened.
  • Please use the Thankyou button instead of saying tfs/thanks in posts...
  • Please post the pictures in the Picture Gallery unless there is some discussion attached to them or if the pictures are for some special event... Any other topics started for pictures will be moved to the picture gallery...
  • As you all might know that IF has launched its own News Hub - the Telly Buzz Section. With the launch of "Telly Buzz" we are now in direct competition with Telly Chakkar and Indian Television. Please Do Not post articles and pictures from these sites anymore. All such posts will be trashed.
  • While posting articles from any other website, please post the link to that article. Any article posted without the link to the source will be trashed without notice.
  • While posting articles from the Telly Buzz section, please mention ONLY the link of the article... Do not paste the entire article here as it reduces member visits to the Telly Buzz section... Tongue So do feel free to post links to articles here, but not the article itself Smile
  • If you need any help or have any suggestion for the section, please use the sticky "Helpdesk" for such issues rather than opening seperate topics for them...

    In case of any queries, please contact the Dev Team via PM...

NB Dev Team

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Posted: 11 years ago
Hi Friends,

Do read these guidelines thoroughly. Dev Team is going to see now onward that all follow the same and anyone found not doing so may face serious action. With the increase of warning meters even ban can be the option taken by the Dev Team.

Instigatory /Insulting/Abusive/Bashing Posts:
Please avoid making posts that are abusive, derogatory, insulting or sarcastic enough to affect the sentiment of another member. Such posts will be dealt with very strictly. It is very frustrating to see such threads. But reacting to them is even worse. As soon as you see a thread of this type posted by someone, you will NOT take law into your own hands to teach a lesson to that person for insulting your fav jodi/idol. That aggravates matters more and you also become liable for action for reacting thus. Instead you will simply make use of the "REPORT" button and report the thread by stating the reason clearly. As soon as the Dev Team comes online they would take the necessary action.

No Slangs/Swear words/Curses/ Profanity in Posts : This is a family forum where we have members from 13 years of age to 70+ years visiting. So irrespective of how angry you are, or how frustrated you are, you will not use swear words, curses, slang's, or profanity. Anyone found doing so will face serious action.

Bringing physical attributes into discussion : Many members have been found to do the same at time even indirectly. Such negative posts are strict NO as far as IF rules goes. Anyone now onwards if found making negative posts on physical appearances of a character/actor will face strict action, even indirect mention of the matter will not be entertained.

We hope all members would adhere to the above guidelines and make sure to keep the atmosphere of the section friendly.

NB Dev Team

Warning for all the members-Read 
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