Kya Yahi Pyar Hai: Episode 7

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Had originally been posted on I'm starting from the start for the people whom have not read my story and have added some changes for the interest of the reader.

Episode 6:

Episode 7

Everyone looks at Priya stunned. Priya was about to fall but Manisha catches her.

Priya: (intoxicated) hey, thanks bud. My buddy old pal. You're cho chweet.

Manisha: Someone help me. (Everyone walks to Manisha, Arjun helps her)

Arjun: (helping Manisha) do you tell she drink my medicine.

Pritem: She can't get crazy like this just by drinking your medicine. The only effect of allergy medicine is sleepiness.

Manisha: (leaning Priya on Arjun) No it's Not. You remember last time you came to my house. You saw my dad act crazy, right. Like he was some kid. That was cause he drank Arjun medicine. We called the doctor and the doctor said that the medicine wasn't for my dad, so he got energetic, like a kid. But by the doctor came to my house, my dad was fast asleep. He woke up knowing only a little of what happen.

Arjun: (taking Priya off of him) In short, she drunk my medicine, so she will act like this for about 30 to 45 minutes. And she'll fall fast a sleep. So that mean we have to take her home quick.

Mitesh: (looking around) Yeah sure, but, Where is she?

Priya: (screaming at the top of her lungs, childish. On the stage) Look! I'm a scratchin Chef. (starts to giggle, while scratching the record).

The DJ: (loud and mad) Anurag, Stop her before she break's my records.

Anurag walks to Priya.

Priya: (turning around to Anurag) Yes, what is your request for tonight.

Anurag picks up Priya and put her over his shoulder. Priya is screaming

Anurag: Lets go! Thanks for everything. (Anurag turns to leave. Everyone is following from behind)

Priya: Manisha Aunty, tell Anurag uncle to let me down. (hitting his back)

Manisha, Pritem, Arjun, and Mitesh, they'll stand in a line in this order. Pritem and Arjun are laughing, Manisha hits Pritem and Mitesh hits Arjun. Pritem and Arjun both look to the side holding their heads. Priya giggles like a little girl. After watching that.

Anurag: Priya, why are you giggling?

Priya: Mitesh Uncle and Manisha Aunty just slapped Arjun and Pritem Uncle.

Everyone walks out of the club and into the parking lot. Anurag lets Priya down.

Manisha: What are we going to do now? If her parents see her this way, they will not trust her going out.

Priya: (spinning around a poll, childish) My parents aren't home. They gave me the permission to go to your house. We can have a slumber party.

Mitesh: (holding his head) Now, what are we going to do?

Manisha: Nothing. She'll come to my house. Priya, lets go.

Everyone except Anurag walks to the car. Anurag walks to his bike.

Priya: (starts walking to the car) Ok! (stops) What about my clothes?

Manisha: You can wear mines. (Putting her hand on her back, leading her to the car)

Priya: (getting Manisha hands off of her) No! I want my clothes.

Manisha: (mad) Fine. Lets go

Priya: I want to go on the bike.

Mitesh: You can't with the conditions you're in.

Priya: No! I want to go on the bike (stomping her feet)

Anurag: (getting of his bike. walking to Priya) Fine you can go! (holding her shoulder) You have to promise me you will behave like a good girl.

Priya: (jumping) I will, I will, I will. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. (Priya run's to the bike)

Manisha: (worried) How you're going to get her to my house then. She might end up sleepy on the way back. What if she falls over the bike falling asleep.

Anurag: (picking his hand on her cheek) I take her home, she'll get her clothes and we'll come to your house, in my or her car.

Priya: (on the bike, speaking like a little girl) Anurag Uncle, Hurry up! I waiting. (sketching the 'ing')

Everyone turns to look at Priya they all smile at the way, Priya looked sitting on the bike)

Manisha: (smiling) Ok! Just hurry back. (she kisses Anurag)

Anurag and Priya are driving on the road. Priya starts to sing "Halka Halka Sa Yeh Sama" from the movie " Chocolate"

Priya: (singing) halka halka sa yeh nasha.

behka behka sa yeh sama

aa jaana

aa jaana jaane ja aa jaana yeh sama

jaaye na jaaye na

woh woh woh

halka halka sa yeh nasha

Anurag: (driving the bike) you sing really good, but can you plz stop singing. (the bike makes noises) what is it now?

Anurag pulls off to the side. Priya and Anurag get off. Anurag stoop over to see what's wrong with the bike. Priya look over Anurag.

Priya: (looking over) uncle, what happen to the bike?

Anurag: Anurag (getting up).

Priya: (confused) Anurag!?!

Anurag: (getting up, holding Priya's shoulder) No! My name is Anurag. Please don't call me Anurag uncle. (letting go of her shoulder) There's is away something wrong with this bike. We have to walk home. (Anurag takes out the keys of his bike). Lets go.

Anurag and Priya starts walking. Priya continues to sing different songs. Anurag also started to sing with her. Anurag stops. After seeing Anurag stop, Priya stops also.

Anurag: (searching for his phone) I forgot to tell the mechanics, to take my bike (picks up the phone & make a call to the mechanics)

Priya starts to walk away. Anurag phone gets cut off. Anurag realize that Priya not there. He looks around. He runs towards her after seeing her. Anurag reaches Priya.

Anurag: (catching his breath) why did you walk away.

Priya (rubbing her eyes) I feel sleepy. I want to go home. Can't we get a taxi.

Anurag: If we can, I would have, but you can't get a taxi this late. And I would call my driver. But my phone dead out. When I called the mechanics. (paused) What about your phone.

Priya: (holding her head) I don't have it. I left it in the club.

Priya puts her head on Anurag shoulder's. Anurag puts his arm around Priya waist, to hold her close. Priya puts her arms around Anurag's necks. Priya and Anurag walk to Priya's house. Priya and Anurag starts to sing different song while walking. They arrive to her house.

Anurag: Priya go upstairs and get your clothes.

Priya walks up the stairs and into her room. After 5 mins, Anurag realize he hasn't called his driver. He picks up the phone.

Priya: (on the top of the stairs; holding her head) Anurag.

Anurag turns around. Priya loses all her senses and falls down the stairs.

Anurag: (dropping the phone, about to run to Priya) Priya!

Episode 8:

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