Kya Yahi Pyar Hai: Episode 6

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Had originally been posted on I'm starting from the start for the people whom have not read my story and have added some changes for the interest of the reader.

Episode 5:

Episode 6

In The Club

Priya walks in. Anurag walks up to Priya,

Anurag: The club is about to close, you sure you want to go on with the bet.

Priya: I'm completely positive.

Anurag: fine. What ever you say.

Anurag and Priya walk back to everyone.

Anurag: We have something to tell everyone. But after the club closes.

Mitesh: What is it? Why can't you tell us now.

Anurag: Just wait till then.

The DJ goes on the microphone

The DJ: Do to some important event. The club has to close in about 30 mins. So have fun till then.

The DJ goes and plays Deedar De, He gets off the stage.

The DJ walks to Anurag.

The DJ: Hey, Anurag. (Anurag shakes his hand.) Tell me when your done here. So I can come back and close the club.

Anurag: Sure! Don't worry we wouldn't take that long. We'll be done after half an hour or 45 mins.

The DJ: All right (he goes back on the stage)

Everyone goes back to dance. After about half an hour, the DJ announces the club closing. Everyone begins to leave.

Anurag: Hey, where are you going?

Arjun: Didn't you hear, the club is closing.

Priya: Not for us.

Pritem: What do you mean by that?

Anurag: The important thing I wanted to tell you was that there is gold hidden in this club.

Manisha: Wait! Anurag how do you know that?

Anurag couldn't know the answer to that question and starts to look at Manisha, with the expression of 'what are you saying.'

Priya: You know the DJ is Anurag friend and he owns the club, he told Anurag, that there were gold in the club. He told Anurag that if he helps him, find the gold then he and who ever helps him with get a something amount of gold.

Pritem: So what are we waiting for, Lets go look for gold. (his eyes starts to glow)

Pritem and Arjun go crazy searching for the gold. They started to have small fight when their thought they might have found the gold. The club started to look like a tornado ran thought the club. Chairs and tables were upside down or just plainly thrown across the floor. However, Manisha and Mitesh just lifted a couple of tables and chairs or helped break up a fight between Arjun and Pritem. Priya leaning on the wall, not caring, just watching them. However, Anurag walks in from the back and starts to get mad at the mess Pritem and Arjun made.

Anurag: (screaming) what are you guys doing? (everyone one stops and looks at Anurag) I just told you guys to flip around some table and chairs. So it seem like you guys don't care if you get the gold or not. So I can win.

Priya: (leaning of the wall. Normal Volume) You told them the bet. That cheating you know, I win.

Manisha: Wait! You don't care if he cheated.

Priya: I knew he would, (walking to Arjun and Mitesh, jumping over tables and chair) so I told Arjun and Pritem that their was gold hidden. (walking towards a wall) and there is (pulling a bag from behind the wall border) and here it is. (throwing it to Arjun and Pritem)

Pritem and Arjun eyes start to glow when their saw the gold coin.

Priya: Don't get happy, it only about 1 dollar a piece.

Pritem: (mad) Meaning, we just wasted are time looking around for just 50 dollars. (throwing the bag, up and down, happy) That was good.

Arjun: (mad) it isn't, she used us. You don't care, but I dooooo. (he sneezes several times)

Manisha: (looking at Arjun) Arjun take your allergies medicine or you'll blow up like a balloon. (opening her purse and taking out a packet of pills. Throwing it too Arjun)

Arjun: (catches it and points to Priya) I will talk to you later (walks towards the table to put the pills in a glass and begins to break it into a powder) where's the water?

Mitesh: There isn't any, just drink it with soda.

Arjun pours soda over into the glass. Arjun picks up the glass about to drink.

Anurag: First, come and help us with the mess you made.

Arjun puts the glass down and goes to help. Everyone starts to clean up the club.

Manisha: (cleaning) how did you know that Anurag was going to cheat.

Priya: I didn't know, until he came back to me, when I came back into the club after receiving a call from my parents. He asked if I was sure. So I knew he had something up his sleeves. So then later I went up to them and told them to forget what Anurag said and to look for the gold cause there is really gold hidden in the club.

Arjun: Yeah she fooled us into 50 dollars worth of gold.

Pritem: Something so pretty could be so evil. I LOVE IT. (thinking) Wait, Anurag, she won.

Anurag: So?

Pritem: She is the first person to ever beat you.

Mitesh, Arjun, and Manisha: (also surprised) That's right. Congratulations.

Priya: (bowing) Thanks

Anurag: it's the first and only time.

Priya puts down the chair and goes to take a drink. Priya picks up the glass to drink. Meanwhile, Everyone was talking and picking up things. Priya goes to the back. The DJ walks in after they finished.

Anurag: Hey! We're done here. Thanks so much.

The DJ: Anytime.

Everyone one except Priya walks toward door.

Arjun: (stops and sneezes) Hey guys wait! I forgot to take my medicine. (walks toward table)

Manisha: (walking towards door) Priya, you talked to you dad what did he say? (looking around) Priya, Priya. Hey, guys where's Priya.

Mitesh: I saw her go to the back.

Manisha walks toward back. But, stops when she here Arjun say something.

Arjun: Hey guys what did you do with the glass my medicine was in.

Mitesh: I didn't do anything with it.

Anurag: Me either.

Pritem: same here

Manisha: Didn't you drink it.

Arjun: No.

A noise is heard in the kitchen.

The DJ: what was that?

Manisha: It might be Priya (walking towards the kitchen; about to open the door)

Priya jumps out intoxicated wearing a chef hat and apron.

Priya: (intoxicated) The chef is in the club.

Everyone looks at Priya stunned.

Episode 7:

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