Kya Yahi Pyar Hai: Episode 8

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Had originally been posted on I'm starting from the start for the people whom have not read my story and have added some changes for the interest of the reader.

Episode 7:

Episode 8

Priya: (on the top of the stairs; holding her head) Anurag.

Anurag turns around. Priya loses all her senses and falls down the stairs.

Anurag: (dropping the phone, about to run to Priya) Priya!

Anurag run towards Priya and drops to the ground. Priya is unconscious laying on the floor.

Anurag: (slapping Priya lightly on the cheek, trying to wake her up) Priya! Priya come on wake up. (Anurag grabs her hand and checks her pulse) You're alive, wake up. (Anurag gets up and walks to the kitchen, fills a glass of water and goes back towards Priya. Anurag starts to sprinkle water on Priya) Priya! wake up! You hear me.

Priya: (cleaning the water off her face, still laying on the floor) Mommy, Not now. I just saw a beautiful dream with John Abraham. Just give me 5 mins so I can steal him away from Bipasha.

Anurag: (laughing) Stop dreaming about John because he is not in your near future or either is Bipasha in mine. So get up.

Priya: (getting up and rubbing her eyes, walking towards the stairs) Who are you? What are you doing in my house. Look I know how to fight you don't want to mess with me. (Priya was about to fall; Anurag catches her)

Anurag: (holding on to her.) You can't even kick Pritem correctly, heck, you can't even stand straight now.

Priya: (pushing Anurag away, walking up the stairs. Turning around at the third step) How you know that? And who the heck are you? (Priya was about to fall again , Anurag gets a hold of her)

Anurag: (holding on to Priya) It's me Anurag. (pushing her up)

Priya: (getting up) Oh hey! What are you doing here.

Anurag: tell you later. First go upstairs and sleep.

Priya: (beginning to talk like a child) Ok. Anurag (walking up the stairs) Uncle. (priya begins to sing halka halka sa yeh nasha)

Anurag: (holding his head) Shit! The evil kid's back! (Walking behind her)

Priya and Anurag enters her room.

Priya: (starts to jump on the bed) Anurag Uncle, read me a story or I won't go to sleep.

Anurag: Ok --

Priya: (continues to jump on the bed) No! Actually, sing me a lullaby.

Anurag: A lullaby! Are you crazy.

Priya: (Continues to jump, smiling) No, I'm Priya, the angel.

Anurag: (smirking) Angel! My foot. (priya looks at him weird) Fine I'll tell you.

Priya stop's jumping and lays on her bed and turn to the side facing Anurag. Anurag starts to sing 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.' After 'Like a diamond in the sky' Priya falls a sleep. Anurag finish the song, realizing that Priya fell asleep. Anurag puts his hand on her shoulder, shaking her. Seeing if she's sleeping.

Anurag: (shaking her) Priya are you sleeping?

Priya grabs his hand like it was a blanket and turns to the opposite side, facing the wall. Pulling Anurag on to the bed. Anurag gets up and sits up on the bed.

Anurag: (Pulling his arm) Priya! I have to go home, let go of my hand. (he tries to pull harder, but Priya cries, when he does) Priya, are you awake.

Priya: (holding on to his arm tighter) No!

Anurag: (smiling) then how come you answered me.

Priya: I'm speaking in my sleep.

Anurag: How can you talk in your sleep? I heard people walk and ----(Anurag stops knowing that he was going to answer his own question)

Priya: and what. People walk and what. (waiting for a answer) Nevermind, let me go to sleep, I have to go to school tomorrow .

Anurag (thinking): What should I do? She not letting go of my hand? (Anurag gets an idea and tries to go over Priya, to get the phone on the other side.) If I just can get the phone, I be able to call Pritem. (after a while Anurag quits) I'm not going to be able to get the phone, I try to get my hands out after she sleeps.

Anurag puts his head on the backboard of the bed and closes his eyes thinking of different things. Slowly Anurag tends to fall asleep.

The next day the sun rises. The alarm starts to ring nonstop, Priya finally opens her eyes, She looks out the window at the sun and clouds. Priya realizes that she is holding on to someone hand. She turns around and see Anurag sleeping up on her bed. Priya starts to freak, trying to thinking what happen yesterday. While drawing a blank she gets a glimpse of the time.

Priya: (Looking at the clock. She push Anurag) Wake up! We're late.

Anurag gets up with a startle, hitting his head against the backboard. Priya gets off the bed. Anurag holding on to his head, get off the bed.

Priya: (worried, pasting back and forth) What are you doing here? I have to get ready. You know we're late. What are you doing here? I have to get ready. What are you doing just standing there. Leave.

Anurag: (Mad and Yelling, Priya stands straight, like she was in the Military). Shut Up! Look I didn't want to spend my night here. This is all because of you. If didn't drink Arjun medicine, we wouldn't be here talking, we would be in school. (calming down, puts his hand on his head). Now go and get ready, we late. I call Pritem and tell him why we didn't show up at Manisha's house last night. (a little mad) Oh yeah! no word out of you till we get to school. (Anurag turns arounds to leave. Priya also turns around to go into the bathroom. Anurag turns around). Oh yeah, Priya, (Priya turns around) tell your driver we need a drive to school.

Priya: Ok (Anurag turns and leaves the room. Priya quotes him) 'tell your driver we need a drive' phbbbt.

Anurag: (coming back in the room) What was that?

Priya: (startled) Nothing. I was singing.

Anurag: You sing to much.

Anurag leaves the room, smiling.

Priya: (holding her head) That was close. (thinking of what just happen, smiling and happy) Why am I so happy. (picking up the teddy bear that was on the floor. thinking for a few second. Talking to the teddy bear) Will anyways, I got to get ready, can't be late for school, now can we.

Priya puts the teddy bear on the bed and walks happily into the bathroom. Meanwhile, outside the room, Anurag is going down the stairs.

Anurag: (thinking and also smiling) Why am I so happy. I never felt like this before. Is it because of what happen upstairs (Anurag is at the last step, he turns to look at Priya bedroom door, turning back. Walking to the phone). It can't be.

Anurag reaches the phone and sits on the couch. Anurag picks up the receiver and call's Pritem

Mitesh: (on Pritem phone). Hello.

Anurag: (surprise) Mitesh! What are you doing with Pritem phone.

Mitesh: Oh nothing he when to find out if the girl was Karisma or Mohini. (wondering) Where were you guys last night? We waited up for you.

Anurag: (again holding on to the back of his head, where he got hit by the backboard) where do I start? After we left the club. (Anurag starts to tell Mitesh everything that happen). So now I'm here talking to you.

Mitesh: (Amazed) You did have a wild night. Well you better come before Mr. Singh class, cause you knew what he did last time, when it was your cousin marriage. He made you stay after school and you missed the wedding.

Anurag: Don't worry I have nothing planned today.

Mitesh: Nothing else happen last night, right?

Anurag: What do you mean?

Mitesh: I mean nothing happen between you and Priya that might cause a … Problem.

Anurag: (stand's up. Really mad) How could you let these type of ideas come to mind. Me and Priya are just friend's. I care for Manisha as much as you do. I wouldn't let anything happen that might ruin the relationship between all of us.

Mitesh: (feeling guilty) I know - I should have brought this up. Now I'm feeling guilty. - You know that I love Manisha and Priya as if there were like my own sisters. I just don't - want to see them - hurt.

Anurag: (calming down) Don't worry - I know (trying to crack a joke) you don't have to get sentimental on me. (Priya walks down the stairs) ok Priya here, meet you in the canteen. Bye. (cutting the phone)

Mitesh: Bye (cut's the phone. Pritem walks up to him.) Mohini or Karisma

Pritem: Mohini (Mitesh starts to laugh) yaar when will my Karisma come into my life.

Mitesh: Don't worry she'll come. You never know she just might be near by (Manisha walks up to Mitesh and Pritem) Hey, I just got off the phone with Anurag. He said that him and Priya were going when the bike, as usual, broke down. (mitesh continues to tell them what happen, last night) so now they're late. (the bell rings) and I'm going to be late if I don't make it to my next class. Bye! (Mitesh leaves)

Manisha: Pritem lets go.

Pritem: (grabbing his bag madly) I not going to let Anurag get away like that. (Pritem walks away)

Manisha: (catching up. Along Pritem) What do you mean?

Pritem: You'll find out soon.

Episode 9:

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