Kya Yahi Pyar Hai: Episode 3

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Had originally been posted on I'm starting from the start for the people whom have not read my story and have added some changes for the interest of the reader.

Episode 2:

Episode 3

The Canteen The next day. Priya meets Mitesh both walking into the canteen.

Priya: (walking to the table) Hey Mitesh, Do you know why Manisha wasn't in Mr. Singh class today?

Mitesh: (walking with Priya) yeah, there changing her class. In her word, "With some idiot"

Priya: So that means that I be in that class alone.

Mitesh: yeah (pulling a chair to sit)

Priya pulls a chair to sit. Arjun and Pritam are already seated.

Pritam: I'm ready to die.

Mitesh and Priya: (speaking together; yelling) What?

Arjun: (yelling) why?

Pritam: (staring at Priya) Cause I just saw a piece of heaven.

Priya tries to kick Pritam under the table. But hits Arjun.

Arjun: Ouch! What was that for?

Priya: (laughing) Sorry I was trying to hit Pritam

Mitesh: Where's Anurag?

Pritam: (still laughing) Oh he's when to get his schedule for his new class. His class has been changed with someone.

Priya: Oh! So he's the idiot.

Anurag was behind Priya

Anurag: (pulling up a chair) Excuse me

Priya: (surprised and shocked) No! I meant you're the idiot- I mean you're the person that might have gotten they schedule changed with Manisha.

Anurag: (laughing) yes! I might be that idiot.

Manisha walks in

Manisha: Hi Guys! (Manisha goes and kisses Anurag)

Everyone: Hey!

Manisha pulls up a chair and sits next to Anurag.

Manisha: Sorry Priya, their changed my class.

Priya: I know their changed it too Anurag class.

Manisha: (to Anurag) The change is good for me not for you.

Anurag: Why? There's something wrong with the class.

Manisha: Yes! Your beloved new teacher Mr. Singh

Anurag: Oh no! (sinking in his seat). That can't be, your lying. (to Priya; jumping back up) tell me your teacher is not Mr. Singh.

Priya: (confused) yes! But why you so mad.

Anurag: Mr. Singh hates me. He really hates me. He has this evil eye out for me. Naa it's cool, after two three months we're graduating .

Manisha: (talking to Priya) Oh yeah I forgot to ask you. What did your parents say about the club.

Priya: Oh! I was going to call you but I forgot. Anyways my mom said yes. But my dad wants to know if there going to be drinking and smoking.

Manisha: Don't worry. My mom and dad wouldn't let me go if there was drinking and smoking.

Pritam gets up and leaves

Priya: Also, my dad wants to meet all of you.

Mitesh: I'll be there

Anurag: Me too

Manisha: Me and Arjun will be there

Mitesh: Where's Pritam

Pritam walks to the table, with no _expression on his face.

Anurag: who did you meet Mohini or Karisma.

Pritam: (holding his cheeks) Mohini

Everyone starts to laugh. Priya looks confused.

Priya: (confused) Ok! Now I'm completely confused.

Mitesh: It's simpleā€¦ Mohini is the name of the girl who first said no to Pritam and Karisma was the first girl who said yes to Pritam. When he asked them on a date.

Anurag: (continuing on what Mitesh said) And now when he goes to ask a girl on a date if a girl said no. We call her Mohini and if she said yes we call her Karisma.

Arjun: (continuing on what Anurag said) you see Pritam has his hand on his cheek (Pritam puts his hand down quickly) means that she slapped him.

Priya starts to laugh.

Pritam: (pulling the chair really hard) It's not funny.

Arjun: (talking to Priya) Anyways, we'll come but where's your house.

Pritam: Where are we going?

Mitesh: Priya parents wants to meets us.

Pritem: Oh! Sorry I can't come, I have to take care of Shilpa. But I'll come to the club, later.

Priya: (to Pritem) who's Shilpa.

Pritam: Your sister-in-law after we get married.

Priya: Not funny (trying to kick Pritam, but accidentally kicks Arjun)

Arjun: (screaming) Ouch! Not again. Don't you know how to aim.

Priya: (laughing) Sorry.

Pritam: (holding his ears) Ok Sorry. She's my little baby sister.

Priya: Oh that's so sweet. Taking care of your sister.

Arjun: Sweet-tweet later. First tell us where do you live.

Priya: ---------------------- (I don't know what address to put, so you guys chose)

Anurag: Its on the way to my house. But that will take long if I pick all of you cause I will have to turn back towards home to go to her house.

Mitesh: I got a idea! I pick up Manisha and Arjun. You just drive to Priya house.

Pritam: What about the extra two cars?

Arjun: (talking to Pritam) What two cars? There's on- Oh yeah! You're coming later. Wait you can drive yourself home. (talking to everyone) Then what about the extra car.

Manisha: Hold on! I got an idea. Mitesh picks me and Arjun and takes us to Priya house and Anurag can drive in his motorcycle. Then he drops his motorcycle at Priya house and we can go to the club in Mitesh car. Anurag can drops us off and then Anurag can bring back his car to Mitesh tomorrow.

Anurag: good idea. But what about my bike.

Mitesh: No problem! look I'm coming to your house tomorrow. After school ends we'll ride to Priya's house then you'll ride to your home on the bike and I'll ride in my car to your house. Then later I'll go home in my car.

Anurag: Ok that's great. Priya, you still haven't told us anything about yourself.

Mitesh: that's true. You haven't told us anything about yourself.

Priya: Maybe I won't get to.

Anurag: meaning

Priya: (looking at her watch) The bell is abt to ring (looking up at Anurag) 4 3 2 1 (the bell ring) See!

Pritem: (getting up; smiling) So you like being exacting on time. At least there is one thing I know about you.

Priya: (getting up also) actually no! this clock is 39 mins ahead. If I like to know the exact time, I wouldn't have it 39 mins ahead. (turning around; but stops when she hears Pritem)

Pritem: (smiling) At least now I know this about you.

Priya: (back towards Pritem; walking away) Whatever!

Pritem: (smiling) Oh Yeah! She likes me.

Everyone leaves laughing at what Pritem said.

Episode 4:

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