Kya Yahi Pyar Hai: Episode 2

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Had originally been posted on I'm starting from the start for the people whom have not read my story and have added some changes for the interest of the reader.

Episode 1:

Episode 2

English Class

Everyone comes into their the class. Priya goes to the teacher, Mr. Verma.

Priya: (with positive attitude) Hi, Mr. Verma, I'm Priya. I'm new here.

Mr. Verma: (smiling. He starts talking faster, after every question) So you're Priya. Nice to meet you. How are you? How do you like the school? Did you make any friends? What do you like in English reading or writing?

Priya: (confused) Its nice to meet you too. I'm fine. The school is good. Yeah I did make some friends. Actually about four people from this class. I like reading. Why are you consulting me?

Mr. Verma: (smiling, also talking faster again) ok. You're not going to ask how I am. That's kind of rude. Don't you think. The school is just good not great. Don't tell me you made friends with Manisha, Mitesh, Anurag, and Pritam. Maybe, Manish brother, too. Reading, good cause I got less reader and more writer in this class. And no I not consulting you.

Priya: (also smiling) Sorry, how are you? I can't say it's great. It's only the first day. Yes. I did. Is that a problem? Its good cause I'm not a good writer. If you're not consulting me, can we stop this dialogue.

Mr. Verma: (smiling) why? I'm too smart for you?

Priya: (getting smart) No! you have a class to start and I want to know where my seat is.

Mr. Verma: So you're getting smart with me. (looking down in his book) Anyways, you'll be sitting next too, lets see. You're new friend (looking up and pointing) Mr. Anurag Kapoor.

Priya: (smiling) Thanks

Mr. Verma: (smiling) You welcome.

Priya walks to Anurag.

Anurag: 3 minutes first place

Priya: (confused) what

Anurag: (happy but normal tone) You're the first girl to get Mr. Verma to tell you which seat you'll be sitting under 5 minutes.

Priya: (shocked) First Girl? You mean he does this with every new girl. That's creepy.

Anurag: It's a bet. I told him that he'll find someone that will get there assigned seat out of him under 5 minutes.

Priya: (even more shocked) how much was the bet.

Anurag: (happy) not so much. Just 100 dollar.

Priya: (surprised) So he gets 100 dollars for every girl above 5 minutes.

Anurag: Are you crazy! If that was the bet. I wouldn't have never taken it. I don't lose anything, I just gain. Mr. Verma is the one who will lose 100 dollars today. It fells good to corrected a teacher.

Priya: (mad) Sick! Your just sick. You would make a teacher try to flirt with a student for money that's just sick.( Anurug tries to talk, but Priya cuts him off) What if one girl end up liking Mr. Verma. What will happen then you ever (Anurag tries to talk but priya cuts him off again) thought of that, huh? I just notice anyone would (Priya cuts Anurag again) do anything for money if they have money or (Anurag covers Priya mouth with his hand) not.

Anurag: You talk way to much.

Manisha walks to Priya and Anurag.

Manisha: (smiling) what happen? What are you talking about? I want to know to.

Anurag: (mad) nothing

Manisha: (surprised) What busted your bubble? (walking away)

Anurag: (talking to Priya, mad) look not everyone goes after money.

Priya: (also mad) I agree, but who ever gets a chance to earn or win money. Who wouldn't take the offer.

Anurag: So you say people get crazy to get money.

Priya: Yes

Anurag: (smiling) You want to bet

Priya: (mad) See again with the bet

Anurag: Yes I'm serious

Priya: fine.

Anurag: Ok. Tomorrow after the club closes, we'll tell Manisha, Pritem, Mitesh, and Arjun. That there is money hidden in the club. And we'll see what happen.

Priya: Ok but how are you going to get us into the club after it's closes.

Anurag: My Friend own the club. I'll just ask him to keep it open for us.

Priya: Wait one question how do you come up with these stuff.

Anurag: I got the brain power. (pulling out his hand)

Priya shakes his hand.

Priya House

Priya gets home.

Kiran: (fixing a vase of flowers) Hey beta, How was school.

Priya: It was good. Today I met a girl name Manisha and four guys named Mitesh, Pritem, Arjun, and Anurag.

Kiran: that's good.

Priya: Manisha wants me to go to the club with her tomorrow. So can I go.

Kiran: You know I can't say no to you. But you have to ask your dad.

Priya: Thanks (hugging her mom) where's dad

Kiran: where else but upstairs looking at his files for work.

Priya goes upstairs and hugs her dad who's looking at some files.

Priya: Hi Papa

Anil: (looking at his files) Hey beta. How was school?

Priya: good. Daddy I want to ask you something

Anil: (still looking in the file) sure. What is it

Priya: (taking the files; sitting in front of her dad) My friend Manisha wants me to go to the club with her tomorrow. Can I go. Mom said yes.

Anil: (thinking) Is there going to be drinking and smoking. Also, are you going with guys.

Priya: (unsure) I don't know about the drinking and smoking. But were going with Manisha friends named Mitesh, Pritem, Anurag, and her brother Arjun.

Anil: Ok you can go only if you find out if there's is drinking and smoking. And I want to meet those boys.

Priya: (uncertain) Ok. I call them and see.

Priya gets up to leaves and puts the file on the table. Anil looks at her while she leaves. He gets up and goes towards Priya picture on the wall. He looks at the picture. Which brings tears to his eyes. Priya is waiting at the door looking at her dad.

Anil: (looking at the picture; wiping his tear. Talking to priya) How did you know?

Priya: (walking towards her dad; hugging him from behind) The way you know that I'm waiting at the door, is the same way. I know you crying while looking at my picture. Mom waiting downstairs lets go eat.

Anil: you go I'm coming (picking up his file)

Priya: (pulling her dads shoulder, acting like a child) Come on I hungry. (taking the file and throwing it on the table) Come on, lets go eat. (pulling her dad)

Anil and Priya both leave the room, laughing.

Episode 3:

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oooh i remember so much its nice to read it again. sumthing happens in the club i remember, oops i wont spill it out. let the others read. Wink

ur ad of kyph is so cool, i never actually imagined actors, but my friends. good choice. Embarrassed
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Originally posted by kitty468

oooh i remember so much its nice to read it again. sumthing happens in the club i remember, oops i wont spill it out. let the others read. Wink

ur ad of kyph is so cool, i never actually imagined actors, but my friends. good choice. Embarrassed

I'm glad that u liked it so much.Big smile


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