Kya Yahi Pyar Hai: Episode 4

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Had originally been posted on I'm starting from the start for the people whom have not read my story and have added some changes for the interest of the reader.

Episode 3:

Episode 4

Priya's House

Priya is helping her mom in the kitchen.

Kiran: Priya beta, put the atta in that box over there (pointing towards the box) and the flour in the one next to it.

Priya: (walking towards the boxes) Ok (picking up the boxes and walking towards her mom she puts it on the table) Mommy where's the flour and atta.

Kiran: In the cabinet down there.

Priya bends down to pick the flour bag and puts it on the counter.

Kiran: take out the atta also.

Priya: ok

Priya bends over to take out the atta but it was heavier to pick up it quickly. Meanwhile, Kiran is moving a pot which hit the bag of flours. The flour falls off the counter and hits Priya. The bag rips and priya is covered with flour. Priya gets up. Her mom looks at her and laughs.

Kiran: (laughing) You go and get cleaned up and I'll clean this up.

Priya: (leaving the room) Ok! (the bell rings) I get it (Priya walks to the door and opens it. Shocked) OH MY GOD!

Manisha, Anurag, Arjun and Mitesh were at the door. Everyone starts to laugh.

Arjun: (pretending that he's about to run; grabbing and pulling Mitesh hand) Bhoot! Bhago Bhoot!

Everyone continues to laugh.

Kiran: Beta, who's at the door.

Priya tryes to talk but Manisha cuts her off.

Manisha: It's us Aunty.

Everyone walks in. Kiran comes out of the kitchen. Anil comes out of the story. Unaware of the voice.

Priya: (standing next to Arjun, pointing to them one by one) Mommy, daddy, this is Manisha, Mitesh, Anurag, and Arjun.

Arjun: (talking to priya) That's your mom. I thought she was your sister.

Kiran: (laughing and thinking) he's going to get it from Anil.

Priya: (whispering to Arjun) You shouldn't have said that.

Arjun gulps

Anil: (serious) Kiran take Priya and her friend -

Manisha: (Knowing that Anil meant her completes Anil sentence) Manisha.

Anil: upstairs. I want to talk to these guys alone.

Kiran, Manisha and Priya starts to walk up the stairs. Priya turns around and see Anurag, Mitesh, and Arjun looking at her. She make's a sign meaning "you're dead". Anurag, Mitesh and Arjun gasp.

Anil: (back towards Priya) Priya go upstairs

Priya: (turning around) ok (she's runs up the stairs)

Priya, Kiran, and Manisha go into Priya room. Priya is searching and taking out her clothes. Manisha is in front of Priya dressing table. Kiran is combing thought Manisha hair with her hands.

Kiran: Manisha beta, can you help Priya ready.

Manisha: (Depress) Do you think Uncle will let Priya go with us.

Kiran: (laughing) He'll let Priya go. He just likes to scare them so they won't think of doing anything wrong. He doesn't trust anyone when it comes to Priya.

Priya: (smiling) Ok I'm going to take a shower. That give enough time for dad to scare them.

Manisha and Kiran laugh.

Kiran: I'll be back.

As Kiran walks across the room, Anurag, Mitesh, and Arjun were side by side leg spread, arms behind they backs, downstairs. Anil seating in front of them.

Anurag: Uncle we're not her boyfriend. We're just her friends. Why would we do that.

Anil: A boyfriend cheating a girlfriend is common. You can put together a heart which was broken by a boyfriend. But if a heart is broken by a friend it harder to put a heart together which was broken by a friend. Anyways, is someone missing cause this is small group. Isn't their suppose to be about three girls and about 4 to 5 guys in a group.

Mitesh: yeah, there's one more guy. Pritem. He's was going to come late to the club cause he is taking care of his baby sister.

Arjun: But uncle how did you know there was a extra one of us.

Anil: kyunki hum bhi kabhi tum thi (there's was a long pause. Scratching his head) that was a bad joke, right.

Anurag: Kind of

Mitesh: Just a little

Arjun: (laughing) yeah it was

Anil looks at Arjun like he was going to cause him pain. Arjun gets scared and looks down. Mitesh and Anurag try not to laugh.

Arjun: (thinking) God, plz save me before I say or do anything stupid.

Anil: (getting up and pacing in front of them) when I was around your age, when ever there you to be a group of friends there always been a one who got into fights or just had problems most of the time. second there is always a smart, pretty girl. Third a girl who is more appealing then the others. Forth a person who was like a brother or sister to everyone in the group. Fifth theirs is usually a couple of the group. Sixth, seventh, and eighth a flirtatious person, a comedian, and a motivated person. (loud) Arjun (Arjun jumps) are you listening.

Arjun: (scared) Yes! Yes sir I'm listening.

Mitesh and Anurag couldn't take it and started to laugh.

Anil: (serious) what was so funny. I like to hear a joke now and then.

Mitesh: nothing sir.

Anil: who's the first one of the group.

Anurag: That will be me. But I'm not a complete bad boy. It's I get mad very easier. Also,-

Anil: (cutting him off) did I ask why you might be the bad boy. I think I heard myself say WHO's the bad person in your group.

Anurag: Yes sir, that will be me.

Anil: Who's the smart girl and the beautiful girl?

Mitesh: That will be both Priya and Manisha.

Anil: who's the brother or sister of the group?

Arjun: That will be Mitesh. But I'm Manisha older brother.

Anil: Ok! Who's the couple.

Anurag: That will be me and Manisha.

Mitesh: (chuckling, continuing what Anurag said) and Arjun and Priya

Arjun: (shocked, surprised, scared, and jumpy. There's no word how Arjun feels right now. Talking to Mitesh) Do you want to get me killed.

Anil stops in front of Arjun and looks coldly into his eyes. Arjun palms get all sweaty. Mitesh and Anurag are laughing.

Anil: what do you mean? My daughter is not good enough for you.

Arjun: ( scared) No, she is perfect.

Anil: So you think u got a chance. Then let me tell you one thing (coming closer) -

Arjun see Kiran is coming down the stairs.

Arjun: (cutting of Anil) Aunty, (Anil turns around, everyone looks at Kiran) how are you? Is Priya ready

Kiran: I'm fine, are you ok, you don't look good. (to everyone) why are you standing, go sit.

Anil: (to Arjun) Bach Ke.

Kiran: (to Anil) what was that?

Anil: (smiling innocently) Nothing… I love you.

Kiran: (walking to them) Did Anil try to scare you? (stopping in front of Anil)

Anil is showing them the eye, meaning not to say anything.

Arjun: (after seeing Anil faces, Quickly) No, Aunty. He treated us like his kids.

Kiran looks back at Anil.

Anil: (smiling innocently again) I love you.

Kiran leaves to the kitchen. Anil looks back to the guys with a scary face, making Arjun jump.

Anil: Do you guys want me to get killed? You heard my wife, go sit or else.

Arjun runs and sits. Anurag and Mitesh sit.

Anil: Who know a lot about cars?

Mitesh: I know a little but Anurag knows more. His father owns a chain of Engineer shops.

Anil: really, Who's your father?

Anurag: Mr. Rajesh Kapoor

Anil: from the Kapoor car industry.

Anurag: Yeah! How did you know?

Manisha and Priya come down the stairs

Anil: Cause I just sign a five-year contract with your father, two days ago. But there's something I don't understand in the file.

Anurag: Maybe, I can help you.

Anil: right now. Don't you have to go to the club.

Anurag: It's ok I'll be late. and that will give me a chance to go home on my bike.

Anil: Ok (Anil gets up to get the file in the study)

Anurag: Mitesh take Arjun and Manisha with you to the club and I'll come with Priya. And then you drop them off and I'll drop Priya here. Ok?

Mitesh: Sure.

Manisha: (goes to kiss Anurag) Come quick.

Arjun, Mitesh, and Manisha leave. Anil comes out with the files. Anurag and Anil work on the file. Priya helps her mom in the kitchen. After finishing, Anurag gets up and goes to the kitchen,

Anurag: (leaning on the door) Priya, lets go.

Priya: (cleaning and wiping her hands) Ok! (to her mom) Bye mama. (kissing her on the cheek. Walking out of the kitchen) bye papa.

Anurag: Bye aunty, bye sir.

Priya and Anurag leave.

Kiran: (coming out of the kitchen) did I just hear sir, Don't tell me you did that with them also.

Anil: (smiling innocently) I love you

Kiran: you're sleeping on the couch. (going in the kitchen)

Anil: Come on why (going behind her)

Meanwhile, Outside. Anurag and Priya are ready to go.

Anurag: Ok hop on

Priya: You mean we're going on the bike.

Anurag: Yeah! Why there's a problem.

Priya: (scared) I never been on a bike before.

Anurag: (laughing) Don't worry, just sit on the back and hold on to me

Priya: but if I dead I'll kill you.

Anurag: (laughing) How would you kill me, if you're dead.

Priya: Don't worry! I'll ask god to give me 5 mins so I can find you and take you with me.

Anurag: (Smiling) Promise

Priya: (Smiling) Promise

Anurag: Ok can we go now. we're late.

Anurag and Priya get on the bike. While driving to the club. Priya hugged Anurag tighter when they curved. They reached the club.

Anurag: (getting off) You remember are bet.

Priya: (getting off also) yes

Anurag: (walking to the door) But we didn't pick a reward to the bet.

Priya: so what do you want it to be.

Anurag: (they stop at the door) You have to do one thing that I want.

Priya: Sure.

Anurag extends his arm. Priya and Anurag shake each others hand at the door.

Episode 5:

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