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Had originally been posted on I'm starting from the start for the people whom have not read my story and have added some changes for the interest of the reader.

..:Character Sketch:..

Summary: This is a love story about Priya and seven of her new friends. Priya has just come back to India from Londan after leaving India at the age of six. She makes seven new friends... Manisha, Anurag, Pritem, Arjun, Mitesh, Jyoti, and Naina. Everything starts off good but slowly things starts to change as everyone begins to have feeling for someone else. Someone whom they never excepted to fall in love with. Some are in the fear of losing a loved one that has always been on there side. Some don't realize that they are in love and if they do they dont want to say. Read and find out how they got entangled in this web of love.

Genre: General/Romance/Drama
Language: English
Status: WIP
No. of Chapters Updated: Episode 57 on page 20.

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Credit of the Summary, Genre, Language, Status, and No.of Chapters Updated layout goes to coolniyu.


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why misty is the story the same? or the characters just same, with a different story. i was really waiting for the end. esp the end of all the love stories. it was going so well why r u startin over again.

ill read this first...
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LOL LOL i remember that gang convo its so funny. n arjun. LOL LOL
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Had originally been posted on I'm starting from the start for the people whom have not read my story and have added some changes for the interest of the reader.

Episode 1

Priya's House

The sun was shining along with a blow of light wind. The alarm rang, an arm reached out and pressed the snooze button. A yell is heard in the distance.

Kiran: (yelling) Priya, its time to go to school. Get up and get ready it your first day.

Priya: (yarning and yelling) Yes mom, I'm up (stretching her arm).

Priya gets up and slips into her slippers. Goes to the bathroom. After about an hour Priya comes out in a rush. Throwing the towel on the bed. She brushes her hair and runs downstairs.

Priya: Mommy, I late I will just have orange juice (grabbing the glass, she starts to drink).

Kiran: OK! But remember to go to the mandir before you leave.

Priya: Yeah I know (priya walks to the mandir: put her hands together) God, I know you gave me everything, but can you try to make today go very well. Because this is my second time starting in a new school and you know how my first year went. (priya picks up her bag and leaves.). Bye mom. Bye dad.

Science Class

Teacher Mr. Singh getting the students attention, while there was a knock on the door.

Mr. Singh: (opening the door) Yes! How may I help you?

Priya: (nervous) I'm new he-

Mr. Singh: (cutting her off) Oh yeah! The principal told me about you. (both walk in; looking in his seating book). You will be sitting with Manisha. Manisha raise your hand (Manisha raises her hand). There.

Priya: Ok (walking towards Manisha. Priya takes off her bag and puts it on top of the table). Hi! My name is Priya.

Manisha: Hey! I'm Manisha. New here right.

Priya: Yeah

Manisha: (excited) So how do you like this school?

Priya: (taking out a notebook) It's fine so far.

Manisha: When do you have your break?

Priya: After this. Thank God I need this break.

Manisha: (happy) That's great! If you want you can come with me to the canteen and you can meet my friends.

Priya: (happy) That will be nice.

Manisha: (getting more excited) Yeah its really great. Good thing you came, it was really getting boring being the only girl in the gang.

Priya: (getting nervous) Gang! Wh-

Mr. Singh: (cutting Priya off again) For a new girl, you have quite a talkative mouth.

Priya: (embarrassed) Sorry

Mr. Singh turning back, to his lesson.

Manisha: Don't worry, he just like that (sticking out her tongue out, making priya laugh. After a few minutes the bell rings. Everyone gets up. Manisha getting up). Ok lets go. You'll love them.

Priya: (putting her bag on) Oh I forgot I have to meet the principal. You go ahead I'll meet you there later.

Manisha: Ok

Manisha and Priya leave.

The Canteen

Manisha, Anurag, Pritam, and Arjun sitting on the table talking. Mitesh walks in.

Mitesh: (standing) Arjun, Pritam! You know there a new girl in the school.

Arjun: (excited) Yeah, I know and I waiting to see her. They say she hot.

Manisha: (talking to Anurag) Oh that's reminds me -

Mitesh: (cutting of Manisha) Arjun! There she is.

Arjun: (jumps up) Where?

Mitesh: (everyone is laughing) Near the door

Arjun runs towards Priya, pushing her, making her books drop. Arjun helps Priya pick up her books.

Arjun: (very excited) you're the new girl? Right!

Priya: (getting up) Yeah.

Arjun: (getting up) Is your name Gillette?

Manisha gets up and walks towards them.

Priya: (confused) Excuse me. I don't get what you mean.

Arjun: coz you're the best a man can get.

Manisha: (tapping arjun, to move aside. Talking to Priya) Don't mind him. He my brother, Arjun. He's a flirt. But don't worry, he won't bug you anymore. (turning towards Arjun, talking to him)


Arjun: (sadly looking down) Yes!

Manisha: (talking to Priya) and don't worry that's not the only flirt you have to worry about. Lets me show you the rest of my gang.

Priya: (nervous) OK

Manisha: (laughing) oh I don't mean gang, like a real gang. I meant gang as a gang of friends.

Priya: (calming down) Sorry it's that where I lived in England we never called a group of friends 'a gang' unless you were some type of thug.

Arjun, Manisha, and Priya walk towards there table.

Manisha: Guys. I want you to meet Priya. She the new girl in school.

Priya: (talking to everyone, nervous) Hi!

Anurag, Mitesh, and Pritam: Hey!

Pritam: (gets up and walks to the empty chair) Hello. Cupid called. He says to tell you that he needs my heart back.

Priya: (laughing while walking towards Pritam) He's the other flirt (manisha noddeds, everyone laughs)

Pritam: It's not my fault I fell in love. You are the one that tripped me (everyone laughs). Anyways, have a seat.

Priya: (sitting down) thanks.

Manisha goes to sit next to Anurag, Mitesh was sitting on the seat Arjun was seating on before. Arjun goes to sit on Pritam seat.

Pritam: (to Arjun) Hey! thats my seat.

Arjun: To bad you move your feet (everyone one except Priya speaks with Arjun) You lose your seat.

Priya: Do you want my seat? (about to stand)

Pritam: No! (pushing her down) For you I can stand all day.

Everyone starts to laugh.

Manisha: Ok! Stop flirting with her! Priya, the guy to your right is Mitesh, he's like a brother to all of us. If you have any problems you can go to him. And next to him is, actually you know him. He's my older brother, by one year. Which he doesn't let me forget. Next to is Anurag (hugging him), he's my boyfriend. If you have any problems, you can come to him or me also. And finally the guy standing next to you is Pritam. He is the biggest flirt you'll ever see. Oh yeah! If you have any problems don't and I repeat don't go to Arjun and Pritam. They just do the opposite of helping you.

Arjun and Pritam: (at the same time) Hey! What's that suppose to mean? (every one laughs)

Manisha: Hey! I got a idea why don't you come to the club with us tomorrow.

Priya: (depressingly) The club? I don't know.

Anurag: Come on. It'll be fun and if your afraid, that your parents will say no, don't worry. I talk to them.

Priya: Don't worry. I'll ask them.

Anurag: Good. Now you know things about us, tell us about you.

The bell rings.

Priya: I tell you later, I have class next (getting up)

Mitesh: What class you have next?

Priya: English. Mr. Verma

Pritam: (very load) Yes

(every one laughs)

Priya: what's wrong with him.

Mitesh: Cause all of us except Arjun got the same English class next.

Manisha: (getting up) ok lets go.

Everyone gets up and leaves.

------------------------------------------------------------ ----------------------------
Hey Kitty,

I had posted the reason to why I want to start again in 'Kya Yahi Pyar Hai Character Sketch' but maybe you haven't seen it will I'll copy it here and posted it under the title. So who ever has read my story before, won't be confused to why I started again from the start.

'I had originally posted this story in but I haven't finished, so I'm starting it again. I'm also going to make changes to the story, since I have found that I could have made it more clearer and more interesting to the reader.'


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Had originally been posted on I'm starting from the start for the people whom have not read my story and have added some changes for the interest of the reader.

Episode 2

English Class

Everyone comes into their the class. Priya goes to the teacher, Mr. Verma.

Priya: (with positive attitude) Hi, Mr. Verma, I'm Priya. I'm new here.

Mr. Verma: (smiling. He starts talking faster, after every question) So you're Priya. Nice to meet you. How are you? How do you like the school? Did you make any friends? What do you like in English reading or writing?

Priya: (confused) Its nice to meet you too. I'm fine. The school is good. Yeah I did make some friends. Actually about four people from this class. I like reading. Why are you consulting me?

Mr. Verma: (smiling, also talking faster again) ok. You're not going to ask how I am. That's kind of rude. Don't you think. The school is just good not great. Don't tell me you made friends with Manisha, Mitesh, Anurag, and Pritam. Maybe, Manish brother, too. Reading, good cause I got less reader and more writer in this class. And no I not consulting you.

Priya: (also smiling) Sorry, how are you? I can't say it's great. It's only the first day. Yes. I did. Is that a problem? Its good cause I'm not a good writer. If you're not consulting me, can we stop this dialogue.

Mr. Verma: (smiling) why? I'm too smart for you?

Priya: (getting smart) No! you have a class to start and I want to know where my seat is.

Mr. Verma: So you're getting smart with me. (looking down in his book) Anyways, you'll be sitting next too, lets see. You're new friend (looking up and pointing) Mr. Anurag Kapoor.

Priya: (smiling) Thanks

Mr. Verma: (smiling) You welcome.

Priya walks to Anurag.

Anurag: 3 minutes first place

Priya: (confused) what

Anurag: (happy but normal tone) You're the first girl to get Mr. Verma to tell you which seat you'll be sitting under 5 minutes.

Priya: (shocked) First Girl? You mean he does this with every new girl. That's creepy.

Anurag: It's a bet. I told him that he'll find someone that will get there assigned seat out of him under 5 minutes.

Priya: (even more shocked) how much was the bet.

Anurag: (happy) not so much. Just 100 dollar.

Priya: (surprised) So he gets 100 dollars for every girl above 5 minutes.

Anurag: Are you crazy! If that was the bet. I wouldn't have never taken it. I don't lose anything, I just gain. Mr. Verma is the one who will lose 100 dollars today. It fells good to corrected a teacher.

Priya: (mad) Sick! Your just sick. You would make a teacher try to flirt with a student for money that's just sick.( Anurug tries to talk, but Priya cuts him off) What if one girl end up liking Mr. Verma. What will happen then you ever (Anurag tries to talk but priya cuts him off again) thought of that, huh? I just notice anyone would (Priya cuts Anurag again) do anything for money if they have money or (Anurag covers Priya mouth with his hand) not.

Anurag: You talk way to much.

Manisha walks to Priya and Anurag.

Manisha: (smiling) what happen? What are you talking about? I want to know to.

Anurag: (mad) nothing

Manisha: (surprised) What busted your bubble? (walking away)

Anurag: (talking to Priya, mad) look not everyone goes after money.

Priya: (also mad) I agree, but who ever gets a chance to earn or win money. Who wouldn't take the offer.

Anurag: So you say people get crazy to get money.

Priya: Yes

Anurag: (smiling) You want to bet

Priya: (mad) See again with the bet

Anurag: Yes I'm serious

Priya: fine.

Anurag: Ok. Tomorrow after the club closes, we'll tell Manisha, Pritem, Mitesh, and Arjun. That there is money hidden in the club. And we'll see what happen.

Priya: Ok but how are you going to get us into the club after it's closes.

Anurag: My Friend own the club. I'll just ask him to keep it open for us.

Priya: Wait one question how do you come up with these stuff.

Anurag: I got the brain power. (pulling out his hand)

Priya shakes his hand.

Priya House

Priya gets home.

Kiran: (fixing a vase of flowers) Hey beta, How was school.

Priya: It was good. Today I met a girl name Manisha and four guys named Mitesh, Pritem, Arjun, and Anurag.

Kiran: that's good.

Priya: Manisha wants me to go to the club with her tomorrow. So can I go.

Kiran: You know I can't say no to you. But you have to ask your dad.

Priya: Thanks (hugging her mom) where's dad

Kiran: where else but upstairs looking at his files for work.

Priya goes upstairs and hugs her dad who's looking at some files.

Priya: Hi Papa

Anil: (looking at his files) Hey beta. How was school?

Priya: good. Daddy I want to ask you something

Anil: (still looking in the file) sure. What is it

Priya: (taking the files; sitting in front of her dad) My friend Manisha wants me to go to the club with her tomorrow. Can I go. Mom said yes.

Anil: (thinking) Is there going to be drinking and smoking. Also, are you going with guys.

Priya: (unsure) I don't know about the drinking and smoking. But were going with Manisha friends named Mitesh, Pritem, Anurag, and her brother Arjun.

Anil: Ok you can go only if you find out if there's is drinking and smoking. And I want to meet those boys.

Priya: (uncertain) Ok. I call them and see.

Priya gets up to leaves and puts the file on the table. Anil looks at her while she leaves. He gets up and goes towards Priya picture on the wall. He looks at the picture. Which brings tears to his eyes. Priya is waiting at the door looking at her dad.

Anil: (looking at the picture; wiping his tear. Talking to priya) How did you know?

Priya: (walking towards her dad; hugging him from behind) The way you know that I'm waiting at the door, is the same way. I know you crying while looking at my picture. Mom waiting downstairs lets go eat.

Anil: you go I'm coming (picking up his file)

Priya: (pulling her dads shoulder, acting like a child) Come on I hungry. (taking the file and throwing it on the table) Come on, lets go eat. (pulling her dad)

Anil and Priya both leave the room, laughing.

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Had originally been posted on I'm starting from the start for the people whom have not read my story and have added some changes for the interest of the reader.

Episode 3

The Canteen The next day. Priya meets Mitesh both walking into the canteen.

Priya: (walking to the table) Hey Mitesh, Do you know why Manisha wasn't in Mr. Singh class today?

Mitesh: (walking with Priya) yeah, there changing her class. In her word, "With some idiot"

Priya: So that means that I be in that class alone.

Mitesh: yeah (pulling a chair to sit)

Priya pulls a chair to sit. Arjun and Pritam are already seated.

Pritam: I'm ready to die.

Mitesh and Priya: (speaking together; yelling) What?

Arjun: (yelling) why?

Pritam: (staring at Priya) Cause I just saw a piece of heaven.

Priya tries to kick Pritam under the table. But hits Arjun.

Arjun: Ouch! What was that for?

Priya: (laughing) Sorry I was trying to hit Pritam

Mitesh: Where's Anurag?

Pritam: (still laughing) Oh he's when to get his schedule for his new class. His class has been changed with someone.

Priya: Oh! So he's the idiot.

Anurag was behind Priya

Anurag: (pulling up a chair) Excuse me

Priya: (surprised and shocked) No! I meant you're the idiot- I mean you're the person that might have gotten they schedule changed with Manisha.

Anurag: (laughing) yes! I might be that idiot.

Manisha walks in

Manisha: Hi Guys! (Manisha goes and kisses Anurag)

Everyone: Hey!

Manisha pulls up a chair and sits next to Anurag.

Manisha: Sorry Priya, their changed my class.

Priya: I know their changed it too Anurag class.

Manisha: (to Anurag) The change is good for me not for you.

Anurag: Why? There's something wrong with the class.

Manisha: Yes! Your beloved new teacher Mr. Singh

Anurag: Oh no! (sinking in his seat). That can't be, your lying. (to Priya; jumping back up) tell me your teacher is not Mr. Singh.

Priya: (confused) yes! But why you so mad.

Anurag: Mr. Singh hates me. He really hates me. He has this evil eye out for me. Naa it's cool, after two three months we're graduating .

Manisha: (talking to Priya) Oh yeah I forgot to ask you. What did your parents say about the club.

Priya: Oh! I was going to call you but I forgot. Anyways my mom said yes. But my dad wants to know if there going to be drinking and smoking.

Manisha: Don't worry. My mom and dad wouldn't let me go if there was drinking and smoking.

Pritam gets up and leaves

Priya: Also, my dad wants to meet all of you.

Mitesh: I'll be there

Anurag: Me too

Manisha: Me and Arjun will be there

Mitesh: Where's Pritam

Pritam walks to the table, with no _expression on his face.

Anurag: who did you meet Mohini or Karisma.

Pritam: (holding his cheeks) Mohini

Everyone starts to laugh. Priya looks confused.

Priya: (confused) Ok! Now I'm completely confused.

Mitesh: It's simpleā€¦ Mohini is the name of the girl who first said no to Pritam and Karisma was the first girl who said yes to Pritam. When he asked them on a date.

Anurag: (continuing on what Mitesh said) And now when he goes to ask a girl on a date if a girl said no. We call her Mohini and if she said yes we call her Karisma.

Arjun: (continuing on what Anurag said) you see Pritam has his hand on his cheek (Pritam puts his hand down quickly) means that she slapped him.

Priya starts to laugh.

Pritam: (pulling the chair really hard) It's not funny.

Arjun: (talking to Priya) Anyways, we'll come but where's your house.

Pritam: Where are we going?

Mitesh: Priya parents wants to meets us.

Pritem: Oh! Sorry I can't come, I have to take care of Shilpa. But I'll come to the club, later.

Priya: (to Pritem) who's Shilpa.

Pritam: Your sister-in-law after we get married.

Priya: Not funny (trying to kick Pritam, but accidentally kicks Arjun)

Arjun: (screaming) Ouch! Not again. Don't you know how to aim.

Priya: (laughing) Sorry.

Pritam: (holding his ears) Ok Sorry. She's my little baby sister.

Priya: Oh that's so sweet. Taking care of your sister.

Arjun: Sweet-tweet later. First tell us where do you live.

Priya: ---------------------- (I don't know what address to put, so you guys chose)

Anurag: Its on the way to my house. But that will take long if I pick all of you cause I will have to turn back towards home to go to her house.

Mitesh: I got a idea! I pick up Manisha and Arjun. You just drive to Priya house.

Pritam: What about the extra two cars?

Arjun: (talking to Pritam) What two cars? There's on- Oh yeah! You're coming later. Wait you can drive yourself home. (talking to everyone) Then what about the extra car.

Manisha: Hold on! I got an idea. Mitesh picks me and Arjun and takes us to Priya house and Anurag can drive in his motorcycle. Then he drops his motorcycle at Priya house and we can go to the club in Mitesh car. Anurag can drops us off and then Anurag can bring back his car to Mitesh tomorrow.

Anurag: good idea. But what about my bike.

Mitesh: No problem! look I'm coming to your house tomorrow. After school ends we'll ride to Priya's house then you'll ride to your home on the bike and I'll ride in my car to your house. Then later I'll go home in my car.

Anurag: Ok that's great. Priya, you still haven't told us anything about yourself.

Mitesh: that's true. You haven't told us anything about yourself.

Priya: Maybe I won't get to.

Anurag: meaning

Priya: (looking at her watch) The bell is abt to ring (looking up at Anurag) 4 3 2 1 (the bell ring) See!

Pritem: (getting up; smiling) So you like being exacting on time. At least there is one thing I know about you.

Priya: (getting up also) actually no! this clock is 39 mins ahead. If I like to know the exact time, I wouldn't have it 39 mins ahead. (turning around; but stops when she hears Pritem)

Pritem: (smiling) At least now I know this about you.

Priya: (back towards Pritem; walking away) Whatever!

Pritem: (smiling) Oh Yeah! She likes me.

Everyone leaves laughing at what Pritem said.

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Had originally been posted on I'm starting from the start for the people whom have not read my story and have added some changes for the interest of the reader.

Episode 4

Priya's House

Priya is helping her mom in the kitchen.

Kiran: Priya beta, put the atta in that box over there (pointing towards the box) and the flour in the one next to it.

Priya: (walking towards the boxes) Ok (picking up the boxes and walking towards her mom she puts it on the table) Mommy where's the flour and atta.

Kiran: In the cabinet down there.

Priya bends down to pick the flour bag and puts it on the counter.

Kiran: take out the atta also.

Priya: ok

Priya bends over to take out the atta but it was heavier to pick up it quickly. Meanwhile, Kiran is moving a pot which hit the bag of flours. The flour falls off the counter and hits Priya. The bag rips and priya is covered with flour. Priya gets up. Her mom looks at her and laughs.

Kiran: (laughing) You go and get cleaned up and I'll clean this up.

Priya: (leaving the room) Ok! (the bell rings) I get it (Priya walks to the door and opens it. Shocked) OH MY GOD!

Manisha, Anurag, Arjun and Mitesh were at the door. Everyone starts to laugh.

Arjun: (pretending that he's about to run; grabbing and pulling Mitesh hand) Bhoot! Bhago Bhoot!

Everyone continues to laugh.

Kiran: Beta, who's at the door.

Priya tryes to talk but Manisha cuts her off.

Manisha: It's us Aunty.

Everyone walks in. Kiran comes out of the kitchen. Anil comes out of the story. Unaware of the voice.

Priya: (standing next to Arjun, pointing to them one by one) Mommy, daddy, this is Manisha, Mitesh, Anurag, and Arjun.

Arjun: (talking to priya) That's your mom. I thought she was your sister.

Kiran: (laughing and thinking) he's going to get it from Anil.

Priya: (whispering to Arjun) You shouldn't have said that.

Arjun gulps

Anil: (serious) Kiran take Priya and her friend -

Manisha: (Knowing that Anil meant her completes Anil sentence) Manisha.

Anil: upstairs. I want to talk to these guys alone.

Kiran, Manisha and Priya starts to walk up the stairs. Priya turns around and see Anurag, Mitesh, and Arjun looking at her. She make's a sign meaning "you're dead". Anurag, Mitesh and Arjun gasp.

Anil: (back towards Priya) Priya go upstairs

Priya: (turning around) ok (she's runs up the stairs)

Priya, Kiran, and Manisha go into Priya room. Priya is searching and taking out her clothes. Manisha is in front of Priya dressing table. Kiran is combing thought Manisha hair with her hands.

Kiran: Manisha beta, can you help Priya ready.

Manisha: (Depress) Do you think Uncle will let Priya go with us.

Kiran: (laughing) He'll let Priya go. He just likes to scare them so they won't think of doing anything wrong. He doesn't trust anyone when it comes to Priya.

Priya: (smiling) Ok I'm going to take a shower. That give enough time for dad to scare them.

Manisha and Kiran laugh.

Kiran: I'll be back.

As Kiran walks across the room, Anurag, Mitesh, and Arjun were side by side leg spread, arms behind they backs, downstairs. Anil seating in front of them.

Anurag: Uncle we're not her boyfriend. We're just her friends. Why would we do that.

Anil: A boyfriend cheating a girlfriend is common. You can put together a heart which was broken by a boyfriend. But if a heart is broken by a friend it harder to put a heart together which was broken by a friend. Anyways, is someone missing cause this is small group. Isn't their suppose to be about three girls and about 4 to 5 guys in a group.

Mitesh: yeah, there's one more guy. Pritem. He's was going to come late to the club cause he is taking care of his baby sister.

Arjun: But uncle how did you know there was a extra one of us.

Anil: kyunki hum bhi kabhi tum thi (there's was a long pause. Scratching his head) that was a bad joke, right.

Anurag: Kind of

Mitesh: Just a little

Arjun: (laughing) yeah it was

Anil looks at Arjun like he was going to cause him pain. Arjun gets scared and looks down. Mitesh and Anurag try not to laugh.

Arjun: (thinking) God, plz save me before I say or do anything stupid.

Anil: (getting up and pacing in front of them) when I was around your age, when ever there you to be a group of friends there always been a one who got into fights or just had problems most of the time. second there is always a smart, pretty girl. Third a girl who is more appealing then the others. Forth a person who was like a brother or sister to everyone in the group. Fifth theirs is usually a couple of the group. Sixth, seventh, and eighth a flirtatious person, a comedian, and a motivated person. (loud) Arjun (Arjun jumps) are you listening.

Arjun: (scared) Yes! Yes sir I'm listening.

Mitesh and Anurag couldn't take it and started to laugh.

Anil: (serious) what was so funny. I like to hear a joke now and then.

Mitesh: nothing sir.

Anil: who's the first one of the group.

Anurag: That will be me. But I'm not a complete bad boy. It's I get mad very easier. Also,-

Anil: (cutting him off) did I ask why you might be the bad boy. I think I heard myself say WHO's the bad person in your group.

Anurag: Yes sir, that will be me.

Anil: Who's the smart girl and the beautiful girl?

Mitesh: That will be both Priya and Manisha.

Anil: who's the brother or sister of the group?

Arjun: That will be Mitesh. But I'm Manisha older brother.

Anil: Ok! Who's the couple.

Anurag: That will be me and Manisha.

Mitesh: (chuckling, continuing what Anurag said) and Arjun and Priya

Arjun: (shocked, surprised, scared, and jumpy. There's no word how Arjun feels right now. Talking to Mitesh) Do you want to get me killed.

Anil stops in front of Arjun and looks coldly into his eyes. Arjun palms get all sweaty. Mitesh and Anurag are laughing.

Anil: what do you mean? My daughter is not good enough for you.

Arjun: ( scared) No, she is perfect.

Anil: So you think u got a chance. Then let me tell you one thing (coming closer) -

Arjun see Kiran is coming down the stairs.

Arjun: (cutting of Anil) Aunty, (Anil turns around, everyone looks at Kiran) how are you? Is Priya ready

Kiran: I'm fine, are you ok, you don't look good. (to everyone) why are you standing, go sit.

Anil: (to Arjun) Bach Ke.

Kiran: (to Anil) what was that?

Anil: (smiling innocently) Nothingā€¦ I love you.

Kiran: (walking to them) Did Anil try to scare you? (stopping in front of Anil)

Anil is showing them the eye, meaning not to say anything.

Arjun: (after seeing Anil faces, Quickly) No, Aunty. He treated us like his kids.

Kiran looks back at Anil.

Anil: (smiling innocently again) I love you.

Kiran leaves to the kitchen. Anil looks back to the guys with a scary face, making Arjun jump.

Anil: Do you guys want me to get killed? You heard my wife, go sit or else.

Arjun runs and sits. Anurag and Mitesh sit.

Anil: Who know a lot about cars?

Mitesh: I know a little but Anurag knows more. His father owns a chain of Engineer shops.

Anil: really, Who's your father?

Anurag: Mr. Rajesh Kapoor

Anil: from the Kapoor car industry.

Anurag: Yeah! How did you know?

Manisha and Priya come down the stairs

Anil: Cause I just sign a five-year contract with your father, two days ago. But there's something I don't understand in the file.

Anurag: Maybe, I can help you.

Anil: right now. Don't you have to go to the club.

Anurag: It's ok I'll be late. and that will give me a chance to go home on my bike.

Anil: Ok (Anil gets up to get the file in the study)

Anurag: Mitesh take Arjun and Manisha with you to the club and I'll come with Priya. And then you drop them off and I'll drop Priya here. Ok?

Mitesh: Sure.

Manisha: (goes to kiss Anurag) Come quick.

Arjun, Mitesh, and Manisha leave. Anil comes out with the files. Anurag and Anil work on the file. Priya helps her mom in the kitchen. After finishing, Anurag gets up and goes to the kitchen,

Anurag: (leaning on the door) Priya, lets go.

Priya: (cleaning and wiping her hands) Ok! (to her mom) Bye mama. (kissing her on the cheek. Walking out of the kitchen) bye papa.

Anurag: Bye aunty, bye sir.

Priya and Anurag leave.

Kiran: (coming out of the kitchen) did I just hear sir, Don't tell me you did that with them also.

Anil: (smiling innocently) I love you

Kiran: you're sleeping on the couch. (going in the kitchen)

Anil: Come on why (going behind her)

Meanwhile, Outside. Anurag and Priya are ready to go.

Anurag: Ok hop on

Priya: You mean we're going on the bike.

Anurag: Yeah! Why there's a problem.

Priya: (scared) I never been on a bike before.

Anurag: (laughing) Don't worry, just sit on the back and hold on to me

Priya: but if I dead I'll kill you.

Anurag: (laughing) How would you kill me, if you're dead.

Priya: Don't worry! I'll ask god to give me 5 mins so I can find you and take you with me.

Anurag: (Smiling) Promise

Priya: (Smiling) Promise

Anurag: Ok can we go now. we're late.

Anurag and Priya get on the bike. While driving to the club. Priya hugged Anurag tighter when they curved. They reached the club.

Anurag: (getting off) You remember are bet.

Priya: (getting off also) yes

Anurag: (walking to the door) But we didn't pick a reward to the bet.

Priya: so what do you want it to be.

Anurag: (they stop at the door) You have to do one thing that I want.

Priya: Sure.

Anurag extends his arm. Priya and Anurag shake each others hand at the door.

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Had originally been posted on I'm starting from the start for the people whom have not read my story and have added some changes for the interest of the reader.

Episode 5

In The Club

The song Dus Bahaane is playing in the background. Mitesh and Pritem are next to each other.

Pritem: (Pointing with a glass in his hand) Hey Mitesh, isn't that Priya and Anurag.

Mitesh: (taking the glass away from his mouth) Where?

Pritem: (About to drink) Near the door

Mitesh: Yeah that's them. Why? What happen.

Pritem: I just saw Priya and Anurag shaking hands.

Mitesh: (about to drink) So

Pritem: Look as much as I know Anurag. He only shake hands with a person he just meet or a bet. He knew Priya, for like what, about 3 days. Why would he shake her hands now?

Priya and Anurag spot Mitesh and Pritem and walk towards them.

Mitesh: What are you trying to say? He made a bet with her?

Pritem: Yeah! And it's up to us to find out what it is.

Anurag and Priya are in front of them.

Anurag and Priya: Hey

Mitesh: Why did you guys take so long?

Priya: Where's Manisha?

Pritem: (putting his arm around Priya) Darling, Dear, sweety, why do you need to know where she is. When you got me.

Mitesh: (giggling) She's in the restroom.

Priya: (moving his arm, still next to him) Thanks so (picking up her leg and stomps on Arjun foot. Not knowing that he's behind them) MUCH!

Arjun: (yelling in Priya's ear) AHHHH! What's your problem.

Priya: (yelling) What's your problem? Do you want me to turn deaf?

Arjun: (mad) and what do you want to turn me crippled.

Mitesh, Pritem, and Anurag are laughing. Priya get mad and leaves.

Pritem: (to Anurag) What are you and Priya planning.

Anurag: (smirk) Don't worry you'll know very soon.

They all go to dance. Priya is walking into the bathroom.

Priya: Manisha! Manisha are you here

Manisha: Yeah! At the sink.

Priya walks towards Manisha.

Priya: What are you doing here and why is your shirt wet.

Manisha: Nothing Pritem spilled his drink on me. So I'm here to clean it up.

Priya: oh

Manisha goes to dry her shirt under the hand blow dryer.

Manisha: (after a few second) Hey why don't you come to my house we'll have a sleep over at my house tomorrow.

Priya: I don't know. Today the club and then a sleep over. My parents might say no.

Manisha: You mean the whole, 'you when out today and now you want to go to a sleep over at your friends house tomorrow. Then we'll go out every night', type of things parents say.

Priya: (nodding) Yup!

Manisha: Don't worry I'll talk to your parents.

Priya: (kind of mad, but normal tone) Why does everyone think that I can't talk to my parents just to get permission.

Manisha: No one said that.

Priya: Don't get me wrong. Anurag the other day said "if your afraid, that your parents will say no, don't worry. I talk to them" and now you'll ask them.

Manisha: Fine you ask. Now lets go, (Both are leaving the bathroom) Why did you guys take long?

Priya: Nothing? I got scared while driving with Anurag, that we stopped several times.

Manisha: oh! I felt the same way when I was first on his bike.

Manisha and Priya meet up with Anurag, Pritem, Arjun, and Mitesh.

Pritem: I found a table But it's the standing ones.

Manisha: Now I have to stand, Pritem you're giving me bad luck.

Anurag: Why? What happen.

Manisha: Pritem, spilled his drink on me.

Anurag: Again.

Manisha nodded

Pritem: Ok stop, blaming me and lets go stand (making faces at Manisha)

They all go to the table.

Anurag: Wait! Why are we standing, Why aren't we dancing?

Mitesh: Commissioner Pritem, Commander Arjun, and Officer Manisha wanted to eat something.

Arjun: Why you're not hungry?

Anurag: No, I ate something at Priya house.

Pritem: So how are my in-laws.

Priya doesn't pay attention.

Mitesh: They loving, caring, and trusting parents.

Pritem: Is her father a thrift?

Priya: (mad) What do you mean?

Pritem: Cause someone stole the stars from the sky and put them in your eyes

Priya tries to kick Pritem, but again hit's Arjun again.

Arjun: (holding his leg) What is your problem? You're always hitting me. Didn't I suffer enough, after talking with your dad.

Priya: No you haven't. Also, if you keep on standing or sitting next to Pritem, you might get kicked by me again.

Arjun looks at the side of him where Pritem is standing and then moves.

Mitesh: Don't worry I teach you how to kick. Just meet me in the school's gym in the morning tomorrow. Actually, we'll pick you up tomorrow morning and every morning after that.

Pritem: (confused) Arjun, what did you mean by, didn't I suffer enough. What happen at Priya's house.

Mitesh and Anurag explain to Pritem, Manisha and Priya what happen when they were there, while their were eating. All were laughing when they were listening to them. After telling the group everything.

Arjun: Ok, Now you know everything can we please go and dance.

Manisha: (grabbing Anurag arm) Sure lets go (pulling him)

Everyone leave except for Priya. Priya finds another table and goes to sit. Meanwhile, everyone is dancing, Mitesh and Arjun are both dancing with a girl. Pritem moves around the dance floor, looking for the perfect girl to dances with. Manisha and Anurag are dancing together. Manisha see Priya sitting alone.

Manisha: (still dancing) Anurag! Can you do me a favor.

Anurag: Anything

Manisha: Go dance with Priya

Anurag: (stop's dancing) What?

Manisha: (also stop's dancing) We invited Priya to come with us to dance, and if she not dancing, what is the point of her coming. She might not want to dance with Pritem, cause you know how he is. She wouldn't want to dance with Arjun, cause there were fighting since she came here and I think she'll feel uncomfortable dancing with Mitesh.

Anurag: But why would she feel comfortable dancing with me.

Manisha: (squeezing his cheeks, smiling) You have this attraction towards people.

Anurag: Ok fine! You owe me then.

Manisha: Fine

Anurag walks towards Priya. Manisha walks to the flirtatious Pritem, who still looking for a girl; and starts dancing with him. Anurag walks up to Priya and sits.

Anurag: (mad) What are you doing?

Priya: (confused) what do you mean?

Anurag: (really mad) why are you doing here in the club?

Priya: (kind of still confused) You guys invited me.

Anurag: (calming down to a mad) No! No we didn't. We didn't invite you to just sit here, we invited you to dance with us. And your just sitting here. No one is going to come here and ask you to dance.

Some guy comes up to Anurag and Priya.

Guys # 1: (to priya) Can I have a dance with you?

Anurag: (Before Priya can say anything, Really mad) Get lost! Can't you see I trying to make a point here.

Priya begins to laugh. Guy # 1 leaves. Priya extends her arm trying to call him back, to say sorry. Anurag without say anything, grabs her arm and pull her to the dance floor. Priya tries to pull her hands away.

Anurag: (at the dance floor, standing straight) ok now dance.

Priya: you know it will feel weird dancing in front of a person, who just standing there.

Anurag: Fine, I'll start (Anurag starts to dance, stop after a couple of seconds) Yeah! Your right it is weird. Ok will both start dancing on the count of three. One, two-

Priya: (cutting him off, feeling sad) no Anurag, look I know Manisha told you to dances with me. So why don't you go dances with her.

Anurag: (feeling really low) Sorry, but who are you going to dances with?

Priya: (feeling unwell) The person Manisha dancing with (looking at Pritem).

Anurag: (looking at Manisha, laughing, turning to look at Priya) Pritem! Are you sure?

Priya: (still felling unwell) I hope I'm. (walking to Pritem and Manisha) Manisha, go to dance with Anurag, I know what you did, don't say sorry its ok. (Pushing Manisha towards Anurag)

Manisha: (feeling low) then who will dance with Pritem?

Priya: (unwell) Me

Pritem gets happy, starts to dances, by himself

Manisha: (surprised) Are you sure?

Priya: (loud and smiling) Yes! Now go (pushing Manisha)

Manisha goes to Anurag

Pritem: (happy) I knew it, You love me.

Priya: (smirk) Shut up and lets dance.

Priya and Pritem starts to dance. Manisha and Anurag dance while talking to each other.

Anurag: (smiling) Priya is a really good friend don't you think?

Manisha: (smiling) Yeah, she is. God give a friend like that to everyone.

Both Anurag and Manisha look at Pritem and Priya dancing and having fun. Anurag and Manisha start to laugh at the way, Pritem and Priya were dancing. Priya phone rings. It was her parents.

Priya: (Stopping Pritem) Hold on its my parents I'll be back.

Priya picks up the phone and walks towards the door. Meanwhile, Anurag smirk seeing Priya leave. And walks towards Mitesh, Arjun, and Pritem leaving Manisha behind. Meanwhile Outside.

Priya: (On the phone) yeah Papa, what is it?

Anil: Look your mom and me are going to Agra and we won't be home for 3 days. Your Vijay uncle had invited us for his daughter Aisha wedding, but I forgot so, so he wants us to be there for there before she gets married. So your mom and me are leaving


Priya: Ok! Give them My Wishes. Tell Aisha I'll call her. Oh Yeah, Can I stay with Manisha while your away.

Anil: Sure, but no masti.

Priya: Tell mom I love her. Bye dad love you.

Anil: Love you. And have fun!

Priya cuts the phone. Looking at the phone.

Priya: (thinking) God, You know I love them. So plz don't let me do anything that might cause them problems or have to hear anything because of me.

Priya turns back and walks into the club.

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