WDT #9: Why didn't Hanuman save Mata Sita by defeating Ravana himself?

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Posted: a month ago


Hello all, 

This is the ninth weekly discussion topic in Mythological Masti forum. Here I'll post a topic (in the form of a question?) from our hindu mythology every week. Hoping to have some meaningful mythological discussions. 


Since mythology is considered a component of religion, and can be a sensitive topic for most people, with the characters often being revered, you must follow the rules of Mythological Masti Forum to maintain a peaceful atmosphere in our forum.


To celebrate this Hanuman Jayanti, as the title suggests, the topic of this week is:

Why didn't Bajrangbali Hanuman save Mata Sita himself, the same way Jatayu tried but failed, rather than waiting for Shri Ram to save her by defeating Lankapati Ravana, when he himself was very much capable to defeat him instead?


As we all know, Pawan Putra Hanuman was a Mahabali and thus very much capable to defeat Ravana himself. Ravana abducted Mata Sita, the wife of Shri Ram, only to satisfy his own lust, rather than to avenge his sister's humiliation.


The one who can set the whole of Ravana's Lanka on fire, the one who can lift a whole parvat/mountain by himself, the one who can cross the strait between India and Lanka in one leap, it's nothing impossible for the mighty Hanuman, who is an avatar of Mahadev Shiva himself, to punish Ravana for all his heinous deeds using his own powers and strength (bahubal)

But why did he wait for his prabhu, Shri Ram to do this honour of killing and punishing Ravana, when he could do that easily himself and this may reduce Mata Sita's sufferings faster? So what are those lessons which you learn from Bajrangbali, for following in your day-to-day life?


Share your views and engage in meaningful discussions with your fellow members. 

Here's wishing everyone a very happy Hanuman Jayanti.smiley31


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Posted: a month ago

Tagging and inviting our mytho lovers to participate in this week's WDT. 

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Posted: a month ago

Hanuman wanted to unite Sita and Ramji and offerred Sita to ride on his back. Sita refuses as she does not want to run away like a thief.Instead she wants her husband Rama to come and defeat Ravana to save her. So that she can return with dignity.

Pete15rogmourey thumbnail
Posted: a month ago

Even I've thought of this many times.....Hanuman does offer to rescue her but she refuses saying that Ram has to save her by defeating Ravan...

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Posted: a month ago

Because   bhrama already  written  that Ravan ki mrityu nar ke haaton ko hogi so  Hanuman  was not fully nar  that is why Hanuman  did not kill  ravan but raam kill ravan .

Phir bhrama ke likhe ka bhi apmaan hota  raavan was not kill by nar thst is raam

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Posted: a month ago

It's interesting topic and from what I knew sita wanted ram to punish ravan and Hanuman did not have agya of his Prabhu to kill ravan. Plus Brahma ji boon has to work 

RainOfDew thumbnail
Posted: a month ago

I think it is already mentioned in Ramayan that Hanumanji wanted to take Sita maa with himself but she refused as she didnt wanted Shri Ram to get insulted who couldnt save his wife, so she wanted him to come and defeat Ravan.

Also the purpose of Ram avtar to defeat Ravan and dharm sthapana in Treta Yug.

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Posted: a month ago

Hanuman had gone to find Sita though he did offer to rescue her but one reason i had read was that Hanuman though called her mata still he was par purush. Plus if she went with Hanuman whole purpose is lost and ramji ka avtaar was to finish ravan and his aatank and establish dharma..

Her dignity was in ram himself rescuing her and Hanuman as I mentioned had no agya from ramji.  And he also wanted ramji to do the right 

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Posted: a month ago

This is from VR

When Hanumana offered Sita to take her to Shri Rama ahe replied she couldn't go with him citing various reasons. First Rama's all hardwork would go wasted. Then she said if she went with him, she may fall in ocean out of fear and could be a food for sharks and other sea animals. Also there is risk for Hanumana with her going along, if both got caught then Ravana might take her to some other place where Rama and Lakshmana could never find her. Lastly it was inappropriate for her to touch a male other than her husband willingly, she explained she was helpless when Ravana abducted her by touching her forcefully. Also it would demean the effort and courage of Rama and Lakshmana as they had the right to kill Ravana and his relatives and take her back with dignity. 

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Life_Is_Dutiful thumbnail
Posted: a month ago

Lord Vishnu took the avatar of Ram to destroy Ravana. If Hanuman had rescued Sita then that purpose would have become weaker. Ram cannot attack Lanka and kill Ravana if Sita isn't present there that's why Sita told Hanuman she can't go with him as she wants the purpose of Ram avatar to be fulfilled.