WDT #7: Which nine qualities of Maa Durga you want to imbibe in life?

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Posted: 1 months ago


Hello all, 

This is the seventh weekly discussion topic in Mythological Masti forum. Here I'll post a topic (in the form of a question?) from our hindu mythology every week. Hoping to have some meaningful mythological discussions. 


Since mythology is considered a component of religion, and can be a sensitive topic for most people, with the characters often being revered, you must follow the rules of Mythological Masti Forum to maintain a peaceful atmosphere in our forum.


To celebrate this Chaitra Navaratri, as the title suggests, the topic of this week is:

What are the nine qualities of Maa Durga do you already have / you want to practice or imbibe within yourselves during this Chaitra Navaratri?


As we all know, Maa Durga is the true definition of strong woman power. As Mata Parvati, she had performed severe penance for several years to get Mahadev Shiva as her husband. This shows her strong will power and high patience level. As Maa Kali, she is the personification of real feminine energy who embodies the power of creation and destruction. She protects her children against all evil power. This defines her real fearless nature. Hence, the name of Dashabhuja Durga is associated with strength, protection, destruction and motherhood. 

Whenever we motivate someone (especially women) to be fearless and courageous, we mostly give them examples of Maa Durga, who is the epitome of real bravery and strength. It's always being said that women are forms of Dashabhuja Maa Durga, hence they can manage both household and workspace effortlessly, unlike men. That is why every women desires supportive husband like Mahadev Shiva who himself is the real example of ~ behind every successful woman (Maa Durga), there is a man (Mahadev Bholenath)". 


Share your views and engage in meaningful discussions with your fellow members. Here's wishing everyone a very happy Chaitra Navaratri.smiley31


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Posted: 1 months ago

Inviting all mytho lovers to participate in this week's WDT!

Posted: 1 months ago

Originally posted by: Quantum-Dot

Inviting all mytho lovers to participate in this week's WDT!

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Posted: 1 months ago

Interesting topic.

I feel that not just me but every woman in this world has different qualities of Devi Maa which come out during different situations. She's calm and composed, loving and caring in certain situations and sometimes aggressive again based on the circumstances. 

Wish you all a very Happy Chaitra Navratri!  

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Karma Warriors

Posted: 1 months ago

Very nice and thought-provoking topic Simi. smiley27

A woman is not only a human being, but she also represents Maa Durga in many aspects. Every woman should strive to find  Durga within her, which each one of us carries within us. Unfortunately, the problem is that we hardly realize it. We are powerful, courageous, strong, determined, dedicated, and incredible, just like Maa Durga.

A woman gives immense importance to peace, just like the goddess Maa Durga. Every woman plays a vital role in maintaining peace within the household and society as a whole. She embodies tenderness and beauty and is considered the true goddess of elegance and simplicity. Women are multi-tasking and play various roles in life, such as being a daughter, wife, mother, sister, and friend.

 She --in this context refers to creative ideas. Creative ideas are often seen as an illusion, a shadow, and the ultimate truth all at once.!! Women are the epitome of love, strength, beauty, courage, patience, forgiveness, fearlessness, kindness, intelligence, and everything. However, sometimes women neglect the inner Durga within themselves!! smiley19

While reading this post, I questioned myself, whether I possess these qualities?!  I gazed at my reflection and suddenly transformed, becoming a confident and self-assured woman. It felt as if Maa Durga was reminding me that I possessed some of her divine qualities, just like every woman does, you, me and every woman. smiley27This realization brought tears to my eyes and gave me the strength, courage, and willpower to face any challenge.

I have been thinking lately that I share some qualities with my mother. Like her, and like every woman I know, there is a trace of Maa Durga in all of us!!  Every woman has been blessed with 2 hands to perform 20 activities at once. Women are the backbone of every family, managing household chores, cooking, cleaning, taking care of children, working on their laptops or smartphones, and protecting their loved ones from negativity. They pray for their families, take care of family members, and maintain strong relationship with friends and relatives. It's impressive how women can accomplish numerous tasks with just two hands.smiley10

Women are like Divine power, fighting our own battles every day to protect ourselves from the male-dominated society's ego, different types of crime, ignorance, intolerance, discrimination, and injustice. 

Every woman faces injustice, dishonesty, and cruelty every day, which is like the Mahishasura demon. However, just like Maa Durga, women have been blessed with more than 20 weapons like love, honesty, patience, kindness, beauty, courage, self-confidence, and strong willpower. Every woman is like her divine mother, and it is time to realise the worth of the girl child and the value of a woman. We should try to see a part of Maa Durga in every woman and within ourselves!

Every girl is an embodiment of power, yet grounded, determined and dedicated, emotionally intelligent, strong and fearless, fierce and risk-taking, wise and successful. 

The word 'Durga' derives from the root word 'durgam' and represents fearlessness. If we remain steadfast in our convictions in the face of adversity, no matter how big or small it is, we can cultivate a powerful inner strength. The stronger we are within, the more fearless we appear to those around us. smiley4

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Posted: 1 months ago

Interesting topic.

I feel that every women have qualities of Maa Durga which we realise according to situation. 

Calmness, Loving, Anger yet she cant ignore her child, giving education, Confidence, Devotion, Courage and beauty

Happy Chaitra Navratri💚

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Posted: 1 months ago


Posted: 1 months ago

Thanks Subha, Rashi and especially Madi Di for enriching this thread with your well-articulated write up on this topic. Happy Chaitra Navaratri to all of you. smiley27smiley31

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Posted: 1 months ago

Interesting topic...

I guess, the qualities that Maa Durga combines lie dormant in every woman. Some of these characteristics are more pronounced in us, others are still undiscovered or unused. They often only emerge unconsciously in certain situations in life. These innate qualities within us are waiting to be awakened. However, external factors can prevent women from living out these qualities. They find themselves in oppressive relationships, working in toxic, male-dominated environments. Women are often very addicted to harmony and want to please everyone. In doing so, they sacrifice themselves in the family or at work to the point of giving up their own identity. They experience injustice or even violence on an almost daily basis.

This article has inspired me to think about the characteristics that I may have within me. I’ve actually developed some of these qualities in challenging life situations and they have helped me to find my way out of difficult situations on several occasions. I had to learn to stand up for myself and trust myself.

Maa Durga's qualities can guide us in everyday life to stand up for ourselves and our rights and to focus on our goals. They motivate us to fight against injustice and at the same time find a balance between serenity and courage in our daily lives.

Patience can help us to face challenges calmly and serenely, while compassion fosters connection with others and enables us to offer support, care and understanding. Humility allows us to be open to learning and growth and to respect others.

They give us the courage to overcome fears and self-doubt and overcome challenges. They inspire us to create new things and bring about change. They support us in living our true selves, freeing ourselves from limitations, recognizing and fully exploiting our creativity and talents.

Durga means "a fort" or "a place that is difficult to overrun," an apt metaphor for her protective, militant nature. Durga is sometimes referred as "the one who eliminates sufferings”. Let us reflect on our inner strengths, be courageous and perhaps even combative at times.

Posted: 1 months ago

Beautiful topic as always smiley31❤️

I am from UP, our family's kuldevi is Sheetla Mata. Whenever we buy anything new we would tie Mata's chundri to that for Mata Rani's blessing.

My dada ji always brags ki I am mata Rani bhakt and that's why I knew ki I will have sons only, I never understood it smiley36and then when I was born I was first granddaughter in the family and eldest as well and he was so happy and he bragged because I am mata Rani's bhakt she blessed our family with you smiley36never understood the contradiction either. 

Thankfully I was born in loving family where education and life values were given utmost importance. But yes the ladka ladki fark was always there not just from elder men but women as well thanks to society's thinking and situations.

I didn't faced any discrimination in society or family in an obvious way but the small thing like learning house chores because sasural mein jaake kya karogi, not talking in loud voice as ladkiyo ko shobha nahi deta, not arguing even if you're right because ladkiyo ka kaam hota hai shaanti banaye rakhana in samaaj. It pricks a lot. Of course I don't Just blame my elder family members for it because they're also concerned about me only ki what will society say about my daughter but it's still seems so unfair.

There's one movie Dil Bole Hadippa in which there's one scene where gaurd scolds Rani Mukherjee for coming in men's cricket team selection saying ladkiyon ne bat utha liya to ladko ko chulha chauka chalana padega, but then one Mata's palki was passing by and he joined his hands to offer prayer, Rani Mukherjee seeing this said ki jise murti banakr poojte ho use hi insaan banakar dhutkaarte ho. That line was so Deep and correctly described all the problems.

My mother manages household and works. She has immense energy in her that even I don't have as a matter of fact. For me she's the epitome of tolerance love. Like already many in this post stated ki women are expected to tolerate to maintain the peace my mother always says the same thing to me. She always says pariwaar ko saath leke chalna hai, aur wo humara as in women ka kaam hota hai. I never get that logic but I always wanted to be like her who herself takes responsibility of there surrounding.

I don't know if I would ever tolerate bad things to maintain peace but I will try my best choose the right way and would always try to choose the way whose end result is better for society. Mata Rani didn't just do asur sanghar in her Kaali Roop , all her roop is present around us in material from or as energy. Everyone can feel that, the feminine energy is in the tears, its in the smiles and laughter, it's in the air you breathe, its in the sound of universe ❤️ 

I don't care what society expects from me but I do want to be an annapurna, an ardhangini, an asur sanghaarini just because I can and I hope one day I will ❤️

I love listening mata Rani bhajan and pachra in bhojpuri, listing some of my favs here, if anyone interested they can listen, they're beautiful 

1. Nimiya ki Daar Maiya 

2. Kavne yogyata pe khush 

3. Baadi Sher pe Sawar 

4. Sheetla Bhawani he maiya 

5. Vindhyachal mandir mein hola

6. Main balak tu mata (Hindi)