Teri Meri Doriyaann Episode Discussion Thread - 61 [DT Nt-p-89]

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Posted: 1 months ago

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Posted: 1 months ago

EDT & TMD Forum Rules as laid down by the TMD Dev Team.

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Posted: 1 months ago

Hii everyone smiley1

I am new to this forum.

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Posted: 1 months ago

Originally posted by: Butterflyy

Hii everyone smiley1

I am new to this forum.

Alooooo! Welcome🎉

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Posted: 1 months ago

After today's episode I wanted to say only one thing... Sahiba should not only put Diljeet's name as father's name in BC but she should also change mother's name in BC as Diljeet Singh Panesar... seriously bacche ka baap aur maa donon hi Diljeet lag raha hai...sahiba ka toh koi role hi nahi hai bacche ki zindagi mein..bas wall paper hai.. Diljeet Sahiba ko bacche se kuch bolne hi nahi deta...bas yeh jatata rahta hai ki woh deal kar lega...bas apne aur Akir ka bond proclaim karne ke bahane dundtha rehta hai...Diljit ko lagta hai ki woh kid ko influence kar sakta hai, uska dhyaan bhatka sakta hai, usko samjha sakta hai and all... But the realty is he is unsuccessful in handling the kid... Bacha ek dam bigda hua hai.. precap mein phir baccha kissi ko bataye bina bhag gaya...do chamat pehli baar lagate toh dusri baar bina bataye nahi bhagta...

Episode was better than usual though 70% of the episode was again dedicated to Akeer n Akeer ke Papa bonding....Thoda hi Sahi par saare characters ka point of view dikhaya...

Sahiba woh kya bol rahi thi ki Diljeet ne kissi se maar peet nahi ki jab Akeer nahi mil raha tha...Arre Diljeet toh school walon ko peetne ja raha tha aur duniya ko aag lagane jaa raha tha ( jab ki school walon ki kya galti hai ki yeh khud ke bacche ko nahi sambhal paaye) ..woh toh Sahiba ne rok liya usko..

Yeh Akeer ke Papa jaap kab band karegi Sahiba...?? Mein pak gayi hun sun sun ke...Are they trying to show that Sahiba is falling for Diljeet ? ( Akeer ke Papa, Akeer ke papa karte karte) 

Mujhe yeh samajh mein nahi aaya ki Akeer mummy papa ke beech mein sona chahta tha toh inko problem kyon ho rahi thi? Eisa kyon dikhaya ki Akeer ko alag sulana chahte hain aur yeh donon sath mein sona chahte hain? Kuch samajh mein nahi aaya? Aur woh Biji ka expression kya tha? 

Scene of Angad n Simran was really nice... both acted really well.. thank God makers showed that Angad is remorseful for hitting Diljeet..small mercies 

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Posted: 1 months ago

Originally posted by: arshia1994

I find it absurd that people keep comparing this show to Yeh Rishta . I watched the show until Kaira were part of it. Though the show eventually got monotonous, it cannot be compared to this one in any way whatsoever. The reason the show is still on air is because there were a lot of parties, romance, and successful leaps. The parallel couples were also wonderful, especially Keerti and Naksh. I am not possessive about daily soaps I watch, but comparing this to that is insulting to the creators of that show.

Well, we can't do much can we, if the makers themselves cut a chunk of Gen 3 and paste it here.. And then make small changes here and there? Copy paste bhi dung se nahi kiya... 🥺. I for one was mostly saying the R show was much much better. 

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Posted: 1 months ago

So TRP reduced to 1.5...I am happy that it did not connect with TRP audience as well...

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Team Neutral

Posted: 1 months ago

Originally posted by: DramaQueen101

So TRP reduced to 1.5...I am happy that it did not connect with TRP audience as well...

this was for only 3 epi post leap ...next 4th April ko full week post leap ka trp bhi ana hai I hope it falls even more 

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Posted: 1 months ago

Trp audience rejected already sahiba diljeet akeer it hugely fall down not because of ipl yrrkh cast and amazing actors jay pranali harshad portrayed it and it was connected to audience abhimanyu redeemed before leap akshara strong and educated after that but there ruhi abhimanyu bond was unique parallel lead arohi kairav strongly written here people not accept kerry too as per trp makers should change storyline soon if they taken ghkkpm sai was independent strong her bond with savi was unbroken here why they are not showing sahiba akeer bond honestly telling there pakhi vinayak relation also good tmd they are just forcing to diljeet akeer

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Posted: 1 months ago

Just realized trp went from 1.9 to 1.5 in 3 weeks. Aur ab tak ipl ka impact bhi nahi aaya. Ab bas agle week 1.5 se  1.3 chala jaaye aur show par permanent taala lag jaaye. 

Waise ek cheez se trp restore ho sakti hai thodi si. Let Diljeet get obsessed with Sahiba and threaten her life, Angad as usual rescue mission, Akir ko gayab kardo jaise itne bachho ko kiya ab tak aur phir se divorce khel start karo.

Yeh Angad vs Diljeet over Akir with Sahiba as referee and Simran as Seerat lite will take trp to 0.9. 

But itni akal kahan hai cvs main. Woh aur dooba denge which they absolutely deserve. I am happy all their stupid decisions have done irreversible damage on ratings. Ek mahine main show ka end likh diya. 

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