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Posted: 8 days ago
Originally posted by tellytalks

manish goenka is the biggest chichora in dkp verse 

manish goenka pehle naira ke peeche pagal tha or ab abheera ke peeche pagal hai 


Posted: 8 days ago

The man seriously needs help... Can someone take him to a psychiatrist? He needs medication for hallucination and obsession

Posted: 8 days ago
Originally posted by STPrincess

Yes, this scene! Saw this and turned it off. Anuj went smiley29smiley11smiley5

We used to make fun of him and say Anu ke naam ki mala japta hai, today he literally did that, topper up with some bad overacting by both actors, the scene was seriously Cringe!

Posted: 8 days ago

We all know the serial is crap but what is up with these amateurish dialogues?

Matlab kaunse 40+ and 50+ year olds aise baat karte hai? 

One is way too attached to his so called college infatuation and keeps repeating same old sentences again and again

Another keeps on babbling nonsense about rishtey, zimmedari and what not and makes no sense at all

Dear DKP please go see Sony's Beyhad and Beyhad 2 and learn to write some mature dialogues. Or hire back the writer who used to write OG Anuj's shayari 

At least have your characters sound their age even if they never actually act their age.

They're both completely unwatchable these days.

Posted: 8 days ago

Hehe bullet train. She is really over acting ki dukan. 

Posted: 8 days ago

I feel second hand embarrassment on behalf of GK pankhis out there.
May his acting chops rest in peace šŸ˜ž


Guess I should cut him some slack cause conveying some emotions are beyond human capabilitiesā€¦ the desperation to be with the narcissistic one šŸ¤¢

Edited by Arshi67 - 8 days ago
Posted: 8 days ago

Thanks for the update.   With this storyline, counselling is required for all this trauma. 

Posted: 8 days ago

I know after this people will say that I am age shaming or that the people of this generation are ill-mannered. But please, there are some things which are not suitable when you reach a certainage. I mean, it doesn't look good, there are certain things we should do according to our age. Like when 8-9 year old kids suddenly start talking like20-25 year olds, it makes us angry. Similarly, when people over 50 suddenly behave like girls and boys in their 20s, it feels very strange.  So I apologize in advance, my intention is not to hurt any age group, also I am not misbehaving, I am just keeping my point.


And those two creating a scene standing on the road was seriously very bad. Pardon me, but it felt like those two oldies have gone mad.  agar Hindi mei bole toh aaisa lag raha tha jaise boodha boodhi sathiya gae hain.


Was Anuj hit on the head by a coconut, or did he fall on his head 3-4 times by himself? I mean, he was just left withholding the prayer beads, bas mala hi pakadna baaki tha, he literally started chanting 'Anu Anu Anu.'


And on the other side, how Anupama suddenly started running on the road, it felt like she needed to pee urgently, I mean aaise jaise usko susu aai ho, yaa peeche janvar chod diya ho kisine. She came to America to work, and here, leaving her work, the makers have shown everything.


Firstly,breaking up at their age of 50+, heartbreaks, falling in love again, doing such madness, it feels like they are talking about my college friends.  humare college mei aaisi cheezen hoti hain, like who broke up when and with whom, they have turned the gossip topics of college students and their stories into the life of an old couple. They are over 50 and doing such drama, how weird is that, they don't even realize.


Moreover, they are talking about getting married as if getting married was as simple as making halwa, thought and it's done, halwa bhi sochne se nahi banta, usme bhi mehnat lagti hai. Hey, look at which stage of life you guys have reached, do you guys feelgood about all this?. I am not joking, seriously it's too much, who will watch all this and why?

When Anupama got married again after the vanraj thing, it didn't feel so weird except those cringe scenes, but at least they wanted to complete each other, Anuj loved Anupama and had been waiting for her for 25 years, Anupama was also in a bad marriage, so both deserved the second chance. But now, what's this, just stop it.  itni baar kaun se boodhe log alag hote aur milte hain.

If you are making this show in India toh at least keep the plot according to that only naa, kya kisine bhi dekha hai apne dada aur dadi ko aaise sab karte hue

I haven't even watched the whole episode, just saw a couple of clips and it was so pointless, especially that 'Anu Anu' chant.


Posted: 8 days ago

I sincerely believe the writers are now nibba nibbi and are making the actors also act as nibba nibbi for the sake of garnering trp whose audience is probably also the same !!??

I've lost all hope from ITV. Time to switch completely to OTT and some sane drama.

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