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Posted: 5 months ago

Kunal found himself engrossed in finalizing a crucial deal, seeking Vandu's perspective on a song that could potentially seal the contract. He noticed her at her desk completely absorbed in what seemed like research. Her graceful movements captured his attention, a momentary distraction from the pressing matters at hand.

"Vandu, I need your input on this track," Kunal called out, approaching her at her desk with a sense of urgency.

She rose from her desk drawn by the gentle yet commanding tone of his voice. "Of course, Kunal. I'm ready,” said Vandu with a warm smile gracing her face.

As Kunal explained the significance of the song, he noticed her curiosity about the AirPods he placed in her hand. Vandu nervously fidgeted with the device. She had never used such gadgets before, and the prospect of navigating this modern technology was daunting. Kunal stood in front of her, patient and encouraging, eager for her input.

"Have you used these before?" he asked, gesturing towards the sleek white earpieces. 

Vandu's cheeks flushed slightly. "Actually, no. I've never tried them."

With a smile, Kunal gently grabbed the AirPods from her. "Here, let me show you. It's simple."

Positioning himself behind her, Kunal delicately gathered her hair, pulling it to one side and draping it across her opposite shoulder. His fingers brushed her earlobe after gently placing the AirPod in her ear. Vandu's breath hitched at the unexpected touch, her heart rate quickening as she felt his proximity. His closeness was both unsettling and strangely exhilarating.

He repeated the gesture on the other side. She could sense the warmth of his body as he leaned in slightly pulling her hair away, letting it fall gracefully across her shoulder. His breath grazed the nape of her neck, sending an inexplicable shiver down her spine as he guided the second AirPod into her other ear. His subtle scent enveloped her senses, intensifying the magnetic pull she felt towards him.

With the AirPods nestled in her ears, Kunal tapped on his phone, a soft, romantic melody filling the space around her. Vandu closed her eyes, allowing herself to be enveloped by the music. She saw herself and Kunal dancing, moving gracefully in perfect harmony to the romantic tune, their bodies swaying to a rhythm that seemed to bind them together.

Amidst her daydream, Kunal watched her reaction closely, observing the way her features softened and her lips curled into a faint smile. He noted the serene beauty that radiated from her when lost in the music. Her love for the melody was evident in the way she surrendered herself to the song, and he found himself appreciating her passion for music more than ever before. In that moment, he sensed a shared intimacy in the air, the music serving as a conduit for their growing connection.

Still lost in the moment, Vandu's mind drifted into a realm where the song intertwined with thoughts of their evolving relationship. Her heart fluttered as the song's lyrics seemed to mirror the unspoken emotions she harbored for Kunal.

However, as the song reached its crescendo, Kunal abruptly stopped the melody playing on his device. Vandu's daydream shattered, she found herself face-to-face with Kunal gazing at her with a softness that mirrored her own feelings.

With a gentle smile, Kunal broke the serene moment. "What do you think?"

Vandu took a moment to gather her thoughts, her eyes flickering with a hint of introspection as she attempted to articulate her feelings through the lens of the song.

"It's... it's beautiful," she began, her voice carrying a subtle tremor, betraying the emotions swirling within her. "The way the singer conveys each emotion through their voice—it's captivating. The subtle piano accompaniment adds depth. And then there's the gradual build-up of strings, enhancing the emotions conveyed in the lyrics. The blend of vocals and instruments creates this beautiful synergy that speaks to the heart."

She paused, her gaze locking with Kunal's. Her eyes held a silent plea, a hint of something unspoken lingering in the air—a confession that hovered between them, waiting to be acknowledged but not yet ready to be spoken aloud. "The song tells a story—a journey of emotions. It starts with a soft vulnerability, hesitant yet hopeful."

Suddenly self-conscious, Vandu realized she might have gone on for too long. Her appreciation for the track unintentionally drifted into the realm of their relationship. It created an awkward tension, leaving her feeling exposed.

To her surprise, Kunal's response was unexpected. "I thought the same thing," he murmured softly before Bobby interrupted their shared moment.

"Kunal, sorry to interrupt, but we've got an investor that will be here in five minutes for the meeting," Bobby interjected, his voice pulling them back to reality.

Kunal and Vandu exchanged a quick, almost startled glance, a shared sense of reluctance to break away from the tender moment they had just shared. With a nod, Kunal composed himself, swiftly transitioning back into his professional demeanor.

"Of course, Bobby," Kunal replied, his voice betraying a hint of regret at the interruption as he reluctantly left the room.

As Kunal left, his final words to Vandu hung in the air, and she felt a surge of assurance wash over her. Despite the awkwardness, she realized that whatever was happening between them wasn't one-sided; it was a shared experience. A subtle smile tugged at the corners of her lips, reassured by the mutual understanding they had stumbled upon amidst the melodic intimacy of the song. 

In the following days, Vandu arrived at the office early one morning to find a neatly wrapped box adorned with a bow placed delicately in the center of her desk. Attached to it was a small, yellow post-it note with Kunal's distinctive handwriting.

"For Vandu," it read, accompanied by a simple smiley face.

Curiosity mingled with a hint of apprehension as she carefully unwrapped the package, revealing a sleek case holding a pair of AirPods. A flutter of emotions surged within her, unsure of how to interpret this gesture after their recent intimate but awkward moment.

Her fingers traced the contours of the case, feeling the smoothness of the material. The yellow post-it note, a simple yet genuine gesture prompted a soft smile from Vandu. It was a gift small in size, yet it held the promise of shared moments and a connection that seemed to deepen with each passing day—the melody of their relationship continuing to play, one romantic note at a time.

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Posted: 5 months ago

Loved it... Hope they show something similar as music connects them.. I started watching this show as promo showed music as backdrop of story along with two individuals connecting thru music.. I was disappointed when story deviated to child custody and all... now that the story is back to its original plot, hope they show some scenes like this building their relationship forward..write more of such scenes👏👌..The portrayal of innocent yet sensual love by these two matured individuals make it want for more.. hope the trip increases and the original plot stays 🤞🤞...

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Posted: 5 months ago

oooooh, LOVED it!!!! ..i would sooo love for this to happen!! ..they should really give us scenes of them connecting thru music ...there was a short one in the car, where both found the songs awkward ...so yeah!!! here's hoping for many such scenes in the future! Beautiful writing! I wish the writers see this!!

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Posted: 5 months ago

Wow 👌 👏 😍 

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Posted: 5 months ago

Very nice ! 

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Posted: 5 months ago

Thank you! I’m hoping the story will go back to its original plot as well and have the two connect through music. 

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Posted: 5 months ago

Thank you! You’re too kind. 

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Posted: 5 months ago

Thank you!

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Posted: 5 months ago

Thank you so much! 

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Posted: 5 months ago

Theirs heartstrings were supposed to present a grand opera but the serial sadly is still stuck on idle mundane happenings.

But, i especially loved vandu's opinion towards the music. Your use of english is far too exceptional!!