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KuVan OS Compilations (13 dec UPDATED-|His Lips|)

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Seething, he watched her make rounds with that scum.

'Fine! Destroy yourself!' He was tempted to see her fall into ruins now. He had tried so bloody hard to make her see reason. But NO! Madam ko mera Vaibhav karne se fursat kahan thi.

He folded his arms across his chest. Fine. Karlo shadi. And then one day, when you will discover his truth, you will have none but yourself to blame.

However, his dour expression fell, as he saw her smile. What if she remained as clueless? What if they continued to fool her? What if she would spend her entire life being walked on? What if....

Worry made its return and Kunal straightened up, his fingers now twiddling in discomfort.

He had failed to give her evidence. Expecting her to believe a man who had literally made her life hell, hardly made sense. But then, what was he supposed to do?

"Vadhu aage aa jaiye ab", As panditji proclaimed, Kunal's restlessness increased. If only he had more time.  

He dragged his hand over his face, trying to come up with something. Anything to buy some time.

Another phera completed. The knot in his stomach tightened. 

'Kese? Kese roku iss shadi ko?' He tapped his feet impatiently now, looking around for an idea. 

And it was then, his gaze found Vaibhav. And his fingers itched. His jaw tightened as he recalled his cheap transgressions.

Vaibhav smiled. 

Kunal's fingers fisted. 

Bas thoda time.

Vaibhav looked at Mrunal. 

Veins surfaced in Kunal's arms. 

Mrunal winked. 

Kunal rotated and re-rotated his wrist.

Kahan se lau time.

And as Vandana's gaze met his briefly, Kunal let go of the breath he was holding.

"F*ck it!" He cursed under his breath, and in a flash, stepped into the mandap and socked Vaibhav in the jaw with full force.

Hands were thrown. Gasps and shouts echoed. But Kunal focussed.

Vaibhav's nose dripped red. His vision blurred. And no sooner did he fall to the floor in a heap, unconscious.

And then, Kunal laughed, while Bobby, Hemant and others apprehended him.

Vandana cried, patting Vaibhav desperately and then turned to glare at him. 

Full of despise.

Kunal still smiled triumphantly. There now. He had it.


|Trap| -

So this was a little something that came to me after watching today's episode. And yes, this makes it the second update where I am absolutely hell bent on putting Vaibhav and Mrunal in pain. Honestly, its disturbing seeing them get away with fooling Vandana. And so I can't wait another 100 episodes for the reveal. Hell No!

Well, I hope you will enjoy. Do give your views.

And thank you for your time


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Posted: 6 months ago

Kunal punching Vaibhav is something I would take ANYDAY! I am so curious to see what will they show us smiley12

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Posted: 6 months ago
This content was originally posted by: aatiii

Kunal punching Vaibhav is something I would take ANYDAY! I am so curious to see what will they show us smiley12

Same samesmiley36

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Posted: 6 months ago


"They have preponed the marriage"

"What?! have to tell your father!"

"I can't !"

"You can't be thinking of marrying him!"

"No, of course not but..."

"No BUT. You listen to me", And a strong arm pulled a very nervously fretting woman into his arms, "Tum meri ho. Vandana, Kunal ki hai!"

She coloured. He was way too intense. "I won't leave you. I promise. But we have to find a way", she patted his chest to calm him, as he nodded and allowed her to pull away from him.

"Tell your father about us. I will marry you in that very mandap".

She shook her head, "Don't be daft. I don't know how Baba will take the news. And Vaibhav's aai, oh god, she will go mad. Also, your father wouldn't be happy about the surprise either".

"Let papa be, he will come around once he will realize you are not like Sonia. But, what should we do then?"

"I don't know. Poor Vaibhav, he had been such a good friend. He will feel so cheated!" Kunal scoffed then, remembering spotting the man in a cafe with another woman. But he didn't bother with it, for Vandana was his anyway.

'But now', the wheels in his head turned. Revealing Vaibhav's debauchery seemed the way to breaking this marriage without having to reveal his and Vandana's love.


The next evening Kunal stared at the scene in front baffled. Dear god, Mrunal and Vaibhav!

Discreetly, he took a few clicks and then shook his head. He had never liked the girl anyway. And she was coveting her sister's fiancée. Not done. He couldn't stand Vandana being deceived. He was going to expose these two philanderers. And so, he made a phone call and decided to put a tail on the two to collect evidence of their 'oh so torrid' affair.


It was Mehendi today, and as disgusted Kunal was to see the two liaison in the kitchen, he made sure to capture the video and add it to the list, his hired hand had compiled. And as he turned to go back to the function, he was pulled to a corner by Hemant and Anagha and was absolutely irate to learn that they knew of this, and still wanted Vandana to get married to the trash. And their excuse was, her father's health. But unlike them, he neither had plans to lose Vandana nor put her father in a state of mortal peril.

However, his soliloquy was interrupted, when he heard Vandana shriek, and he rushed to her aid to find her hand burning from mehendi. Mehendi was supposed to soothe burns and not the other way round! But then he saw Mrunal smile in glee, and barely controlled the urge to throttle her. Despicable woman! Grabbing Vandana's hand then, he pushed them into a water bowl and rubbed it all off. Her tears of pain pricked his heart and Kunal swore, he will ruin Mrunal. No one got away with hurting his lover. No one. And he had just the plan.


As he had been told, Mrunal had forever coveted what Vandana desired. To her, Vaibhav was a mere toy, that she will dump once she will realize that the man Vandana fancies, is not him.

Kunal grinned devilishly. He was going to tear the two apart.

"Stop with the shady smile!" Vandana remarked swatting his shoulder as she stepped up onto the porch, to stand by his side. He beamed at her in response, and she melted. It was then he spotted his target entering their line of sight, and as his eyes briefly noticed hers finding them, he pulled Vandana behind a tree.

Vandana panicked, "Kunal what are--"

He squeezed her hands in assurance and asked, "Do you trust me?"

"Yes but..."

"Toh suno, Mrunal is coming this way, and she is going to see us together".

"No! I told you we can't have--

Her words of resistance were however muffled as he pulled her into his embrace and nuzzled his nose into her neck. Her breathing hitched despite the protest, and he couldn't help his feelings as they tumbled past his lips. "I love you, Vandana"

"So do I, Kunal" she replied, and as they heard the shaking of nearby bush, the two pretended to jump apart and look alarmingly for the source of noise.

And true to Kunal's words, she saw Mrunal rushing into the house.

"She will tell everyone Kunal!" Vandana complained and Kunal smirked, "She will not Vandana. And I want you to keep your eyes peeled and observe what your sister will do".

She was confused but nodded nonetheless. He had a plan whose details he couldn't reveal. But she trusted him. She loved him.


Vandana observed Mrunal on the day of Haldi, and had she not known any better, she could have mistaken Vandana's advances as her genuine interest in Kunal. But then, just the previous night, she had seen Vandana and Kunal together, and NOW, she was chasing the man she knew her sister liked. Vandana couldn't believe it. And funnily enough, Mrunal hadn't spared Vaibhav a single glance because usually, she made it a point to jump between her and Vaibhav, at every opportunity.

This and that aside though, Vandana fumed. Kunal was indeed having gala time, flirting with her sister. He wasn't the only one with a copyright on her. She had all the intellectual property rights on him too! And so, she went ahead, and by mistake, spilled the fruit punch on his very favorite sherwani. Kunal bothered to glower in reply, but she just shrugged her shoulders and went off.

And by the time evening descended, Vandana realised that Mrunal wasn't going to tell anyone. Because, getting Vandana married to Vaibhav would clear her road to Kunal. And Kunal was able to see what he had wanted. A furious Vaibhav had questioned Mrunal and unabashed, she had shirked him off for he was history and she was eyeing someone else.

He had all the pieces in place now. And tomorrow, he was going roll the die.


Vaibhav's over eagerness wasn't lost on Vandana as he showered her with all his attention. Suspicious it was but she couldn't care less of him. She just hoped that Kunal would rescue her from this farce.

And he did.  Interrupting the pandit, as the mantra enchantment began, he suavely sauntered into the mandap, untied their gathbandhan and proclaimed for all to hear, "This wedding will not happen, for Vaibhav is cheating on Vandana".

Vandana was shocked by the revelation. Wasn't it her who had cheated on him though?

Her doubts were all quelled however, as Kunal played a video on his phone and she saw Vaibhav in compromising position with her sister.

Vandana's father was furious as he limped towards Vaibhav and held him by collar, "How dare you!"

Vaibhav sputtered but apologised. "Main..behek gaya tha but, its her...Mrunal, this girl came onto me. Because she wanted what her Vandu tai wanted. But I have realized my mistake and I apologize. I will always be faithful to Vandana".

Vijay didn't need to hear to Vaibhav for he knew Mrunal well and had seen enough. "Get out of my house, Mrunal. To think you deceived your sister, by going after her fiancée".

Mrunal laughed then, incredulously. "What fiancé! What deception! Dhokha toh tai ne diya hai. Because, she is having an affair with her boss, with her Kunal sir".

Vandana barely masked her shock but Kunal clapped at that, unimpressed. "What a story! Pray tell, when did that happen?"

Mrunal smirked, "I saw you two on the night of Mehendi, in a very intimate position".

Vandana's eyes narrowed. They had simply hugged!

Kunal nodded, pretending exclamation. "Ok, so considering your story is true, why did you not tell others about it before?" His lips twitched, "Why reveal it only now?"

Mrunal sputtered at his query and scrambled for excuses, "Because...because tai deserved better. And I just...thought that whatever it was, would end with marriage".

"Oh!" It was Vandana's turn to feign surprise "That's why you are in these photos with the 'better' I deserved right? Must be making sure, that he functions well? Nhi, Mrunal?".

Cornered, Mrunal shouted, "I..I am telling you, Vandana and Kunal are deceiving you all. They have planned this. They are having an affair!!" Kunal grinned. She was trapped. "Ohk, so, as I and your tai are, as you said, having an affair, you though it fit to flirt with me? Ah, must be assessing my character, right?" 

", vahi...main bas tai..tai ke lie-- 

"Oh, just SHUT UP!" Kunal bellowed exasperated. " Doesn't this ring a bell? Vandana liked Vaibhav, so you go after him. Vandana supposedly likes me, so you come after me. this, Mrunal? A fishing competition?"

And Mrunal was decimated. She had cut her ties with Vaibhav. Her baba had ousted her. She was finished.

Vandana turned to her father as Mrunal crumpled to the ground, and addressed him, "Baba, I will do what you want. I will marry Vaibhav if you want me to".

"You will not", Vijay stated, and levelling Vaibhav with a glare asked him to get out. And as he did, Vijay stumbled, overcome with pain and rage, at his own weakness, that had pushed her daughter to sacrifice herself. Was his daughter going to be left all alone? Once again!

"Uncle, if you agree..." Kunal stepped forward then, hesitant, his eyes darting between Vandana and Vijay. "That is, only if you are ok with it, I-I would like to m-marry Vandana". Vijay would have been shocked before, but from what he had seen, there was no reason to. He knew, but he still asked, "Why?".

 They had an audience. Complete truth wasn't an option now. Maybe some other day, but not today. "Because our personalities complement each other. Because she is responsible, trustworthy and I can depend on her. Because she deserves best. And so do I".

 Vijay looked at his Vandu, and she barely managed to school her delight. He smiled. Love, it was. "You have my blessings, "But, your family?"

"My didi is here, and my father and bua will come around one day".

Having said that, he stepped towards Vandana, stretched out his hand to clasp hers and mouthed, "Love you, forever".

"And ever".

Have a great reading time!


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Posted: 6 months ago

I NEED to gather my thoughts for this one, because you just turned the tables. I was not expecting this! oh but how good was it. Kunal and Vandana being in love and sneaking around to Kunal proving Vaibhav's infidelity at the right moment.

I absolutely loved reading this, nish yarr write more and more. I am going to depend on your stories more than the drama for the time being smiley14

at least somewhere we get kunal and vandu's romance xD

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Posted: 4 months ago

|For You|

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So, this OS is absolutely lacking on Vitamin R for romance, but its brimming with protein SR, for Self Respect. I started writing this post Kunal's accusation of Vandana using Tara to get to him, and finished writing it yesterday only. Kunal these days is cute and all, but I absolutely stan our FL prioritizing her dreams before any handsome man, any day. So, if you like this part, do share your views because girlpower rocks!

|Takin Back|

For the first time in her life, she had been branded a social climber.

A gold digger.

By a man, who she had thought was her savior.

How wrong she was, though!

A little goading from his ex was all it took him to question her character.


Vandana shook her head, leaning it back against the headboard. The man had never been a friend. She reminded herself, what she had pushed to the back of her mind.


He could hate her voice and still be decent about it. Honesty didn't warrant rudeness. He had disrespected her the first time they had met. He had compared her voice to a bus's horn!

Vandana scoffed as she felt irritation grate on her nerves. Oh, how she had not allowed herself to entertain profanities anymore, once he had become her boss.

Forced boss. Forced by the situations the very man had created.

Disrespect aside, the humiliation he had put her through when he had made her write the contract...he had repeated the same motion today! How dare he!

He could have hell lot of money, but that hardly made him desirable! A man who respected woman, at all costs was far more desirable compared to a man who used weaker people as punching bags.

Kunal Malhotra had truly crossed all limits today.

He lost all reason when it came to two people- his father and Sonia. He believed he was all seeing when in reality, he was blindfolded.

The man was unapologetic! She should not have helped him that eve of diwali. Neither would have Mrunal recorded a misguiding video nor would she have been manhandled by him. He had never apologized for his transgressions really. Yes, he had been helpful on occasions but that didn't absolve him of the mistreatment he had put her through.


"Fine! If that's what he wants!" Vandana sat straight, determined. Determined to not be in the man's vicinity any more than needed. Determined to find a way out of Kanak records.

The next few days, Vandana functioned with absolute professionalism. She was there, yet she wasn't. And her urge to get out of Kanak only strengthened the past week, as Kunal's relative Simmi continued to make crude remarks at her. But she simply ignored the woman for her energy needed to be invested in one direction only. Towards her dreams.

In between performing her tasks as P.A, Vandana kept auditioning with various labels. Occasionally Kunal would ignore her erratic disappearance and usually reward her with scathing remarks. And frankly, she couldn't bother with him anymore. 

It wasn't easy though; most labels were reluctant to have her. Therefore, following shivam's lecture regarding exploding popularity of content creators on Instagram, Vandana had made herself an account, and with Shivam's help, she had posted three reels in the past two weeks. Social media was a dicey place. With likes, she had also received a lot of unsavory DMs. She only hoped that she could catch a label's interest and receive an offer. An offer that would get her out of Kanak records at the earliest.

And a month and half later, good news came. She received a call; from the last person she would've thought of.


Indraneil still couldn't accept the fact that he had lost the sponsorship to Kunal Malhotra. And then there was Sonia. Indraneil groaned. He had become far too complacent and comfortable with the monotony. Sonia had been a mere means of destroying Kunal but apparently, he had become a bit too comfortable with her. She had been right about one thing though; he had lost the deal because he had been too focused on putting down Kunal.

Like, the man was no match for him anymore. A top producer of bygone days, that's who he was. And India wasn't even his home turf!

Indraneil scoffed. It was high time, he focused on what he came to India for. A new album. A fresh face.

"Sir, would you watch this?" His PA, suddenly popped into the cabin then, her outstretched palm eagerly offering her boss her iPad. Bewildered at the lack of manners from his usually well-mannered PA, he took the pad and watched, only to have his eyes blow up in surprise.

"Vandana Karmarkar sings!!" Indraneil exclaimed, replaying the video over and over. Why exactly had Kunal hired a decent voice as a mere PA when she could've been way more profitable?!

The real question though was, why had this video come online now only?

He checked another post on her account and nodded. They weren't on good terms but weren't sworn enemies either. And as far he remembered, he had done her no harm.

And so, he decided to take his chance. The worst she could do, was say No. And that would be her loss, only.


Kunal couldn't let go of this nagging feeling, that something big was going to happen. There had been a prevailing sense of boredom for some time now, and it was ominous, to say in the least.

He was still very uneasy with the fact that Vandana had returned his money, taken back her house papers and resigned from the job. She had refused to divulge the details no matter how much he had pried. Lack of her presence had left his office emptier than before, and it has been two weeks since she had resigned, and he hadn't caught a glimpse of her, nor had he overheard Tara talking to her mimi secretly. It's like Vandana had just upped and walked out of their lives for good.

Isn't that what you had wanted though?

Then what was this sense of loss.

"Bro Veere!" Bobby stormed into Kunal's cabin interrupting his soliloquy and slammed a shimmering envelope on his table.

In response, Kunal looked up questioningly as bobby commented, "It's from Indraneil".

Immediately, Kunal found his fingers moving forward but hesitating still.

It couldn't be....that.

He could hear sonia's voice ringing in his head. 

[Ye lo. Sambhalo apni bachhi and sign these divorce papers because I and Indro are getting married]

Still, he pulled out the card from envelope and was almost relieved to see that it was just an invitation to a Launch party. Apparently, his label was launching a new artist, and it was a reveal party for that.

Kunal chucked the card away. He couldn't be bothered with this nonsense.

But in his sideview, he spotted a little slip falling out and bending down picked it up, only to find Indraneil's familiar scribble tarnishing it.

{Dear Kunal, I know you are not inclined to show up, but I insist you do. Because a surprise awaits you. 

 Awaiting your august presence.

 Indraneil   }


"C'mon Indro! Talk to me. I am sorry. But, at least tell me about the new face. Why so much mystery?" Sonia whined, trying to get Indraneil's attention, who was busy fixing his hair.

As he was about to reach out for his watch next, Sonia snatched it and grasped his wrist to put it there.

"C'mon, tell me na!" She pouted cutely, making Indraneil laugh.

Oh, how her face was going to deflate. He was very eagerly looking forward to that.

"Patience shona. Because sprouting of patience is sweet", And with that he was gone.


"Are you ready?" Indraneil stood leaning against the doorway of the green room while inside was seated a dusky woman in front of the mirror. Clad in a green sequin saree, hair lying loose in curls, dark red adorning her lips, she made the perfect visage for envy.

"I am nervous and scared".

He nodded, "Understandably so. But you will be fine, because it's my job to make sure of it. And I am good at what I do".

She nodded and slowly, rousing from her chair, turned to face Indraneil. Her smoky green eyes actually caught him off-guard for a moment as she looked up at him. He stretched out his hand then, and soon a slender hand was clasped in his, as he led her through the corridor towards the stairs. 

She could hear the commotion from down below and gulped. The moment she had waited all her life was finally here.

"Smile. Because confidence conquers", Indraneil whispered as his lips stretched into a self-assured smirk as the duo reached the top of stairs and suddenly the lights went out, and the music stopped.

Every guest in attendance, clamored in the sudden enveloping darkness as their flashlights started coming alive one by one.

Kunal saw bobby do the same and was carelessly looking around when his ears perked up to the distinct clacking of heels and boots echoing the sudden stillness. Apparently, everyone heard it too, as flashlights started turning to the direction of stairs, one by one. 

Sonia narrowed her eyes as two silhouettes descended the stairs, one in suit and another in saree.

Duniya main, logon ne 

dil apne fir thaame

aaya hu..lekar main

Fir kitne hangame~~

Indraneil's voice echoed through the darkness, as parts of his and his company's face shone in the dark.

Sonia's eyes widened when the mystery woman's face was illuminated for a second, and she found herself pushing forward through the crowd.

"Mujhko pehchanlo

Main hoon kaunn~~"

The music came back at that moment as Don's tune reverberated the halls and soon, a spotlight lit up on the woman, making the glass of water slip from Kunal's hands.

In the next moment, all the lights came back and Sonia and Kunal could see, what they could not believe.

"Ladies and Gentleman!" Indraneil's voice echoed over the mike, as he pulled at a string and curtains lifted from the huge boards that till now had been hidden.

"Presenting to you, Bezubaan's new artist, Vandana Karmarkar!!"

And there, Kunal saw Vandana standing in all her glory, her face glowing with a smile while her life-sized posters now decorated the hall. The one behind her specifically, being of her holding veena, doing her riyaaz.

Reporters and media, immediately surrounded the duo and started taking pictures as Indraneil, once again forwarded his hand for Vandana and both descended the last two steps, into the awaiting crowd.

Sonia couldn't believe it! What had Indraneil done!!

Kunal couldn't look away. Vandana and Indraneil were working together! How?!

His shocked eyes did manage to meet with hers for a split second, but she looked away instantly, her focus shifting to the media.

It was after an hour of being hounded by media, that Vandana finally had some space as Indraneil took her around the room, introducing her to some very renowned names in the field.

The introductions would have carried on some more when Sonia intervened and Indraneil walked away excusing himself. Vandana walked away too, eager to nurse her throat with water. If only, baba hadn't fallen ill suddenly, he would've been ecstatic to see his daughter debut with such grandeur.

Gesturing the passing waiter, as she took a glass of water, a familiar man stepped in front of her, and she looked up to see Kunal Malhotra looking at her. With a condescending smile.

"Mujhse badla le rahi ho?" 

Her brows furrowed in confusion as he uttered those words, and she smiled, wiping her lips.

"Agar meri success aapko badla lagti hai, that's not my problem". She remarked in a matter-of-fact voice and turned to walk away when his words stopped her.

"Even after you know, he ruined me. You are with him, even after knowing what he did!" He was trying hard to control his temper.

"Yes, even after knowing all that, I am working with him. Because, what has your history with him got to do with me. I was offered a chance to make my mark. Must I decline it for a man, who had once put me down saying that I will never make it. Where's the catch?"

"He is using you!" Kunal shouted exasperated.

"And I am using him. Don't we all use each other? I am using him to become No. 1. You used me to have your revenge. I used you to save my house. Give and take, is how the world works" Another deadpan response.

"He is doing this to destroy me!"

And Vandana laughed, "You make it sound as if Indraneil poached me from your label or something. You never wanted me as a singer, he did. Where do you even fit in this equation?"

Before Kunal could speak more, Vandana raised her finger to stop him. " I have a performance coming up next, so I'd rather not stress my vocals".

"My star, there you are!" Indraneil came up from behind her then, only to see Kunal standing opposite to her.

"Oh, hey Kunal! You actually came! How's the surprise, huh?" He asked smug and Vandana turned to leave.

She had made it perfectly clear to Indraneil that she wanted no part in his and Kunal's enmity. And he had agreed.

"Vandana mimi!!" 

Vandana stopped as she heard the voice that made her heart ache and found her fingers being clasped in small ones. But she didn't dare look at Tara and looked at Indraneil instead, reminiscing their conversation.

["I will initially sign a contract of one year only. I am grateful for the opportunity you are giving me, but I don't know how you are going to treat me as an artist. I've already worked under a terrible boss, and I can't be doing that again".

"Alright, take your time. And just to put it out there, I won't be your boss exactly. We are in this together. I am as good as your manager. To hone your raw skills and make them marketable is my job. So, you don't even have to be formal with me. As an artist, it's imperative that we share a certain level of understanding. And I promise to give you the right environment for that'.

Vandana nodded and hesitated before speaking next. "Also, I need a signing amount of 25 lakh".

And the next thing she heard was rustling as Indraneil took out cheque book from his drawer, entered the amount and tearing the cheque, kept it in front of her.

She looked at him, baffled. "You won't ask me, why I need it?"

Indraneil shrugged, leaning back. "I don't think you are inclined to tell me. I am sure you have your reasons".

"But I have not signed the contract yet?"

"Will you not?" He tilted his head and she replied, "No, of course, I am going to but-

"It's fine then", he nodded and added next, "That's me making an effort to win your trust but-


"What are you going to do about Tara?"

She was baffled from the tangent this conversation had taken, "What do you mean?"

Indraneil sighed, "You are emotionally attached to Tara. That in itself would not have been a bad thing but Kunal doesn't approve, I am told. I believe there's more to your and Kunal's equation, than I know. And as your producer, I believe it's in your best interest that you keep your distance from Tara. It's just some advice. Take it or leave it. Your choice".

"I-but I love her", Vandana crazily missed Tara, and cried over the calls she had not taken the past month.

"I know and that's the problem. You love a child who is not yours. The father doesn't approve. The mother is, well alive and actively a part of her life. I feel that it's too much of an emotional burden rather than support. My question is, why must you struggle to carve a place where you are not needed? You don't know when Tara will leave your life. All I want to say is, let her not hold you down in any way. I am signing you up, because I want to be No.1 and so do you".]

Vandana unclasped Tara's fingers from hers and looked straight ahead, "I will get ready for my performance".

And as Indraneil nodded, she walked away.

"Well, I should take my leave too", Indraneil too bowed out, and walked off. 


As Vandana walked down the stage amidst roaring applause, she found herself being dragged behind a pillar and coming face to face with Sonia.

"Since it didn't work out with Kunal, you are after Indro now?!" The woman accused right off the bat, but before Vandana could pry her fingers off her wrist, Indraneil came in between and pulled off her hand instead.

He smiled tightly at Sonia and turning to Vandana addressed her, "Why don't you check out the photos with Ria? I think they'll be needing a few more".

As Vandana retreated, Indraneil glowered at Sonia and hissed, "What part of 'stay away from her', do you not understand?"

"Leave my hand! How could you do this to me?" she shouted hysterically.

Indraneil let go off her instantly and scoffed, "I am not the one pining after the man I abandoned, as far as I recall. Be warned Sonia, if you want to work with me, be productive, or leave. Don't be a dead weight and force me to cut you off. And fair warning Sonia, it'd be in your best interest to watch your behavior around Vandana. She is working with me now, and any disrespect towards her is disrespect towards me. So, watch it".

And then he stormed off.


"Your flight is at 6 tomorrow, so the car will be picking you up at 3.30".

"Okay, thanks Ria", and with that Vandana cut the call, and walked out onto the rooftop.

Tomorrow was her true beginning. First day of her music video shoot, in Kashmir, no less. She was absolutely thrilled and very much looking forward to it. 

She was going to begin afresh and leave her mark for sure.

She was going to be the No. 1.

Hope you all will like it!

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Posted: 4 months ago

I love it! At the end of the Diwali Party, this is exactly how I would have wanted to see her regain control of her life. She didn't deserve what K told her and K would have deserved this in return for what he said!  Very nicely written. 

I still feel V should not give up on her dreams and saddle herself to Kanak - I want her to establish herself as a singer (perhaps not with Indro) but I want her to have her own career trajectory. I don't want Kunal giving her a break but I want her making it big on her own!

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Posted: 4 months ago

Gosh I love and support this SO MUCH. Right now V is reduced to being tara’s mimi/maa only and there is no mention of her OG dream which honestly sucks. 

I wanted Vandu to burn down the world when K put those accusations on her but alas. Your Os is like a balm on my angry and wounded heart smiley36


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Posted: 4 months ago

So, the idea of discussing his lips came to me from @aishwarrior. Vandu ain't gonna discuss this in the serial ever, but it can happen in our delulu worldsmiley36




Vandana turned her gaze and focused it on the little bundle of mischief smiling suspiciously at her.

"What?" Vandana asked narrowing her eyes.

Tara ushered her to lean closer, and as she did, she whispered in her ears. "Mamma, papa ko aise ghooroge toh unme holes ho jayenge!"

In response, as Vandana levelled her with a scandalized glare, Tara started to laugh, her brows dancing in an all-knowing manner.

"What's cooking between maa-beti, huh!" Kunal who was done setting the tea tray on the center table, plopped by Tara's side and looked at her, questioningly.

Tara laughed, "Kuch nahi papa. Main bas vandana mamma se keh rahi thi ki aapko itna na ghoor- Mmpphhh!!

Amused, Kunal turned his gaze to the other woman who had clasped her daughter's mouth now and was glaring daggers at her, while the said daughter simply continued laughing.

"You want me to decrease your tv time, right?" Vandana warned, and Tara's eyes immediately blew up as she quietened down and nodded her head in negative.

Once assured, Vandana let her daughter go who quickly scampered off the sofa and away towards the stairs, like a mouse.

"Now, where did she run off to?" Vedika asked, picking up her cup and taking her seat on the opposite chaise. Kunal simply shrugged, his gaze focused on his new wife, as she sipped on her tea, clearly trying to avoid his gaze.

Soon Pammi and Bobby also joined the trio at tea, and idle conversation ensued. In between all this though, Vandana refused to look at Kunal and so he did, what he felt like.

"Pass me a biscuit, Vandana", he asked casually but as her hand stretched forward in compliance to grab a cookie, she found it being caught by Kunal's palm, on the tray.

Aghast, she immediately turned to her husband, while he just smiled making her turn red. And as he let go, she withdrew her hand along with the biscuit and started to nibble on it furiously.

Kunal took his glass of milk shake, and started to sip on it, his head on overdrive. He had heard Tara alright. Apparently, Vandana was staring at him. Did he appeal to her, too? And his gaze turned stormy at the thought. 

"Nice moustache, bro veere!" Bobby remarked casually and Guneet ji laughed as he looked at Kunal. It was however her chuckle that caught his attention, and he turned his head towards her, eyes still dark from unhinged thoughts.

"Wipe it off, will you?"

Vandana choked on her laughter instantly, while Kunal inched closer, his face looming near hers. And Vandana didn't know where to look, what to do, how to behave, how to breathe or how to keep sane.

During her engagement, she had overheard two guests discussing her now husband's 'sexy' lips, and now, all she could focus on when she saw his face, was his lips.

Full, plump and inviting.

"Vandu, clean it up for him, will you?" Vedika remarked casually, while tiptoeing away with her tea. Bobby got his cue to leave too, and so gestured the same to his parents. Pammi did roll her eyes, but agreed nonetheless, and finally only the two were left seated in the hall.

Aware of her heart picking up its pace, Vandana picked up a tissue from the tray and dabbed it against his lips.

Kunal continued to look at her, acutely aware that her gaze was transfixed somewhere entirely different.

By then, Vandana had zoned out of the world of living. How would his lips feel to her touch? Would they be as soft as they looked, or would they be hard and rugged like his first impression?

She didn't realize when the tissue slipped from her hands, her right palmed his face, with her thumb now slowly tracing the boundaries of his lips.

She was engrossed alright. Studying his lips with as much concentration as when she would play the veena. 

Her thumb was now rubbing slow circles against his bottom lip, while her brown eyes were still fixated on them.

Kunal felt his control splintering. His biwi was clearly beguiling him. 

His lips quivered then, instantly breaking the spell as Vandana came to her senses, eyes widening in horror at the realization of what she had been doing and as she stared up into his eyes, she immediately made to pull back. But he didn't allow her to.

His left arm snaking behind her back, he drew closer to her, and she found her back pressed into the armrest.

"So, how did they feel?" Kunal rasped making Vandana blush.

"Nhi...wo...main..." she stammered, her processor crashing at his proximity.

It was Kunal's turn to study her, as he cupped her face and shook his head, "No, I am not complaining. It's just that, I believe in practical rather than theory".

And before Vandana could breathe a sigh of protest, his lips were on hers.

Vandana froze up at the contact, his soft lips melting against hers. But when her lips slightly parted and his bottom lip placed itself between them, her adrenaline spiked, eyes rolled back, and she fainted.

Kunal pulled back when he felt her head lolling and blinked wildly, at her unconscious form. He tapped her cheek then. Once. Twice.


But no response came.

And Kunal couldn't control the laughter that rumbled out of him.

Mrs. Do Die Do had fainted. From a kiss. 

From his kiss.

"Oh God!!" Kunal glanced at the unconscious woman and picked her up in his arms, his lips still upturned.

"And I have not even started!"

Shaking his head then, he walked off. 

She was going to be so embarrassed after waking up.

And Kunal started laughing again.