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Posted: 2 months ago

Author's Note: With only two episodes left, I wanted to give a last OS focusing on reuniting the lead couple, capturing the electrifying chemistry they have shared on screen. Here's to cherishing these final moments together and celebrating this wonderful serial. 🥰

The elegant ballroom of the grand hotel hummed with laughter,  chatter, and soft strains of music. Amidst the familiar faces from his college days, Kunal stood, his heart heavy with regret and longing for the one person missing from his side – Vandana.

Dressed in a jade black tuxedo with a subtle sheen on the collar, Kunal cut a striking figure amidst the crowd. His white open-collar shirt, with three buttons undone, and lack of tie spoke volumes of his reluctance to attend the reunion. His old partner in mischief and college friend, Rohan, had persuaded him, insisting that a night out would do him good. And so, with a heavy heart, Kunal had relented, eager to escape the suffocating confines of the Malhotra Penthouse, where the walls seemed to close in on him with each passing day.

As Kunal stood lost in thought, his mind wandered back to Vandana, her absence was like an ache in his soul. His reverie was soon interrupted by the arrival of Rohan. With a mischievous twinkle in his eye and a familiar grin spreading across his face, Rohan approached Kunal. "Hey buddy, look who I found!" he exclaimed, gesturing towards Maya, Kunal's old crush from college. "Maya here has been dying to catch up with you." 

Lost in his thoughts, Kunal's gaze fell upon his old crush. Her presence stirred up a whirlwind of memories that came rushing back like a tidal wave. Her radiant smile, though charming, was no match for the sheer brilliance of Vandana's smile, which had the power to illuminate the darkest corners of any room or space. It was as if the sun stood directly behind her every time her lips curved upwards, casting a radiant glow that captivated all who beheld it.

Maya, a petite figure with curly hair that cascaded around her shoulders approached him with a warm smile. Her eyes sparkled with memories of their college days.

Rohan, ever the instigator, wasted no time in bringing up their shared history, recounting tales of Kunal's infatuation with Maya. "Remember how you used to swoon every time Maya walked into the room?" he teased, nudging Kunal playfully.

Kunal felt a flush of embarrassment rise to his cheeks as he struggled to maintain his composure. He stole a glance at Maya, her light laughter ringing in his ears like a sweet melody. Yet, amidst the melodic sound, Kunal couldn't help but yearn for Vandana's laughter – deep and resonant, as if it emanated from the depths of her soul. Vandana's laughter was a symphony of joy, echoing with the warmth of her heart and soul.

As Maya and Kunal exchanged pleasantries, Rohan discreetly slipped away, leaving them alone to navigate the tangled web of their shared history.

Despite Maya's cheerful demeanor, Kunal couldn't shake the image of Vandana from his mind. As Maya continued to speak, he found himself comparing her to his wife, noting the stark differences in their appearances.

One thing he loved about Vandana was her hair – ever-changing yet always captivating, especially when braided across the front in intricate patterns. It was her crown, her signature, and Kunal regretted never having the chance to compliment her on it.

Its natural black hue, like the darkest of nights, framed her face in an enchanting halo. Each strand seemed to shimmer with its own life, catching the light in a mesmerizing dance. The contrast it offered to her skin was breathtaking, her complexion radiant against the darkness of her locks. When she moved, it was as if a gentle breeze caressed her, stirring each strand and infusing her presence with an ethereal grace.

As Maya inquired about his well-being and business endeavors, Kunal's responses remained short, his expression tense as he struggled to conceal the turmoil within. She couldn't help but notice the distant look in his eyes, hinting at something unresolved lurking beneath the surface.

Observing his success as the CEO of Kanak Records, Maya couldn't hide her admiration. "You always had that entrepreneurial spark back in college," she remarked, a hint of admiration coloring her voice.

Kunal's reply was brief, his mind preoccupied. As Maya pressed further, sensing his distraction, she probed gently, "Is everything alright, Kunal? You seem... distracted."

"It's nothing, just... thinking," Kunal murmured, his gaze momentarily faltering.

"About?" Maya pressed, her voice softer now, laced with curiosity.

Kunal hesitated, the weight of his regret heavy upon him. "About... mistakes," he finally confessed, his words weighted with an unspoken burden.

"Mistakes?" Maya echoed, her voice tinged with uncertainty.

Kunal's gaze met hers briefly, his eyes clouded with remorse. "Yeah, stupid ones. Like letting someone important slip away," he admitted, his tone tinged with regret.

Maya, misinterpreting his response, felt a flush creep up her cheeks. She immediately thought Kunal was referring to their past. The possibility ignited a rush of excitement within her.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to pry," Maya apologized, her voice softer now.

Kunal shook his head, a faint smile tugging at the corners of his lips. "No, it's okay. Sometimes you just... realize things too late," he murmured, his gaze drifting into the distance.

Realizing Maya's misunderstanding, Kunal felt a pang of guilt. "I'm sorry. I’m thinking about my wife," he confessed softly.

As silence fell between them, Maya couldn't help but feel a sense of disappointment mingled with relief. And as she watched Kunal retreat into his thoughts, understanding stirred within her.

"You know, it’s never too late to correct a mistake," Maya offered gently, her voice filled with compassion. 

As Kunal's heart swelled with gratitude for Maya's understanding and encouragement, he reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone. With a tender smile, he glanced at the screensaver, a picture of Vandana smiling back at him, her beauty captured in every pixel. Maya, noticing the photo, leaned in with curiosity.

"Is this her?" she asked, her eyes widening in admiration. "She's gorgeous."

Kunal nodded, a sense of pride swelling within him as he gazed at Vandana's image.

"You're a thoughtful person, Kunal. I'm sure you'll find a way to make things right."

Kunal offered her a grateful smile. Maya's words filled him with renewed determination, reinforcing his resolve to go and make things right with the woman he loved. Just as he was about to leave the reunion to find Vandana, Rohan's voice boomed over the microphone, commanding the attention of the crowd.

"Hey, hold on there, Kunal!" Rohan exclaimed, his enthusiasm palpable. "Don't think you can sneak away that easily! Who here would like to see our favorite college crushes hit the dance floor?"

The crowd erupted into cheers and whistles, but Kunal's heart sank as he tried to dissuade Rohan. However, Rohan was relentless, stoking the excitement of the crowd until Kunal found himself reluctantly making his way towards the dance floor.

As the lights dimmed, Kunal hesitated, on the verge of retreating. But before he could make his escape, a familiar gentle hand slipped into his, pulling him back into the center of the room. Startled, Kunal turned to find Vandana standing before him, a vision of beauty that stole his breath away.

She wore a sleeveless champagne gold tulle gown embellished with pearls and sparkling beads. The rich hue of the gown shimmered against her skin tone, casting a warm glow around her. The bodycon dress hugged her curves in all the right places, accentuating her slender frame and drawing every eye in the room. The side high slit revealed a glimpse of her toned legs, adding a touch of allure to her already stunning appearance. Her hair, usually styled in loose waves down her back was up in a high bun, accentuating the graceful curve of her neck.

To complete her ensemble, Vandana wore a delicate necklace adorned with sparkling diamonds, the light catching the facets and casting a dazzling array of colors across the room. Her earrings, dangling from her ears like drops of moonlight, added a touch of glamour to her look, shimmering with every step she took.

She was a sight for sore eyes, and Kunal couldn't help but wonder if he was dreaming. He was stunned by her unexpected presence and wondered what had prompted her to come.

Unbeknownst to him, Vandana had initially been hesitant to attend the event, her heart torn between anger and longing. She had been hurt and frustrated by Kunal's refusal to trust her, yet a part of her still missed him desperately. The decision to come had been a probing gesture from Vani, Vedika, and Tara, who had sensed Kunal’s distress and urged her to go. Vandana ultimately relented and upon arriving at the reunion her determination weakened once she caught sight of Kunal.

As they took to the dance floor, the air crackled with unsettled tension, each step a delicate balance between grace and restraint. Their dance was a dance of contradictions – anger and desire, hurt and longing, all intertwined. And yet, despite the storm raging within them, there was an undeniable magnetism pulling them together, drawing them into each other's arms as if no one else existed in the world. 

Vandana's body burned with a fire she couldn't quench, the heat of her fury mingling with desire. Her heart ached with longing as she moved in Kunal's arms, the memory of his touch flooded her senses. She missed him – missed the warmth of his body, the gentle press of his hand against her waist. He was arrogant at times, impulsive, yet undeniably sexy and extremely chivalrous—a combination that both frustrated and captivated her. In that moment, she was torn between the urge to push him away and the desperate craving to pull him closer.

Lost in the intensity of their synchronized movements, she couldn't help but wonder—had she grown more attracted to him since their separation? The answer eluded her, buried beneath layers of mixed feelings and unspoken desires. Yet, as she stood there, caught between the past and the present, one thing remained clear—she couldn't deny the irresistible attraction he still held over her heart.

There was a rugged charm to Kunal that tempted her desperately. The dark stubble tracing the contours of his face added to his allure and reminded her of the wild and untamed passion that surged beneath his surface. As her gaze drifted, she couldn't help but be drawn to his soft, full lips—a stark contrast to his rough exterior. Parted ever so slightly, his lips seemed to give a silent invitation that stirred something deep within her. 

The intensity of his gaze sent a flash of heat through her veins, surfacing an urge she couldn't ignore. The way he looked at her always made her feel alive with a single glance. It was a dangerous game they played, fueled by passion and pining, but in that moment, she couldn't bring herself to care. All she knew was that she wanted him, needed him, with a hunger that consumed her from within. Her chest rose and fell in a rapid rhythm that didn't match the tempo of the song, her breath coming in short, ragged gasps as Kunal's touch ignited a sensation in her that elicited a soft moan.

Kunal could feel her short breaths against his face, and it was evident his touch was stirring a profound reaction within her. Her pupils dilated, like deep pools of molten chocolate, reflecting the intensity of her yearning as she gazed up at him. He couldn't help but swallow hard, the realization hitting him like a bolt of lightning. The separation had only served to deepen his desire for her, to make him realize just how much he needed her in his life.

Kunal's hand trailed a path of electric anticipation along Vandana's neck, his touch sending shivers down her spine. Cupping her chin gently, he guided her gaze to meet his own, their eyes locking in a silent exchange. Slowly, his hand continued its journey, tracing the curve of her jawline until it reached the delicate shell of her ear, where he paused, savoring the intimacy of the moment.

With a tender caress, Kunal's fingers threaded through Vandana's updo hairstyle, the soft strands slipping through his grasp like silk. His touch was reverent, as if he were unraveling the secrets of her soul one strand at a time. And then, with a flick of his wrist, he found it – the pin that held her hair in place, refraining him from seeing her the way he loved to, with her hair as darkness surrounding her face. With a swift motion, he released it, allowing her hair to fall rapidly down her back in a torrent of midnight waves.

Vandana's eyes widened in surprise as she felt the weight of her hair release. And then suddenly, Kunal's actions took a bold turn. In an impulsive move, he dipped her, his arm wrapping securely around her waist as he pulled her back up close to him. Her hair, now freed from its confines, tumbled wildly around her face, framing her features in a halo of untamed beauty.

Vandana gasped in astonishment at the unexpected movement, her heart racing as she found herself pressed against Kunal's chest. And then, in a moment of unexpected tenderness, Kunal's thumb brushed against the curve of her bottom lip, pulling it down ever so slightly. It was a simple gesture, yet it spoke volumes, causing Vandana to release what felt like all the hurt she had been holding inside. Her eyes shimmered with unshed tears as she stared at the man she loved so dearly.

Locking eyes with hers, Kunal made a silent vow to himself. He would never let her go again, never allow anything to come between them and their love. And as they danced, he began to mentally compile a list – a list of all the things he loved about her, both physically and mentally. It was a list that stretched across four pages, each word a testament to the depth of his devotion, each line a vow to cherish her for all eternity.

As the song reached its crescendo, they found themselves hovering on the brink of a kiss, his lips brushing against hers with a feather-light touch. But before they could close the distance, the spell was broken by the thunderous applause of the crowd, who had gathered around them on the dance floor. With a heavy heart, Vandana tore herself away from Kunal's embrace, the tears she had been holding back now flowing freely down her cheeks.

Amidst the chaos of the crowd, she disappeared. And as Kunal watched her go, a pang of regret pierced his heart. He couldn't let Vandana slip away again, not when he finally realized the depth of his love for her.

With a sense of urgency, Kunal broke free from the crowd, his footsteps echoing against the marble floors as he raced after Vandana. Outside the hotel, he finally caught up to her, his chest heaving as he called out her name, his voice raw with emotion.

"Vandana, wait!" he pleaded, his words a desperate request to stop her in her tracks.

Beneath the soft glow of the moonlight, Vandana turned to face him, her eyes widened in surprise as she listened to his heartfelt confession.

"I can't live without you," Kunal confessed, his voice trembling with emotion. "I was foolish to push you away, to let my past cloud my judgment. But I won't let that define us anymore. I won't let the failures of my past deny me the faithful love you've given me."

Tears flowed from Vandana's eyes as she listened to Kunal's words. His apology was like a healing balm, soothing the wounds that had threatened to tear them apart.

"I'm sorry for not seeing your love, for not appreciating the effort you've always put into our relationship," Kunal continued, his voice filled with sincerity. "But now I see it, Vandana. I see it clearly, and I won't let it slip away again. You’re more than just my wife – you’re my best friend, my partner, my everything.”

Feeling the weight of their shared dreams and hopes for their unborn child, Kunal took her hands in his, his touch gentle yet determined. Gazing into Vandana's eyes, he saw the reflection of their love and the future they had always dreamed of together. "Will you forgive me, Vandana? Will you give us a second chance?" he asked, his voice barely above a whisper, filled with a mixture of hope and yearning.

Vandana's heart swelled with love as she looked into Kunal's eyes, seeing the depth of his sincerity. Without hesitation, she nodded, her lips curving into a radiant smile.

"Yes, Kunal," she whispered, her voice filled with emotion. "Yes, I'll give us another chance."

As Kunal pulled her into his arms, their connection was deeper than words could express. In that embrace, they found solace, understanding, and a resilient bond that transcended time and space. 

Kunal gently cupped Vandana's face in his hands, his touch tender yet possessive. Their lips met in a tender kiss, fueled by weeks of thoughts and fantasies of one another. Now, for assurance, they knew that their love was not just a fleeting passion but a steadfast commitment to cherish each other forever. While lost in the afterglow of their kiss, they knew that their relationship was unbreakable, their bond stronger than any obstacle they might face.

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Posted: 2 months ago

That was an incredible read. Initially thought Vandana was a dream.. Interesting how you found a way to bring her in and let her take the initiative over the confused Kunal

And Wow how hot was the dance. Damn

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Posted: 2 months ago

Thanks so much for reading and giving your feedback😊

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Aish your a super talented writer I wish we could have get in our on screen but unfortunately we are not I love it I love it so much I hope we get this as final count down but they end up with unrealistic way 

Anyway thank you so much for lovely write up 

You are a great story maker keep it up 👍 

Much love ❤️ 🙌🫶👏😍

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Thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement. You’re so nice. I do appreciate it and thanks for reading!


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Posted: 2 months ago

This was such an amazing read! Would have been an apt reunion of leads had they shown it like that in the show. I loved all the detailed description. Ah … and the dance… so dreamy! Too salty with these makers that they never gave hot dance between leads with the tension and passion.

You are fabulous with your words. Loved reading it ❤️

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Posted: 2 months ago

Beautiful 😍 

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Posted: 2 months ago

Wow, you are so good at writing and conveying emotions, im so glad I came across this. It was so well written. I could picture it all in my head

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Posted: 2 months ago

Thank you so much for reading and your kind words. I appreciate you. 🫶🏽