Anupamaa 30th Nov 2023 Written Update & Daily Discussions Thread

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Posted: 2 months ago


Episode begins with Dimpy explaining to Vanraj Papa about her working relationship with Titu, there was nothing going on between them, she had done nothing wrong . Vanraj warns her to stay away from that boy who was a stranger n he could not be trusted about his intentions. Kavya is annoyed with Van for his behaviour towards Dimpy. VanYa have their reunion and share their love for eachother, she is happy he returned after his treatment . 

At KM. MD and Barkha taunts Baa babuji over the escalation of electricity bills and how Baa n Babujinwwre enjoying at the expense of Anuj, who was MD’s son. Baa and Babuji feel guilty and before they can reply . Anuj arrives , confronts MD and Barkha and questions their interest in house hold bills and speaks in support of Baa and Babuji . MD tries to cover up but Van arrives there n demands he was back n he would take his learner’s away , Baa n Babuji are thrilled  to see their son, MaAn also arrive and pay their respects .Baa and Babuji are happy that he got full treatment and was back to form.. while Baa and Babuji are packing Vanraj and Anuj have a manly talks, they share their pain and troubles and assure support n help to each other.Anuj consoles Anupama as she feels sad after Baa Babuji leave.,.. Barkha and MD are happy that extra load on this hose hold had gone away. They now look forwards to the nest Tamasha ..the Dimpy Titu issue . 

Baa Babuji take leave from KM , as they reach SH, Dimpy is worried how they would behave with her because of their regressive ideas. She shares her woes with Kavya , and Kavya reassures her . Kavya shares hiw her baby was kicking n protesting . 
Baa Babuji are happy to come back home . Baa glares at Dimpy , but Vanraj reassures her that he had spoken to her n warned her to stay away from that boy. 

At KM, Anupama calms n consoles CA as she is upset over the sudden departure of Grand parents from their house . She argues this was their house too. MD explains how a daughter’s sasuraal was not an ideal place to live . Just as her sasuraal will not be the same as this house for her parents , CA understands very little and does not want to get married n go away. Anuoama hugs and reassures her .

MD then challenges Anuoama to take care of CA now that Baa and Babuji had gone ,she vouches she will again neglect CA. Anuoama retorts back n warns MD against the dirty politics she was playing . She better behave or the family will teach her a lesson.

MD is confused .

In her room Anuoama is frustrated with the happenings in her family . She prays to Kanhanji for some peace. 
Anupama gets phone call from office seeking her advice , Anuj asks her about something , from the other side , CA calls out mummy for her needs . Anuoama wonders which way to go.


Anupama is busy so Anuj ties her with him tk drop her off to school on the way to work, as Dimpy has to be taken to hospital. , Pakhi taunts her negatively about her mummy who gave more priority to Dimpy rather then CA Anupama scolds Pakhi.  CA gets teary eyed , Pakhi states after Dimpy’s child was born Mummy will have no time for CA and she will be dropped back to Orphanage . CA is very scared n gets separation anxiety . Anupama calms n reassures CA . MaAn shouts at Pakhi. 

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Posted: 2 months ago

Finally the great BadShah is BEK in action smiley16

He did what Balti/BB couldn’t do and took the vile hags back to the shanty where they belong smiley41

You should’ve seen their faces they were so disappointed to leave the comforts of the rich life and go back to their filthy, poor lyphe smiley37

Even MAA was surprised to see her Babu Shona Pati Parmeshwar BEK in action smiley42

It’s funny how Vanar didn’t meet Makkhi nor did he bother to ask about her looks like even he’s fed up of her like us smiley36

Makkhi is a complete replica of her despicable dadi she may be a guttermouth but always speaks the truth. 

After all this ‘baby baby’ I think that Winter’s child may be the lead in the future if there’s ever a generation leap since it has Royal TamaShah khoon unlike CA who will probably be the negative sister jealous of her as it’s being foreshadowed that Upma will care for the baby more than her…

Posted: 2 months ago

Anupamaa gets a call from office seeking advice smiley32 the great Mr. AK must have dropped out of the dawn velli kollege as well like his  dearie smiley9 smiley37smiley37smiley37

Posted: 2 months ago

Anupama said "Ek-Ek eenth karke humane yeh ghar basaya hain Anuj aur maene"

Audience be like: "Yeh ajooba Kab hua?"


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