Teri Meri Doriyaann Episode Discussion Thread - 36

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EDT & TMD Forum Rules as laid down by the TMD Dev Team.

We understand there is a divide in the fandom between Angad and Sahiba fans but there is space for everyone here on this forum. No one has the right to bash or mock other members for being an Angad or Sahiba supporter. Similarly, posting hate on the character and/or the actor just for the purpose of riling up or mocking the opposing fandom is not acceptable.

Members are free to stan whomever they want to however, please refrain from moral policing another member’s likes or dislikes and making personal comments on them for the same.

Please note this as a blanket warning for the following. 

Any further transgressions can earn a direct raise in Warning Level without further warning from here on for these offenses:

  • Name-calling and Bashing any character or actor: It's fine to call out the character for their actions but labelling or bashing of any character or actor is NOT allowed. Some names we have noted are: Eunuch, Kameeni, Prostitute, Lusty, Mistress, Rat, Clown, Womaniser, B****. This is not an exhaustive list and we can take action on any post using any such labels for any character.
  • Imagined scenarios to spread hate or instigate fandom: Meaningful speculation on future tracks is fine but baseless imagined scenarios will not be allowed.  
  • Comparison posts: We have said this before, please do not bring other shows either by the same or different PH & writers. Basing your speculations on previous shows and how the ML or FL behaved in those shows and bringing it here to justify how Angad or Sahiba or any of the other characters will behave in future is not okay.
  • Social media posts or discussions: Do not bring whatever people are saying about Seerat/Angad/Sahiba or any other character on IG, Twitter (X) or other social media and use it as justification to label the characters here. Any hate posts or discussions centering around other SM will be trashed and the user could receive a warning.
  • Lastly, any bullying, name-calling, mocking of any forum members will absolutely not be tolerated. Groupism or ganging up on members because they have a different opinion from you is not okay. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. If their opinion bothers you & it's conveyed respectfully, ignore and move on. If you feel it's bordering on hate or discrimination, report it. There is absolutely no call for making passive-aggressive posts on any member for what they posted.

We hope everyone adheres to these rules and helps us make the forum a happy and safe space for everyone.

Posted: 3 months ago

A new chapter of SahAn's life is going to start full of Mystries, lies and Deceit ✌️✌️✌️✌️.. 

Posted: 3 months ago

Me too... I so badly wanted them to bicker like good. Old days... Was super cute

And the soup scene.. Awww VJs so cutee

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Posted: 3 months ago
Originally posted by nipunsharma

Yes but vj ki chemistry short height heroines ke saath bhi zabardast thi like Meera in udaan, Richa in anns, nia ke saath bhi sahi thi 

Meera and VJs chemistry was jabardasth... Passion, romance, cuteness, sab kuch tha backed by an awesome script... Nobody compares to them... I still think VJs best onscreen pair is with Meera.. (And Meera uthna short nahi hein na.. I think she'd be around 5'5-5'6.) 

Second Himanshi, they look beautiful 🤩 and then Nia (donon hawtness personified the) ... Richa was also good actually.. they had a very sweet chemistry... Waise Helly ke saath bhi bohot accha chemistry tha.. Lekin the makers didn't take that route... But I think if Helly and VJ were cast opposite each other in the future... would make a great jodi.... 

Though I never liked Vidhi and VJs pair... I thought they looked better as brother sister or friends... 

P. S: just in case u missed this 😬

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Posted: 3 months ago

I understand the colour scheme of the show is pastels but unpopular opinion: The nauvari sari worn by Sahiba was a lackluster. smiley24

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Posted: 3 months ago
Originally posted by nutmeg7

I understand the colour scheme of the show is pastels but unpopular opinion: The nauvari sari worn by Sahiba was a lackluster. smiley24

 Why Nutmeg Ji, she looks beautiful na, colors looks pretty too.. Ha this is a Punjabi show.. She is in Mumbai now she wore that I guess when in Rome be a Roman 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

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