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Posted: 6 months ago

During promotion time for his new film, KP gave quite a few interviews to various media outlets. This a precis of his all interviews combined related to YHM and obviously his journey in the industry so far. 

About YHM

He said he's forever grateful to EKTA for giving him chance to portray such a complex character like Raman Bhalla. Cezzane Khan (Kasauti fame) was casted as Raman Bhalla and he shot few scenes with costars as well. YHM was to be his comeback vehicle. However, Ekta wasn't happy with the scenes they shot. 

It was during "Ganpati time". KP got a direct call from Ekta to come to her house for a project. KP was surprised as he wasn't doing any show for sometime. When he reached there, Ekta told him there was a role for him. This guy was rude, arrogant, short-tempered...basically he's a bast**d but he had a heart of gold. KP jokingly said "are you describing the role or me"....LOL... they both laughed...Ekta told him this guy had a very complicated past, that made him like this. She also said this guy was very complex, YHM was not like other typical daily soaps, portraying him would be a daunting task. Could she count on him (KP). KP said, "I'll try". That's how he was selected to play Raman Kumar Bhalla.

YHM Cast

From YHM cast, he is in touch with Divyanka, Anita, Aly, Sangram, Krishna and Shireen. They don't meet or hangout often but they like to keep tabs on each other.


Aly is like a brother to him in real life. He can't describe in words the bond they share with each other. 


Anita is one of his oldest and closest friends in the industry. He recalled how they became friends. They were abroad for shooting for a show where Anita was the lead. She was already an established actress whereas KP was a new comer doing a supporting role. They instantly became friends then & there.


He laughed it off about the rumors about rivalry with Divyanka on the YHM set. He said he and Divyanka often had a good laugh on the set reading those rumors, news articles. He said, he and Divyanka are good friends even though don't sit together and have coffee. She is introvert, shy kinda person whereas he is extrovert, likes to play pranks on friends, crack jokes and meet new people. She sat on a corner, very active on social media or read books on the set while he couldn't stay in one corner, moved around & met people & had fun. They have very different personalities to be thick as friends but they are friends and still in touch with each other...they talk over phone and send messages to each other from time to time, he concluded. 

Kasturi...fame & failure 

Kasturi gave him instant fame. It was his first lead role and Kasturi went on to become a huge hit. He became a superstar on TV and the fame got to his head. He was just 22. He thought things would be like this always, he would be unstoppable. But reality dawned on him when the makers had to shut down the show in just 3 years while the show was on top 5 in TRP list due to his bad habits on the set. It was the only BT show that went off-air despite being on the top. Later he tried his luck on films. But his image was tarnished and the producers weren't keen to cast him due to his bad reputation. He stopped giving auditions unless they called him in these 3 years of his forced hiatus. 

Regained fame & success 

YHM gave him second chance to revive his career and be on top and he is grateful to EKTA and the fans of YHM. YHM taught him a good lesson. He vowed to correct his mistakes he had done in the past before the show and he did stick to his promises. He said" never feel so low when you are down and never fly high when you reach the top. Nothing lasts forever"...YHM gave him this lesson...he never went overboard in those six years when YHM and other projects was on air...success never got to his head ever again...

Financial difficulties 

He never had any financial difficulties, even when he was out of work. He had his investments and also family was quite well-off. God has been kind, he said. But he was guilty of having a lavish life style with no work, he detached himself from others at that phase. YHM and other subsequent projects boosted his financial abilities. He has made investments in various financial schemes and they are giving good returns. He now can choose whether to work or not as per his wish, this financial freedom gives him liberty to look for the roles he wants to do. 

Family life 

He used to be a party animals, always on the move...go places with his boys gang. After marriage and over the time, he has become a family man. After his daughter was born, he spends most of his time with family. He don't go to parties often nor he travels much, his time is now divided to home and work. 

Future & Production house 

He wants to do meaty roles as actor...doesn't matter if it is lead role or not but it has to be fresh and interesting. He registered his production house six years ago. He wanted to be a part of the first project as an actor of his production house so he did the film. They will be many projects upcoming from his production on various mediums but he will probably just be the producer in most of them. He will take a short break and start to work his new project as an actor soon after that. 

Posted: 6 months ago

There were very few romantic scenes between Ishita and Raman...if not KP, those scenes would have been  cheesy and synthetic. Can't even imagine Cezzane doing the other shades of RKB. Even Sonali and Sandip were against the decision of casting KP as That's why EK is EK. 

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Posted: 6 months ago

Only good thing that EK did was to cast KP as Raman,DT as Ishita and RD as Ruhi...The perfect trio...What they shared onscreen was magical and magic cannot happen again..What stood out for IshRa was not just their chemistry but the subtlety of their scenes...It looked pure natural and not once it looked like they were acting onscreen.

Posted: 6 months ago

CK may have matched the Raman Bhalla character from the book custody, but I don't think he would have worked in the Bhalla family created for the show, I also doubt that the show would have lasted 6 years without KPs Raman charm and one liners and I'm fairly sure I wouldn't be watching it on repeat. 

KP made the very imperfect Raman completely loveable.

Posted: 5 months ago

Synopsis of Ankita Bhargava Patel's IV: 

While KP is effortless in doing romance on screen, he is unromantic in typical ways in real life but she is a die-hard romantic. KP isn't comfortable with PDA. Although in the early days of their marriage, there were few exceptions. Over the time, she understood her hubby's preference for keeping private moments private. KP is romantic in his own unique ways but not in the typical way.

She said marriage isn't easy, it takes time to shine. In the early days of their marriage, she was affected buy the constant horrible amount of online bullying. KP had better ways to cope with them but this was new to her. The onscreen pair of Divyanka and Karan was insanely popular at that time, she said. Thankfully, after an year or so of their marriage, the bullying became somewhat bearable. Over the years, seeing KP and ABK together through thick and thin, they (the bullies) must have understood.


She said KP is like yaaron ka yaar. He is always there for the people he cares about or he is closed to, even if he has to go out of his ways. Many times, he had to pay the price but he didn't budge. Initially, she advised him to be practical but with time, she's accepted it as they way it is. 

KP is a great dad. He likes to get involved with the matters involving his daughter. However, KP is not interested in family business despite being a business graduate. Even for their new production house, she is the one taking charge of the business side of the production house. Being a post graduate in economics helped but entertainment business industry is tricky and not like other businesses, people tend to lose or gain all, there is hardly any middle ground in this industry. They'll try to find a balance without compromising the quality of the content they wanna make, she concluded. 

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Posted: 5 months ago

Thanks for sharing in details

KP is a fabulous actor. All the best for him for his future endeavors. 

Posted: 5 months ago
Originally posted by -SG-

 Over the time, she understood her hubby's preference for keeping private moments private. KP is romantic in his own unique ways but not in the typical way.

Awww...sounds very Raman Kumar Bhalla to know...kuch moments sirf apas mein hi achcha hain...!!

Posted: 5 months ago

I knew about KP, DT and AH before YHM but hadn't watched their previous work except of AH. When Kasturi was about to be axed, an interview Ekta piqued my interest where she said due to irrecoverable differences the show was going to be shut down. The interviewer questioned whether with some changes the show could go on as it was still a top performing show. Ekta said that the male lead Karan was irreplaceable. That statement shocked me. I was a die-hard fan of Rajeev (Khandelwal), still is, he's my childhood crush. Ekta did replace him. And, that was the time when Ekta was invincible, she replaced many leads and still those shows did well. Kasturi was the only show that was axed. 

Hence, I think Ekta really admire KP's acting prowess. But was that enough? I don't think so. YHM was not a "come back vehicle" for KP only. KP, DT, AH, Ekta even Star Plus (SP)... all of them were going through rough patches in 2011-2013. After BMTD , DT too was type casted and didn't get any substantial role for 3-4 years. She did two comedy dramas but both bombed in 5-6 months. She did try Comedy Circus skit and that too didn't do well. AH was away from TV for long and after marriage, she wanted to do roles which should be prominent in nature but wouldn't demand the exhaustive workloads of the leads. Ekta had fallen from her number 1 position on TV and She & SP had a fallout. They didn't work for a show for last 2-3 years in that time span. Moreover, she was rightly trolled for her regressive contents. SP was losing the TRP game to Colors and was heavily criticized for age old Saas-Bahu sagas. So, each and everyone had a point to prove.

So, was it that simple to replace Cezzane and cast KP instead?? I still... don't think so. Other two honchos... Sonali and Sandeep were strongly against it and Ekta was not the only boss; the other being - SP. I think SP too agreed with Ekta, that's why SJ and SS had to swallow their egos. I guess SP is well aware of KP's acting as well. In the late 2012, they did a romantic stand-alone episodic series called Teri Meri Love Stories featuring who's who of young TV stars of that time (DT, AH were there too). SP didn't forget to cast KP and his episodic with Sargun Mehta received the highest audience viewership among all other episodes. So, yeah, SP too must have had a soft corner for KP. Even though...logically... Ekta and SP lost crores shutting down Kasturi abruptly...interestingly, they were the ones who were adamant to give him another chance while the other two strangers SS and SJ were apprehensive. IRONY.

In the end, YHM did wonders for KP, DT, AH, EK and SP. All of them had risen again with YHM. All's well that ends well.

Posted: 5 months ago

KP’s one liners made RKB. No one could have played that character other than Karan!smiley42


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