Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si

Marriage drabble #KuVan

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Posted: 6 months ago

since IF won't let me post this from my new account here I am back with another short drabble with my OG acc heheheh

Kunal was not a person to help people in distress.

 It was not his concern.

 He didn't care.

 Until she came into his life and all went wrong!

He.. had married her.

 He had freaking married her to save her from her deceiving fiancé and sister.


He couldn’t register how everything happened. One moment he was telling her the truth and the next moment to shut up his aunt’s taunts and people’s eyes he was marrying her.

Kunal knew all this was happening without her consent because she is still in shock. Her hands were cold as ice and her face stoic. They both couldn’t understand the game destiny was playing with them. They hated each other right? They couldn’t stand each other right? She was just his PA and he was her hateful boss who tortured her and her family.

Then why were they unstoppable taking pheras while pandit jee was bonding them in to a union of 7 lives. Something inside of kunal wanted to stop all that but he couldn’t. His voice wouldn’t come out and his feet wouldn’t stop. And that’s how now they were standing in front of her family as a married couple. Their eyes were accusing, sad, confused and clueless but Kunal had no answers for anyone of them. He silently took Vandana’s hand and tried to move.


Vandana on the other hand didn’t budge from her place, her eyes blank and face emotionless. The vandu who never bowed her head was not even meeting his eyes.


Trust me Vandana she heard kunal whispered and she did.

 She moved along with him to his penthouse.Where kunal knew another hell was waiting for them; his family. But at that moment all he cared was to save vandana’s heart by hook or crook.


 He did it to save her heart and their were no other feelings attached he told himself.A little voice inside his head whispered that he had married someone to save her. That’s beyond caring but he ignored that voice. He just couldn’t stand infidelity especially when it was happening to her.

 Yes that was the only reason.


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Posted: 6 months ago

I love this story!! If everyone is right and marriage is bound to happen between K&V then this would be the way!.

I personally want them to fall in love first - I want vandu to be heartbroken and Kunal to empathize and help her heal and then slowly the two fall in love!

But if they want to grab TRP they will marry K&V and perhaps K will be forced by his sister Vedika who already wants V as her bhabhi :) For her sake and from Vandu's side to save her father's deteriorating health both might agree to marry each other!

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Posted: 6 months ago

thankyou so much for liking the story <3 I wanted them to become at least friends first but if for the sake of trp we get their marriage I don't mind that either ;)