Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si

Learn to say no. - short darable on #KuVan

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Posted: 6 months ago

Learn to say no.  he told her earlier, but he knew she could say NO.

especially when she is ill-treated. 

The old Vandu would have never agreed to something like this. He missed her, the old Vandana. The one who challenged him and ignited a flame inside him.  

But he had no one to blame except for him. He was one the who brought her on her knees and made her beg. He wished things hadn’t taken such a turn. 

He didn’t like when she keeps saying thank you and sorry with every breath she takes. He misses the vandu who would beat the hell outta him with a broom. 

The vandu who would scream at any injustice. Who would not let anyone harm herself and her family, who had self confidence, who smiled more, danced and laughed more. 

But then again it was all his fault. 

But he couldn’t admit it. Not to even himself. 

He tells himself that she deserved all that due to her actions and went to bed to spend another sleepless night thinking about certain someone’s wedding.


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Posted: 6 months ago

This was so good smiley1

Please write more... OS, SS or FF this time 

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Posted: 6 months ago

thank you so much, and yes I will try to write on more on them soon <3