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Episode begins with Adhik apologising for hitting her , it was his male ego at work, it was his mindset that males were allowed to do what he wanted not girls . He requests another chance to improve , he will not repeat the same mistakes. If he did again then they can throw him out , or give him to police or skin him alive . Anupama, Anuj and Vanraj threaten to do the above right now . Adhik is on his knees and continues his apologies , Romil watches and is amused by Adhik’s fake drama .
Adhik requests Pakhi to give their chance to their marriage as they loved eachother . He wil try to preserve their marriage n love , he remembers Pakhi had asked for the same chance few days back . He starts weeping . 

Anuj whispers to Anupama that this was the same pretence and fake acting all criminals did to avoid being put behind the bars .

MaAn, Baa and Babuji discuss that they all could see through this acting but Pakhi could not . All feel this marriage should be dissolved as abuser’s will never improve . Pakhi is moved by Adhik’s apology n sympathises with him. 
She agrees to give him n their marriage another chance 
barkha is happy Adhik was doing the right thing . This is what she wanted . Pakhi asks everyone not to bother , they both will manage their marriage themselves . 
Anupama warns Adhik, that everyone was not fooled by his pretence , he was just trying to save himself from police action. She will never forgive him after witnessing with her own eyes how he slapped Pakhi . She refuses to forgive him, He is warned to honour Pakhi’s forgiveness. If he did any abuse again, she will do the unthinkable . Anupama warns Pakhi  that one’s nature n habits never change , one had to set the limits in one’s life . No need to carry the burden of unwanted relationship. Unwanted alliances always broke sooner or later . 
If this abuse happened again, Anupama  will take action against Adhik, no one will be able to stop her . It was useless trying to preserve something useless. She will keep an eye on them hence forth . 

At SH Vanraj prays to Kanha ji that today he realised how wrong he was when he abused Anupama, today when his own daughter was being abused the same day he was feeling the pain and he now understands how much Anupama’s family was pained that time watching their daughter . , 
Kinjal, Samar , Toshu question Vanraj for forgiving that abuser. Baa informs how she herself , Babuji, vanraj tried their best but failed to convince Pakhi to file police case . 

At KM Anupama is upset as none knew what was happening to Pakhi behind closed doors, that Pakhi was in love but Adhik had no remorse or regret. Anuj tries to calm agitated and worried Anupama . She weeps for the safety of her daughter . She remembers her own pain and does not want Pakhi to go through  the same . Anupama fears Adhik might threaten her n force himself on her. Marietal rape . Physical abuse . 

At SH , Baa is worried for Pakhi, Dimpy states she had lived in that house , she knew  Adhik was not like that , Dimpy must have provoked him, that’s why she was not willing to take action .

Baa Dimpy clash . Baa asks her to stop interfering in their matters , to remain separated as she had separated households. Dimpy takes Samar along n he regrets as he walks away with Dimpy .

Toshu offers to speak to Pakhi .


At KM, it’s breakfast time and AdhPak come hand in hand and she asks Anuj to give Pakhi’s project to Adhik as he was better than her . Anupama protests and tries to make Pakhi see things but Pakhi shouts at her n asks her to stop interfering.

At SH , Baa hands over broom n duster to Dimpy asking her ti clean the  other portion becauseShah family had cleans their portion. Dimpy feels disgusted .

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I know that Romil is a lower class citizen but I really want him to fight with the Royal Tamashahs Masters especially Queen Mother Jhula! I can imagine her threatening to give him a sitar and the latter not giving a sh*t 😆

Posted: 3 months ago

This show should be renamed as Anupama - Overacting ki dukaan

Her scene in bedroom with Anuj was hilarious, where she was ranting about what happened with her for 25 yrs, she is a Maa, how would she come to know what happens behind closed doors between Pati Patni, what if Pakhi becomes a marital rape victim, her imagination went wild and then she collapsed like always for Anuj to handle her emotional outburst which is 6 times a day, thappad Sweetie ko pada lekin uske nishan meri aatma pe lage hain, mere bachhe main Maa meri Sweetie 🙄

Anuj is just a show piece these days, was passing her papers to tear them apart. 
Her own kids can redeem faster than instant noodles, but Adhik cannot, Sweetie miraculously redeemed by lying on footpath and Tosu to pata nahi kab sudhra who was almost attempting to molest Kinjal just few days back, but her kids deserve a second chance but other don’t

Ek toh she is privileged that she is getting to stay with her daughter in her sasural, now there also she starts her drama as if Shah house visits were not enough, this woman is unbelievable and these days totally despicable 

Posted: 3 months ago

Done Nope GIF - Done Nope Exhausted GIFs  

Again beginning from scratch.....who had the  Braveheart to watch the entire epi without FF  .....

so no MD ka badla track or romil track just these bunch of no good for nothing idiots track...again.😕

Posted: 3 months ago


who wanna visit...... ad is ok but what happened to her .....😒


Posted: 3 months ago

Originally posted by Criticiser

I know that Romil is a lower class citizen but I really want him to fight with the Royal Tamashahs Masters especially Queen Mother Jhula! I can imagine her threatening to give him a sitar and the latter not giving a sh*t 😆

queen mother jhula😂😂😂

Posted: 3 months ago

Originally posted by strancho

Deviji will never forgive extra for hurting her daughter. Fair enough. But but when deviji’s daughter did the same with him then Pakhi was naadan blah blah blah.. she is god of hypocrisy. From now onwards in my dictionary Anupama means hypocrisy. Her Kuputra can commit frauds after frauds but still he was depressed and blah blah.. 2-4 thappad dena chahiye is madam ko and saath mein uske paaltu 🐕 ko. 


Paaltu ko 2 extra. 

Anupama atleast apne baccho ki sagi hai. 

For this faaltu aadmi, adhik is ghatiya

What about vanraj.. Who was playing with emotions of a victim of Domestic violence for years. Jisse yeh faaltu aadmi bacchi kehta tha. 

Adhik ko jail bhej do, vanraj ke saath friendly match bhi khelenge aur saare tyohar saath manayenge. 

My comparison may bhi wrong here. But yaha toh iski maa hai, baap hai, poora gaon hai.. What about mukku

Wahan toh didi anuj ko batane ke liye bhi tayar nahi thi. Yahan fone karke jaldi aayie, baa, baapuji ko bhi laayiye saath mei kutta, billi ko bhi laayiye. 

Kaise kar lete hai yeh😡

Posted: 3 months ago

Mukku ke time, didi kyun chilla chillla kar nahi boli, baa, baapuji aayie, dekhiye aapka beta kya kar raha hai. Kavya ko saath laayiyega. 🤔

Manipulation, cheating with wife, cheating in business.. Yeh choti moti cheez hai. 

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