Bollywood needs to churn out original stuff

Posted: 7 months ago

Rocky aur Rani seemed like a mishmash of several Bollywood movies I've watched. The first half was entertaining but in a cliched way—overuse of the same ghisa pita formula, old wine in a new bottle.

After seeing Barbie and Oppenheimer last week, I can't help but wonder where is Bollywood going wrong.

Here are some ways Bollywood can reinvent itself IMO -

🔹 Embrace Diverse Storytelling: Our country is a treasure trove of diverse cultures, traditions, and experiences. Let's break away from the conventional plotlines and explore untold stories that capture the essence of India's rich tapestry.

🔹 Empower New Talents: The world is brimming with talented artists waiting for their moment to shine. Let's provide a platform for budding writers, directors, and actors to showcase their skills and breathe life into unconventional characters and concepts.

🔹 Greenlight Original Scripts: It's time to move beyond remakes and adaptations. Original scripts hold the potential to mesmerize audiences and make a lasting impact on Indian cinema. Let's give them the green light they deserve!

🔹 Promote Independent Cinema: Independent filmmakers often dare to be different and push the boundaries of creativity. Let's actively promote and support their ventures, helping their unique visions reach the masses.

🔹 Embrace New Genres: Bollywood has always been synonymous with romance and drama, but it's time to diversify! Let's explore uncharted territories like sci-fi, fantasy, historical epics, and more, offering audiences a wider array of entertainment.

🔹 Collaborate with Global Talents: Let's not limit ourselves within boundaries! Collaborating with international talents can lead to exciting crossovers, fresh perspectives, and global appeal.

🔹 Focus on Substance over Glamour: While glitz and glamour have their place, let's ensure substance and meaningful storytelling take center stage. Movies that resonate with the audience emotionally and intellectually are the ones that leave a lasting impression.

🔹 Revive the Music Scene: Music is the soul of Bollywood, and original soundtracks have the power to become timeless classics. Let's revive the music scene by encouraging original compositions that strike a chord with hearts worldwide.

Otherwise, I feel Bollywood is dying a slow death. 


Posted: 7 months ago

Did you use ChatGpt to write this? 

Posted: 7 months ago

I am especially sad because I saw some quality cinema last week. I'm not saying Hollywood is great, but they do churn out good cinema occasionally.

Bollywood seems to be stuck in a rut. 

Hollywood's got its shining gems, it's true, 🌟 but Bollywood's got potential too! 💎

And I just want that potential to come through!!!!!

Posted: 7 months ago

How is that relevant to the point I'm trying to make?

To answer your question, parts of it are generated by AI but only the ideas. I paraphrased it myself. - u can check yourself for ai generated text

Edited by mintyblue - 7 months ago
Posted: 7 months ago
Originally posted by mintyblue

How is that relevant to the point I'm trying to make?

To answer your question, parts of it are generated by AI but only the ideas. I paraphrased it myself. - u can check yourself for ai generated text

Why are you angry Mint? Yes yes you're right. BW should try to be original like your post. *runs*

Posted: 7 months ago

I can't believe you're equating a post on a public forum meant purely for fun to films consumed by millions.

Whew, I'm not angry, I'm just a minty freshly come back from a ghisa pita movie and wanted to discuss.

Posted: 7 months ago

They have a committee looking into it. Could be 1,000 days till the changes take affect 

Posted: 7 months ago

Second half is like ekta mata saga with slb raju hirani elements 

Posted: 7 months ago

Really nothing new in Karan's movie? Nothing that came across as original?

I found Bawaal rather original...

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