Jimmy Jab Games Season 4: Table No 21 (Final Results pg 125)

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Gather around folks! It’s Jimmy Jab time! After a successful season 1 through 3, I’m back with some more Jimmy Jab fun! For those who are new to this season, feel free to watch Jake Peralta explain the Jimmy Jab games below…and then keep reading for the Shreya version of the game!



Every season will have a particular theme that will stump you all. The first season’s theme was Puzzles Galore, the second season’s theme was Hunt It, and the third season's theme was Follow the Sheep. This season I bring to you Table No 21.

For those not familiar with the movie, it worked as follows: Mr. Khan (played by Paresh Rawal) would ask 1 question that Vivaan (played by Rajeev Khandelwal) and Siya (played by Tina Desai) had to answer truthfully with either a "yes" or "no" and then complete a task in relation to the question. Of course, with them, the questions got rather personal and the tasks harder and harder until it was revealed that they had ruined a kid's life with their so-called "fun" (ragging/hazing).

I won't be so mean. My game is slightly easier. I will ask you one question and you will have 24 hours to PM me your answer (yes or no) after which I will give you a task related to the question and your answer. This means the task will be different if you answer yes or no. You will then get between 48 to 72 hours to complete the task and your task will be graded on one parameter. That parameter will be revealed after the round has ended so that you cannot try to game the system.


So are you ready? Well then get ready, get set, and sign up! Sign up ends on June 9th 11:59 PM IST.

 This season 2 rounds will have some creativity involved. Don't worry you don't need to make gifs, siggies, etc. You will just need to show some creativity in your writing and thought process. Note the creativity portion is only there if you answer a specific way to a question. It will be very obvious when you get the question.

 Questions can be asked in the thread (unless told otherwise) and I will accumulate the most important questions into a Q&A post below.

 You are not allowed to ask anyone for help. This is your game and your game alone!

 The leaderboard will not be revealed until the end. You are free to calculate and share your own points if you want, but I will only share the eliminated people and their scores.

 After each round, those that didn't submit answers or those with the lowest scores will be eliminated.

 Note that you cannot ask anyone for help or reveal you are playing a game in any round. If you are suspected or caught cheating, you will be immediately removed from the game.

 Note that I will only expect a "yes" or "no" answer to each question. If you try to hedge by saying "maybe" or "I don't know" or some other such answer, I will simply choose one answer for you and give you a task accordingly. If you don't answer within 24 hours, I will also do the same by randomly assigning you a task from the "yes" or "no" categories.

 Results will not come immediately but rather an hour or two after the deadline to give me enough time to go through the submissions and grade them based on the specific parameter. The new question will be posted immediately, but you may find out after the question is posted that you've been eliminated. For example, I might post Question 2 and Shibani might respond to it, but then find out an hour later that she has been eliminated. I will simply tell her when she PMs me that she was eliminated in Question 1.

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Q: Can you give an example of a task?

A: Yep so like if I ask you "Do you like reading books" and you say "yes" I might give you a task of describing a popular book badly and posting it in a forum for people to guess what it is. It's creative, involves some work, but isn't too hard. Then your grading parameter on that would be the # of people that guess the book based on how badly you describe the plot. Like if you describe Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone and make it too obvious you'll get negative points even if 80 people guessed the book right.

Q: How long will the game last?

A: Expected to last until June 25th to 26th assuming no one asks for extensions which honestly you don't need extensions in this game.

Q: How creative do I have to be?

A: Well creativity will only be based on the answer you give for a question. If you answer one way then you will get creative task else you won't. It'll be a very obvious question as well so you will not be thrown into a loophole.





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  1. firewings_diya
  2. Shooting-Star
  3. TheMinion
  4. NayaNehaD31
  5. Pribz
  6. Aquabutterfly
  7. WildestDreams
  8. trouble_006
  9. hasini009
  10. SarafWasima
  11. Swetha-Sai
  12. Nichuss
  13. Amru4krish
  14. Sevenstreaks
  15. Hakuna_Matata11
  16. Phenyl
  17. Zeal17
  18. Msgayatri
  19. Rosyme
  20. Plvs-Vltrx
  21. Radiant-Eyes
  22. Pete15rogmourey
  23. Satrangi_Curls
  24. MoodyMango
  25. DevilHere
  26. RainOfDew
  27. foreverlazy
  28. nutmeg7
  29. Amekha
  30. Palak2812
  31. Life_Is_Dutiful
  32. SAOkr
  33. awida
  34. Ragazza_dolce
  35. Bee222
  36. Vedika.Kapoor
  37. DiscoDhokla
  38. oye_nakhrewaali
  39. SoniRita
  40. la_Reine
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Here. Latest season is up! Call others.

Posted: 3 months ago
Originally posted by MinionBoss

Here. Latest season is up! Call others.

Aa jao mere bakre. Aa jao idhar.

Posted: 3 months ago
Originally posted by MinionBoss

Here. Latest season is up! Call others.

Time to get eliminated again. smiley36

Posted: 3 months ago
Originally posted by MinionBoss

Here. Latest season is up! Call others.

Read and then join.

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