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Posted: 4 months ago

YHC was so good during many tracks 

Like initial 4-5 months till Preesha sister entered show 

Ooty honeymoon track, Sranash real father revelation track 

Rudra-Ruhi village track, Rudra- Devika Goa track

Ruhi-Preesha-Rudra Delhi track, Rudra-Mali track only(exclude Arman and family out) 

Rudra-Sarnash-Revathi track 

But truly horrible writing started since start of Nayat track in jan 2023 but still okkk as acting by leads and sideys like Aliya, Revathi was still good

But after leap the writing plus acting both are horrific you cannot watch screen for one minute except Nayat scenes and want to switch video 

That new so called sidey hero(whoever he is never seen him before) hes so much over acting against subtle great acting by Rudra/Samrat as heros in show 

Samrat had OTT scenes from start yet no matter how vulgar how pathetic the writing was he maintained dignity of character and made himself likable 

Same with heroine (no idea who she is) she is one track emotions no expressions changing as per dialogues like preesha/nayat 

And writing ohh my 5 year old baby can write better story than the story and scebes going on nowadays. 

So many great scenes missed out between Samrat/Nayan thanks to bad writing 

They could have written great scenes between Pradhyuman/Samrat just like Rudra/Sarnash 

Also they could write much better scenes between Samrat/Kashvi like Rudra/Ruhi without them knowing they are father and daughter 

Also angst scenes between Samrat/Nayat are written very badly 

Except first meet between Samrat/Nayan this week where you could feel Samrat heart break and pity him for being alone 20 years rest none scenes touched heart

Out of 1.6 TRP 1.4 TRP is coming for Samrat and Nayat  scene only of 2 to 3 mins  

The only saving grace is Abrars brilliant acting as a lonely betrayed alone person wrongly blamed by family and wife whose alone 20 last years 

Even Nayan acting may be good but we cannot justify her behaviours. Whys she shouting at Samrat in program when shes illegally occupied footpath for her shop and as per law Samrat is right to give complaint. This Nayna has God complex like anupama in anupama serial and always misbehaves or humilates Samrat without his any fault always. 

Samrat has become bali ka bakra only for Nayan and iyers and now this new Arjun Bajwa. Why are all shouting misbehaving slapping him always without any of his fault is a mystery? If govind does fault shout at Samrat if Mansi does murder make Samrat responsible if Nayan does illegal things and hides things shout at Samrat if Nayna left Samrat and family without saying blame Samrat for her disappearance and death  now Kashvi is injured so grab Samrat collar and shout at him what is this? Samrat should be strict with all love and family is ok bute hes allowing all to walk all over him like door mat. Thats not right. Being a good human does not mean you let wife, wife parents, wife sibings your kids their boy friend girl friends etc to misbehave with you Samrat stand up for yourself 

Next if municpality water does not come in Nayan in laws house Samrat may get hit if current goes off in nayan home blame Samrat if shop has fire say Samrat put fire and arrest him, if Arjun do not love Kashvi blame Samrat, if Mahima uns off with Pradhyuman grab Samrat collar what is all this? If rain does not come in faridabad may be Nyana and family will blame Samrat next 

Where is Prem? Did they forget him like Ruhi Saransh after leap such impt character in Samrat Nayna life 

Scenes are really badly written 

Like How can 19-20 year old Arjun be allowed to grab 46-48 year old Samrat Choudhary collar and behave so badly. Where is respect for age? Who is Arjun to misbeahve with Samrat and Nayan is just standing and watching her husband being manhandled by a little boy 30 years younger than Samrat? Which wife or family will stand and watch as family member abused like that? Samrat should have give 4 slaps to Arjun thats all he deserved in that scenes. Who is Arjun to come and misbehave with Samrat? Its Samrat wife there Nayan and Samrat has all right to speak or comfort her etc or confront her although the scene looked a bit OTT. The scene in record room could have been written better with Samrat pouring his anger and herat at being betrayed. But scene written so badly you see yet Abrar did faboulous job as a man betrayed 20 years back. 

They could have added Nayans guilt instead of making her act like God and not accepting any of her faults in life. Samrat got more angry as Nayan refuses to accept shes 99% fault and says Samrat is 100% fault when he has no fault at all in her going away for 20 years. Seeing Samrat being wrongly blamed for everything all audience have symapthy to Samrat not Nayan atleast make her accept her grave faults now. Its too late already her deet behaviour acting asi f Samrat is murderer of her parents  is making audience really angry and un sympathetic to her character. Who dosw she think she is some almighty? 

Shes destroyed an human life for 20 years but acting like saint and making him like devil which audience accept this? 1000% all sympathy is only with Samrat none to Nayan. Because she first blamed Samrat for mudrder done by mansi although he risked his life serval times to save Govind before too. Than she has not even told him i am leaving you and just ran off seting up as f she died in manli bus accident making Samrat guilty last 20 years. shes hidden Samrat has daughter. Her list of crimes are innumerable. The way she misbehaved with Samrat in Shimla tour making him sit on floor slapping and publicly humilating him too was wrong. Somewhere Iyers have God complexbe it govind, malathi, Ishani or nayan they think they can get away doing all crimes and faults and blame all on Samrat 

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 

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