Jimmy Jab Games S3 - Follow the Sheep (R4 Results + Winner pg 100-101)

Posted: 5 months ago

Gather around folks! It’s Jimmy Jab time! After a successful season 1 and 2, I’m back with some more Jimmy Jab fun! For those who are new to this season, feel free to watch Jake Peralta explain the Jimmy Jab games below…and then keep reading for the Shreya version of the game!



Every season will have a particular theme that will stump you all. The first season’s theme was Puzzles Galore and the second season’s theme was Hunt It. This season I bring to you a plain and simple Follow the Sheep. That’s right. All you have to do is follow the sheep.


So are you ready? Well then get ready, get set, and sign up! Sign up ends on April 23rd 7:00 AM IST.

 This season the rounds have no creativity requirements. You do not need to know how to make gifs, siggies, write stories, or anything of that sort. You just need your brain and a good sense of where the sheep can go.

 Questions can be asked in the thread (unless told otherwise) and I will accumulate the most important questions into a Q&A post below.

 You are not allowed to ask anyone for help. This is your game and your game alone!

 The leaderboard will not be revealed until the end. You are free to calculate and share your own points if you want, but I will only share the eliminated people and their scores.

 After each round, those that didn't submit answers or those with the lowest scores will be eliminated.

 There are 4 rounds total. 3 that are sheep rounds and 1 anti-sheep round.

 If you're new to sheep, what the hell have you been doing for the past 5 years??? smiley37 No, but seriously, sheep games are quite simple. You get a list of questions and you have to give the answers you think most people would give. For example, if I ask "Is Shreya evil?", the right answer is "yes", but the common answer could be "no" (why that would be I have no idea but it could be smiley24). You get points if you have the most common answer (except in anti-sheep round when you get points for a unique answer). Everyone else gets babaji ka thullu.

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Seriously why are you asking questions - it's a sheep game!!! smiley37

Q: Is there any specific theme to the sheep rounds?

A: They are all related to Brooklyn Nine-Nine but all Google-able stuff. I will not be asking anything in intricate detail.

Q: In anti-sheep round, do our answers need to be unique to get the point or just least common?

A: It'll be either/or. Depends on the answers I get. If I get all common answers, then it'll be least common, but if I get unique answers, then it'll be unique.

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  1. la_Reine
  2. DelusionsOfNeha
  3. TheMinion
  4. SoniRita
  5. Red_eyes94
  6. nutmeg7
  7. SarafWasima
  8. sakshi.ekansh
  9. Aquabutterfly
  10. Swetha-Sai
  11. Palak2812
  12. hasini009
  13. oye_nakhrewaali
  14. Amekha
  15. DiscoDhokla
  16. trouble_006
  17. Tapdance
  18. firewings_diya
  19. sunshining
  20. Amru4krish
  21. Rosyme
  22. RockingSunny
  23. Chir-Cute
  24. Hakuna_Matata11
  26. Shooting-Star
  27. SunqianFan
  28. nethraa_99
  29. Sera-high123
  30. Nichuss
  31. infinity101
  32. vibecheck
  33. MoodyMango
  34. kavya1994
  35. Bee222
  36. DreamOfEndless
  37. SejN
  38. Armu4eva
  39. RainOfDew
  40. India_TV
  41. average-student
  43. Savera84
  44. Anisha06
  45. NayaNehaD31
  46. palakluvsabhiya
  47. LizzieBennet
  48. Nostalgia-02
  49. Plvs-Vltrx
  50. hbkrocks
  51. Vedika.Kapoor
  52. Ocean_breeze
  53. Alaukik
  54. midniteangel
  55. Gigi78752
  56. EmeraldStar
  57. mayu.x
  58. Bad_Karma
  59. Beautyful_Mess
  60. BlurredLines
  61. Havaana
  62. LazyBiing
  63. shiiny
  64. JustRandomGirl
  65. Zeal17
  66. SummerBorn
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Seriously why am I even tagging you? I know you all are in. smiley16

Posted: 5 months ago

Don't make me hunt you down. Sign up now. smiley15

Posted: 5 months ago

My fingers are hurting. Do I want to keep doing this? Sign-up already. smiley24

Posted: 5 months ago

Me smiley36

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Final set of tags. The rest is up to all of you. smiley36

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