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Love & Friendship

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“There is no greater power on this earth than story.” 

“You may tell a tale that takes up residence in someone's soul, becomes their blood and self and purpose. That tale will move them and drive them and who knows what they might do because of it, because of your words. That is your role, your gift.”

Hello and Welcome

 My Dear Forumites

I know everyone is waiting to see the beautiful entries for this Micro Fiction Contest. So throwing open this thread to dear forum members for selection of the best creations out of the 26 entries, displayed here in 3 posts.

 Before getting further into the details let me take a moment to thank all the writers who took part in the contest! We have received some lovely creations. Thank you for making this a success. 

All the creations are winners in their own way.We all must remember that all creations are the result of time-consuming and painstaking hard work, irrespective of the fact it wins or not . 

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Here are the voting rules that members have to follow 

1. Vote for any FIVE  entries. Not more, nor less.

2. Newbies and groupbies votes will not be counted.

3. DO NOT advertise your entries. Advertisement of any form will lead to the entries getting disqualified. 

-If any foul play is suspected, voting in the forum will be cancelled.

4. DO NOT vote for your own entries.

5. Voting round

                            Starts on : 16 Apr 2023

                            Ends on : 26 Apr 2023, 2359 hrs IST 

I'll comment in the thread saying voting has ended. Votes after that will not be considered.

6. Avoid editing your comment. Think carefully before you vote but don't change them afterwards.

7. Inform immediately if your entry is missing.

8. If you have any queries, feel free to ask in this thread or PM Sutapasima

Entry #1 

by NiharikaMishra

Shalini and Rajesh watch as Radha graduated as valedictorian. She gives a speech crediting Rajesh for everything. He cannot help bursting into tears. Shalini consoles him while Radha rushes to hug him.

As the old couple enters Newark airport to leave to India after bidding farewell to Radha, Shalini stares at Rajesh as he completes formalities at the airport.

"How" she asks

"What?" Rajesh's surprised

"How can anyone do that? You married me when  your childhood friend Karan was martyred. I could never love anyone but Karan and yet you agreed, and nobody can guess Radha is not your daughter. How?" Shalini felt quite free after blurting all out after 22 years.

"Radha... I fell in love with her as a father when I saw her. After Karan's death, she was just 2. I couldn't bear the emptiness in her eyes" Shalini is spellbound. They hug each other and proceed to board the flight.

In the flight, Shalini is snoozing while Rajesh exuses himself to the loo. There he takes a picture out,

"I too could never love anyone but you Karan. When you broke up with me when Madhu aunty threatened suicide and joined the army after marriage to avoid me, I had made peace with my loneliness. After your death, I wanted to kill myself  too, but then I saw Radha. She was exactly your image. By becoming her father, I was close to you in my own way."

Rajesh kisses the picture and puts is back in his pocket.


Entry # 2

By SoniRita

 Project with unfriendly colleague.

James didn't like his colleague, Luis. Luis was always unfriendly and made it clear that he didn't enjoy working with James. However, when their boss asked them to work on a project together, James knew he had no choice but to cooperate with Luis.

Not wishing to annoy the boss, he reluctantly joined his unfriendly colleague and started working on the project. To James' surprise, Luis had some excellent ideas, and he started warming up to him. Luis even smiled a few times, and James found himself laughing at his jokes.

As the project progressed, James and Luis became friends, and James was glad he had put aside his initial dislike for Luis. They completed the project on time and delivered an outstanding result.

On the day of the presentation, James and Luis stood in front of the audience, ready to present their work. But just as they were about to begin, Luis suddenly collapsed on the stage. Everyone rushed to help him, but it was too late. Luis was gone.

James was devastated. He couldn't believe that the person he had grown to like so much was now gone forever. He realized that he should never judge anyone before getting to know them and that life is too short to hold grudges.



by BrhannadaArmour

“She plays divinely,” the vidyādharī told Sumanas as Priyadarśana laid down his vīṇā.
“Smile!” Sumanas reminded her moody ten-year-old - a son throughout Vārāṇasī, thanks to her vidyādharī friend’s prompt magic at her daughter’s birth. 

“How much longer will I be a boy, vidyādharī?” Priyadarśana demanded. “Your vidyā told you that the Cakravartin will expose me as a girl, but when will we meet?”

 “Soon, Vatse! Your body is beginning to fill out, but only the Cakravartin is able to see that, thanks to the herb’s magic. When he marries you, he will assume coverture of your professional responsibilities. Then you will stay home, like every other wealthy lady,” the vidyādharī replied.

Priyadarśana sighed. “All the old traders bow to my decisions. Inexperience doesn’t matter. I’m their leader, because I’m Kāliya’s son. A girl wouldn’t even appear in their council. She would testify through a male messenger.”

 “I know it’s unnatural, but do you really blame me?” Sumanas wailed.
“King Brahmadatta was ready to confiscate everything when your father died. All that saved our estate was my pregnancy and you being a boy.”

“I don’t blame you at all, Ācī!” Priyadarśana reassured Sumanas. “I feel lucky that Tāta died before I was born! Otherwise, how could I have watched you managing the business, and learned from you? As a boy, I can play the vīṇā in front of everyone.”

 “With magic, you can always disguise yourself,” the vidyādharī offered.

“Do I need magic?” Priyadarśana shook his head. “Isn’t natural ability enough?”



by SoniRita

Friendly alien meets LGBTQ community

As the spaceship descended towards the planet's surface, the friendly alien known as Zara felt a mix of excitement and nervousness. She had heard stories of the inhabitants of this planet, but nothing could have prepared her for what she was about to encounter.

Upon landing, Zara quickly found herself surrounded by a group of colorful beings. They had rainbow flags draped around their shoulders and their clothing was adorned with badges and pins that read "Love is Love" and "Equality for All."

Zara was fascinated by these creatures and felt an instant connection with them. As a member of a species that had long ago abandoned gender norms and embraced love in all its forms, Zara was thrilled to discover that there were others in the universe who shared her beliefs.

The group welcomed Zara with open arms, showing her around their city and introducing her to their culture. They told her stories of the struggles they had faced in their fight for acceptance and equality, and Zara felt a deep respect and admiration for them.

As the days passed, Zara knew that her time on this planet was limited. But she also knew that she had made lifelong friends with this group of beautiful beings, and that she would always cherish the memories of her time with them.


Entry #5

by Clochette(Claudia)

Forever is too strong a word

- Happy that I had survived? Not at all, Doctor, not at all. Living without the love of my life isn't a life I want to live anymore.

Peter left me. One time too much I accused him, called him a cheater, not worth of my faithful love. And again I had been wrong, like all the other times when I suspected him to have a lover. He looked at me with that sadness in his eyes that proved me wrong. I apologized, called myself selfish, insecure, possessive. This time, it didn't help. He left. Didn't come back. I tried to find him. In vain. Yesterday, it would have been our 20th anniversary of being together. One year ago, it was the day I lost him forever.

- Forever? What if life takes a turn at the next corner? Faithful love? Obviously not as full of faith as it could have been, right, Mr. Wasabi? Wait a moment, I'll fetch one of my former colleagues who may convince you to have faith in your love.

John Wasabi closed his eyes. He didn't want to see, hear, listen, talk or feel anymore. He wanted to die. Still, he heard the door open, sensed the approach of a person, felt his right hand being covered by a warm hand. He wanted to take his hand away when he heard...

-John...look at me.

...and John opened the eyes, looked at Peter, sitting in a wheelchair, and listened to him. 


Entry #6

by BrhannadaArmour

 Raghav shivered, watching the light from his house as if it could warm him. Having worked throughout last night, he felt very sleepy, but remained standing.

 “Raghav?” It was Varun’s voice … Varun’s warm hand on his shoulder. Raghav turned. Was he dreaming?

 “Rama told me that she sent your father a photo of Mona hugging you. If you confessed my hug instead, and came out … I had to be here. Get in my car and warm up.”

 “No.” Raghav resisted. “Until Ābā considers me purified, this is my penance.”

 “For a co-worker’s innocent congratulatory hug?” Varun slipped off his jacket and covered Raghav’s shoulders. “Penance means torture?”

“Varun, you can’t imagine Ābā’s disappointment. He pledged my celibacy until I inaugurate the new temple.

” Varun tried not to laugh. 

“He takes credit for depriving you of women, never suspecting that you need a man?” 

“Take your jacket and go home,” Raghav huffed.

 “No, Raghav. Until you reject this pointless ordeal, I’ll suffer with you.”

 “You don’t even believe …”

 “Right. Tell your family why I’m staying. Or hug me to keep me warm.” 

“That’s inviting more penance!” 

“Exactly. I’m challenging you, Raghav Purohit. Martyr yourself, you fool, but not for a lie. At least do it for the truth!” 

“Ābā would be ashamed to find out what you mean to me.” 

“Tell him that chasing a nice boy saves me from meat, alcohol, smoking …”

 “You don’t smoke!”

 “Euphemism for my dad’s drug trafficking.

” Raghav followed Varun and got into his car.


Entry #7

by SoniRita

Love is deaf, blind and dumb

She wakes on an ordinary morning to a knock on the door. Groggily, she heads to the door, wondering who could be visiting her so early. As she opens the door, she is taken aback as she sees her ex-girlfriend standing there.

They had broken up a few months ago and the woman thought she had moved on, but seeing her ex-girlfriend brought back all the memories and feelings.

The ex-girlfriend explains that she had made a mistake and wants to get back together. The woman is hesitant, but the look in her ex-girlfriend's eyes and the sincerity in her voice make her heart skip a beat.

After a lot of talking and a few tears, they decide to give their relationship another chance. They spend the day talking and laughing like they used to, and it feels like they never even broke up.

As the night comes to an end, they hug each other goodbye, and the woman knows in her heart that things will be different this time. She wakes up the next day, feeling happier than she has been in a long time, and realizes that sometimes an ordinary morning can turn into an extraordinary one with just a knock on the door.


Entry #8

by Clochette(Claudia)

Forever is too strong a word 

Peter smiled at his former lover, who lied in bed quite drained after the evacuation of his stomach.

  • Happy that you survived, John.

John seemed to be all of a dither...joy, relief, worry,,, a kaleidoscope of emotions on his face and in his voice.

  • Peter, why are you in a wheelchair?

  • After I left you, I had an accident, just down the block, at the corner. I ran into a man holding a weapon who pistoled me when I grabbed him to not fall. Later I got to know that the guy had just robbed the handy store and was about to get into a car to bunk. The bullet had done some damage also touching the spine. They put me in an artificial coma after the operation so my body got time to heal, but my spine is still too weak to be burdened.

  • Nobody informed me, you neither. Why?

  • Nobody knew that I lived with you and I didn't want that you see me in that sad condition. Your doctor is a former colleague. He knows that we were a couple.

  • You didn't want to see me and we   w e r e   a couple?! Peter, please, I said sorry...and you need me, don't you?

  • I want your love, John, not your pity or solicitude. I've people who look after me. Try to be happy without me.

Peter raised John's hand, kissed it and put it back...on John's heart. He then turned the wheelchair and left the room. 


Entry #9

by BrhannadaArmour

“My political connections expect a grand wedding,” Kedarnath Sardeshmukh argued. “Babulnath is my only son!”

 “My engineer son and a coconut. Non-negotiable!” Tulasa Karkahanis shot back. “Your dropout hooligan doesn’t even deserve to stand in my Deva’s shadow!”

 “Trees make shade for others, and stand in the glare themselves …” Devavrat murmured to his sturdy fiancé under his mother’s glare.

“Nānā, isn’t there a law against dowry?” Babulnath protested.

“Irrelevant to illegal same-sex marriages!” Kedarnath countered. “Big boy, teaching me wisdom!”
“Nānāsāheba, your convention centre will take a year to build, and I don’t have time until I finish building the college,” Devavrat reasoned. “We can get married first. An outdoor wedding would be perfect, right, Babul?” 

“Right, Deva!” Babulnath grinned at Devavrat, remembering the day he first saw him planting trees along the highway. Confronted for littering, Babulnath had swung a punch at Devavrat. Caught by the hand, flipped onto his back, he had fallen hard.
“Let me explain in language that you’ll understand, Honourable MLA,” Tulasa condescended. “The Maharashtra Government granted you funds to create jobs building the Trimbak Convention Centre, your campaign promise. If contractors complain to the media that your son squeezes them for bribes, which reach you because the engineer is his husband-to-be, you won’t get re-elected. You want progressives to vote for you, right? Then your gay son’s marriage needs to happen before rival parties steal the idea.”

“Please, Nānā?” Babulnath pleaded. 

“All right!” Kedarnath gave in. “We’ll exhibit the college site with your wedding.”


Entry #10

by SoniRita

 Ancestor's Journal

While searching the attic for old family heirlooms, Maze and her wife Eva stumbled upon an old journal hidden behind a dusty trunk. As they flipped through the pages, their eyes widened with shock as they realized that the journal belonged to Eva's great-great-grandmother, who had been in a loving relationship with another woman.

The entries chronicled the struggles that Eva's ancestor faced in a time when their love was considered taboo and forbidden. The journal contained secret rendezvous, clandestine meetings, and hidden love letters that had been exchanged between the two women.

Maze and Eva couldn't believe what they were reading. The love that they shared was once considered a crime, and the thought of being punished for their love was unthinkable. They were grateful for the progress that had been made, but also saddened that it had taken so long for acceptance and tolerance to become the norm.

As they closed the journal, Maze and Eva shared a tender embrace, feeling a deep sense of gratitude and appreciation for the love that they were able to openly share with the world. They vowed to honor Eva's great-great-grandmother's legacy by living their lives with pride, love, and acceptance for all.


Entry # 11

by BrhannadaArmour

“Sorry!” Varun exclaimed, finding a boxers-clad young man in the washroom at Gulmohar Software Solutions.
“Wait!” Raghav called. “Please help me! My clothes were on that hook, but they’re gone!” Why did the spectator to his embarrassment have to be so handsome? 

“Someone must have stolen them!” Varun guessed. Momentarily interrupting his eyelock with the blushing vision, he noticed the sacred thread crossing his sinewy torso. “Don’t stress; we’ll work it out together. I’m Varun, by the way.”
“I’m Raghav.” Nervously reacting to Varun’s outstretched hand with namaskāra, Raghav felt silly, denying himself Varun’s touch.

 Varun’s smile widened as Raghav clasped his hand. Impulsively winking at the adorably flustered traditionalist, Varun exited and quickly returned with Raghav’s clothes.

 “I found them in the trash just outside. They’re coffee-stained, unfortunately.”

 “I had taken them off to wash the stains. Thanks to you, I can finish cleaning up and return to work. It’s my first day here.”

 “Congratulations. Obviously, someone planned to steal your clothes. Who spilled coffee on you?”
“The office attendant tripped over Rama Madam’s foot while she was focussed on work.” 

“Rama Paranjape? I’ve known her since childhood. Revenge is her only focus.”

 Half an hour later, Rama flounced into Varun’s arms and complained, “First day, and I got fired for violating the privacy of that ee-diot! Anyway, you’re back from abroad, so let’s party!”
“I can’t. My new friend invited me to his kīrtana.” 

“What’s kīrtana?”

“Boring! Why would you agree?”

 “I’m crazy. Love at first sight!”


Entry #12

by SoniRita

 Love in Workplace

John had always struggled with his colleague, Matt. Matt never seemed to like him, and John couldn't understand why. But when the boss asked him to work on a project with Matt, John didn't want to disappoint him, so he reluctantly agreed.

The first day was a disaster. Matt was as unfriendly as ever, barely acknowledging John's presence. John tried to make conversation, but Matt only responded with monosyllabic answers. It was going to be a long project.

But then, something strange happened. As they worked together, John started to notice things about Matt he hadn't before. The way he furrowed his brow when he was concentrating, the way he tapped his foot when he was nervous. John found himself drawn to him, despite everything.

As the weeks went on, John found himself looking forward to their meetings, even though Matt was still unfriendly. It wasn't until the last day of the project that John finally found the courage to confess his feelings.

To his surprise, Matt felt the same way. He had been keeping his distance because he was afraid of getting too close. And as they kissed for the first time, John realized that sometimes the people we think we can't stand are the ones we're meant to be with.


16 More entries in next two posts 

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Love & Friendship

Posted: 1 years ago

Entry #13

by SoniRita

Dan had always been wary of his colleague, Bill. The man had a sharp tongue and a cold demeanor that made it hard for anyone to warm up to him. But when the boss asked Dan to work with Bill on a project, he couldn't refuse. He didn't want to annoy the boss and risk his job.

Reluctantly, Dan joined Bill in his cubicle, trying to keep the conversation strictly work-related. But as they talked, Dan began to notice things about Bill that he hadn't before. The way his eyes crinkled when he smiled, the sound of his laugh, and the way he tapped his foot to the beat of the music he was listening to.

Dan couldn't explain it, but he felt drawn to Bill, despite his unfriendly exterior. It wasn't until Bill made a passing comment about his boyfriend that everything clicked into place.

Dan realized that the reason Bill had been so guarded was because he was gay, and he didn't want to risk being ostracized by his colleagues. Dan felt a surge of empathy for his colleague and, without thinking, blurted out that he was gay too.

Bill's face lit up, and he reached out to clasp Dan's hand. "I'm so glad to hear that," he said. "I thought I was the only one here."

From that day on, Dan and Bill were inseparable. They worked together on the project and bonded over their shared experiences. Dan realized that sometimes, the people you least expect can become your closest allies.


Entry #14

by dellzcreationz

In love with a 1000+ year old Original Hybrid

Dear Diary, it’s been days since I have penned down my feelings, thoughts or my day to day activities. It’s because, I was trying to figure myself out whether I am really falling in love?
No it’s not the kind of love that I had for Elena back in the day but it’s a love that that transcends over loving the opposite gender, it’s a love that’s so pure that’s connected with loving each other’s souls and I don’t know whether he feels me or not, but for all I know dear Diary and like Caroline said that “Someday I will be meeting someone new, with whom I will fall madly in love with, without even realising that I have moved on “and here I am, confessing it to my mirror self in writing that am falling in love with a 1000+ year old Original Hybrid, Niklaus Mikaelsson, the man for whom the world knows him as the greatest evil but for all I know he has a purest of heart for the ones that he loves , and am sure I might be the one that makes his heart skip a beat.


Entry #15

by TunesOfHeart

 Heart to heart

Aashay stared at his bestfriend with a blank expression as if he couldn't process the words.

"So you are saying that you like me in a romantic way?"

"Not like but love! I love you Aashay! And I might look disgusting to you, right now but  I don't want to regret not confessing my love to you! I am sorry." 

Aakash added with fresh tears flowing through his eyes as he didn't really like the blank look on Aashay's face. But the next moment he got surprised. 

Aashay held the helm of Aakash's shirt in anger and pulled him a few inches closer to him.

"Why are you saying sorry? What's there to be sorry about, Aak? You love me and you confessed, that's it! You should never say sorry for confessing your love! It's almost like insulting your love for me! " With that Aashay loosened his grip on Aakash's shirt. 

Aakash couldn't believe his ears as he looked at Aashay with hopeful eyes. The outburst gave Aakash somewhat hope that, there might be a very slight chance of something happening.

"Why are you statue now? Say something damnit!" Aashay snapped.

"Aashay... You..." Aakash struggled to voice out his thoughts so Aashay thought to make things easy for him, only because he had bravely confessed his love to him.

"Yes! I am keeping my heart open for you. I hope you can wait for me?" To which Aakash happily nodded in yes before engulfing him in a hug.


Entry #16

by BrhannadaArmour

 Raghav had just exited the elevator when Varun ran up and pulled him back in. Varun was breathless. Raghav’s pulse raced from proximity.

 “Recovered the file?” Varun panted.

Raghav shook his head. “Before I could locate backups, Boss sacked me. He thinks Lavanya Solutions planted me at Gulmohar to sabotage our project for Saurabh Sir. An anonymous email accused me.” 

Varun hugged Raghav, inhaling his scent. Sandalwood. “Let’s go up. I’ll tell your boss that Rama gloated about erasing your presentation. Obviously, Rama emailed him too.”

 “Boss went home already.” Raghav wanted to tighten their embrace, but hesitated. Anticipating blacklisting from software jobs, Raghav couldn’t afford gossip about his sexuality, or else his ancestral occupation of directing pūjā would be off-limits too. Devout, erudite Raghav was a popular Gurujī, but who would dignify a gay man by that title?

 Varun sensed Raghav’s turmoil and released him. “Rama’s father wants you at Lavanya Solutions.” 

“That would bolster the email’s allegation of corporate espionage.”

Varun sighed. “Tomorrow morning, Saurabh Sir will defund Gulmohar unless you present to him.”
“From memory?”

 “Raghav, you perform kīrtana. Your memory is phenomenal.

” The next morning, Varun drove to Gulmohar Software Solutions while Raghav napped beside him. Raghav caught Saurabh in the lobby, explained, and presented the project - entirely reassembled overnight. Impressed, Saurabh offered Raghav a job, Rs. 5 crore per month.
“Sir, I’m honoured, but without Gulmohar …“ Raghav began.

 Varun sprang to his side.

 “Gulmohar sacked you, remember?” Varun whispered. “Commit where your dedication is appreciated.”



by TunesOfHeart

 Shade of jealousy

'I specifically asked him to not smile like that, in here but he didn't even listen.' Avyukt stared at his sunshine boyfriend, Ekam who was talking to some guests animatedly completely unaware of the rage felt by Avyukt, looked up only to meet an annoyed gaze of Avyukt, which only made his smile bigger.

The boys were at a close friend's wedding, looking extremely suave in the pastel colour outfits.

"Ekam, I want to talk for a minute!" Ekam heard Avyukt say and then only he realised that Avyukt now stood a few centimetres away from him.

As soon as Ekam nodded his head in positive, Avyukt dragged him away to a secluded corner.

"What now Avi?" Ekam asked a bit worried until Avyukt trapped him between him and the wall.

"You love making me jealous, right?" Avyukt asked staring right in his eyes.

"Maybe!" Ekam replied innocently.

"And you definitely know how annoyed I am right now, right?" Avyukt asked again

"Maybe!" Ekam replied but this time he couldn't hold back and grinned.

"You are so cruel Ekam!"

"But you still love me!" Ekam replied cheekily to which Avyukt raised his eyebrows in amusement.

"Maybe!" Ekam rolled his eyes hearing that.

"I didn't ask you, but stated that you do love me!"

"How do you know that I love you?" Avyukt asked with a questioning look.

"You do not talk to me!" Ekam looked away making Avyukt finally chuckle at the guy's cuteness.

"You are so cute!" 


Entry #18

by SoniRita

The police officers looked up from their desks with annoyance as the nonagenarian woman limped into their station, her cane tapping against the floor. They were already swamped with paperwork and weren't in the mood for any more interruptions.

But as the woman began to speak, the officers soon found themselves startled at her confessions and the detailed revelations she shared with them.

She told them of a love affair she had with a woman back in the 1940s, when such relationships were forbidden and kept secret. She spoke of the fear she felt, of being caught and ostracized by society. She told them of the struggles she faced as a lesbian in a time when there was no acceptance or understanding.

The officers listened intently, their annoyance fading as they heard her story. They saw her in a new light, as a brave woman who had lived through difficult times and faced discrimination with courage.

As she finished her tale, the officers felt a deep respect for her and thanked her for sharing her story. They promised to take her confession seriously and to do all they could to ensure her story was heard and honored.

As the woman left the station, her head held high, the officers felt a sense of pride in having been a part of her journey. They knew that her story would stay with them always, a reminder of the bravery of those who came before and fought for equality.


Entry 19

by PangaNaLe

A Talk In The Train

Mehak is sitting in her berth nervously. She starts surfing internet and comes across a sex tape of two women in a car. She starts watching it. Suddenly the compartment door opens. A lady enters. Surprised, Mehak drops her phone. The lady picks it up, takes a glimpse at the video and returns it back. She sits down. She notices Mehak has no luggage except one school bag.

 “It doesn’t look like you have a train ticket. You’re a runaway?” asks the lady nonchalantly. Mehak gets scared. “Your mom will be worried” the lady advises.
“No she won’t” snaps Mehak. “She doesn’t care, and she would never accept me. You don’t have to worry. If I get caught it’s on me.” She told sternly. 

The lady taking a moment, says “The couple in the video you were watching, it’s their sex tape which got leaked. One of them committed suicide after that. Was everywhere in news”. 

Mehak gets shocked hearing that.
The lady leans forward and says, “She was weak. You want to have the same fate?”
Mehak gets offended. “You shouldn’t say like that.” She replies.

 The lady chuckles. “Honey…that’s my video you were watching. I should be offended.” She says.
Mehak in shock looks back at the video and realizes it’s her. She doesn’t know what to say.

  “Go back dear.” She advises.

 “I…I’m sorry for your friend” Mehak apologizes. “Don’t be. She’s fine. Goodbye Mehak!” she says as she gets up and walks out.


Entry #20

by BrhannadaArmour

Tossing the one-year-old Bodhisattva back and forth with his teenage trainee, the old caṇḍāla acrobat spoke in a softly conspiratorial voice. 

“This is just the first act, little boy. You will put on many costumes to please our public. Today you will excite their compassion as they imagine you crashing to the ground or shaking your spine. But we know that dukkha is the entire truth of the world. Right, Pataṅga?” 

The teenager dutifully responded, “Who suffers is transient; yet suffering is perpetual.”

 “One day, you will be the nimble child balancing atop the pole, and one day, you will be the muscular man supporting the pole on the hollow of his neck. The public will think you’re delicate when you have a girl’s name - Medakathālikā - frying pan of fat, but you’ll know better than to splatter on the man carrying you, because that will be your place one day. You must concentrate on the movements of the man beneath you, and trust him to concentrate on you.” 

“Balancing up there is pure meditation,” Pataṅga remembered. “You’ll become aware of ākāsānañca - the sky’s infinity, and viññāṇānañca - infinite perception of every air current, every drop of sweat, and the shifting pole beneath you.”

 Catching the boy from Pataṅga, the old acrobat held him up in the air. “Whether the public cries or laughs at your girlhood, let them put food on your plate. Remember, when we’re too old to put on shows by the roadside, the roadside is where we lie.”


Entry #21

by Aquabutterfly

Johnny and Nate were terrified of the dark attic in the former's house. His grandfather had forbidden everyone's access to the room, the keys to the lock safely tucked away in his cupboard. But their curiosity had only increased as they grew up, children turning into teens. So when they'd stumbled upon the keys, years after Johnny's grandfather had passed away, the two boys could not wait any longer. 

While searching the attic, they located an old journal and were shocked to see that it dated back to 1940. They flipped through the first page and stumbled upon a worn out photograph of a younger version of Johnny's grandfather and another young man, their arms around each other.

As they read the entries on each page, tears sprung up in their eyes at the words decorating the lines. These weren't just stories, they were love letters - experiences Johnny's grandfather cherished the most. 

His grandfather and the young man from the photograph were lovers. The latter had been in the army and had lost his life in the second World War, leaving behind a devastated man.

It explained why Johnny's grandfather had never married. He could never share that part of himself with another person. It explained why he took annual trips to Hampshire around the end of the year. That had been where the young lovers had first met.

Suddenly, the boys heard the sound of a car and rushed downstairs before their parents could catch them. "I hope he's finally happy now," was their last thought as the door shut behind them.


Entry #22

by DelusionsOfNeha

Marry Me?! 

"Where were you all night?" Wylan asked the moment Jesper walked into the house.

Jesper placed his cap and gun away, "On duty! Why are you asking this?"

"I got to know from a trusted source you were out partying."

"We went to a rave party to find a drug dealer. I wasn't partying. Wylan, why are you asking all of this?" Jesper removed his shoes and socks.

"You come home smelling of some other woman and expect me to not question you?"

"I don't know who is feeding you all this nonsense but let me assure you, none of it is true."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes. Wait, are you drunk?"

"Nope. I don't do drunk." Wylan blew raspberries. 

"Wylan, you don't seem usual, are you-" Jesper turned silent as Wylan placed his hand on his mouth.

"Shut up and come here." Wylan wrapped his legs around him. "Do you really love me?" 

"Yes. I do."

"Let's get married."

"We got married two months ago." Wylan said nonchalantly. "What's with you tonight?"

"Marry me, again." Jesper picked him up and walked into their bedroom. "Let's do the rituals, then."

"Me likey." Wylan winked. 


Four more entries in next post 

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Oops i missed the deadline

Will try to vote by Eid

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I vote for entries #1, #7, #10, #17, #21.

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My vote goes to 4, 10, 15, 17 and 22.

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Originally posted by: BrhannadaArmour

I vote for entries #1, #7, #10, #17, #21.

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My vote goes to 4, 10, 15, 17 and 22.

Please do review the entries on my request. I had missed out entries #25, #26.

It is totally my fault and I have apologised to concerned writers.

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Originally posted by: Sutapasima

Please do review the entries on my request. I had missed out entries #25, #26.

It is totally my fault and I have apologised to concerned writers.

You may post your votes again if you wish to do so. 


I would like to change my vote to 4, 10, 17, 22 and 26.

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My vote goes to 10, 15, 18, 19 and 21

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Oops i missed the deadline

Will try to vote by Eid

Never mind dear, you may enjoy reading the beautiful entries n vote . 🤗