Harshad Arora Talks About SaiYa Marriage Promo, His Role

Posted: 10 months ago

Nice interview indeed..

He has good knowledge on his character 

And seems very mature and considerate towards his costars channel makers his fans and opposite fans..

Experience speaks in his wordings and his way of thinking 

All the very best harshad

Posted: 10 months ago

Nice interview. I always get to know some new things about the plot in Harshad's interview - both direct and between the lines

Posted: 10 months ago

Originally posted by nutmeg7

Nice interview. I always get to know some new things about the plot in Harshad's interview - both direct and between the lines

WU please..

Sanjhep mei.. 

Posted: 10 months ago

Harshad Arora on his Sai and Satya wedding promo: 

Actually surprising, there were more of compliments. In fact I was checking, and I got all these tweets - some polling happening between some Sairat fans and Saiya fans and it was pretty neck to neck and in some tweets, we won also but that's a very superficial thing I mean, whatever is done is done by the broadcasting team and it is totally dependent on what the audiences want but yes coming back to the question. Yes the shoot, the promo was really good. Fortunately for me, I got free pretty early on that day but yes the response has been very overwhelming, I will be honest on that and fans have loved the look of the promo, fans have loved Satya and Saai in the while bridal and the groom look. So they are actually looking forward for the whole track...

Adding more haa

Posted: 10 months ago

Harshad Arora on his comeback with GHKKPMt

See the numbers are talking about themselves. I mean the show has been doing well for a 2 and a half years. It fluctuates from number 1 and number 2 and right now we are right after Anupamaa. So it is an immensely popular show. People love the characters in the show and when I was narrated the character for Satya, I was like, (snaps fingers) this is it and you know it really hit me when you hear the character... the character should have something you know you need to say yes to it. It had that thing. For me you can say, it is definitely a comeback show - specially after the kind of feedback I have got. Just today I checked, I was trending on Twitter. Satya has been trending, Saiya has been trending, the show has been trending so that is a very good sign. That means people are loving the new equation, the new chemistry and... (shrugs shoulders)... yaa

Posted: 10 months ago

So i just watched the interview.. 

And i wanna say that is not just an extremely fine looking man, but also extremely intelligent, good head on his shoulders, fully sorted, exuding great positive vibes! ❤️

Also some few more things that ive taken: 

He is very veryy honest. 

We keep talking about who'll be the endgame but as he said it himself, it all depends on what the audience wants. If the audience wants SaiYa, be prepared to get it. He also said people are loving it so far, said the response has been great. Seems quite happy also that SaiYa is being this much loved. 

He was humble about the poll thing, but he is fully aware that people are liking Sai and Satya's pair. He knows it, and the makers know it too for sure. 

So when people say that SaiRat is gonna be the endgame for sure, don't believe them 😆 As Harshad said, television is unpredictable (ive been saying this too) and at this point, it really is open ended. The possibility of SaiYa as endgame isn't ruled out. So that is a good thing 😆 

He also talked about his equation with both Ayesha and NB. He said he has become really good friends with Ayesha. Also said him and NB also bond pretty well. So he shares a good bond with both. 

Overall, great interview ❤️ It's always a pleasure to watch the interviews of this intelligent and fine man! 

Posted: 10 months ago

Harshad Arora on his feelings when Dr Satya was offered to him
I had some skepticism regarding the character, the flow of the character, the screentime of the character, woh then I was assured that this character is gonna stay in the show and it's a very very relevant character. It's like a new lead in the show basically, if you see. So yaa, so far it has been really good. They have really worked on the equations for Satya like he has a different equation with his family. They have introduced an entire family. He has a very bit of a past. He has shown that as well plus his equation in the hospital and then ofcourse with Sai. Toh he is very much there and I think there is a parallel story running with the main story around Satya... and Sai

Posted: 10 months ago

This guy's IVs are always insightful and interesting, his answers are professional and apt.

Posted: 10 months ago

It feels weirdly weird seeing a lead male actor talk about the lead female actor instead of the alternative female lead. What has Ghum cast done to me ???? Someone help !!

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