Daarji × Sahiba - Small but amazing moment -2/4/23

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Posted: 1 years ago

Heelloooo guysss

Just had to make this post yaar...😃

So today's episode probably the smallest and subtlest of the scenes really stood out for me and made me chuckle and smile😃

This small moment linked to Daar ji × Sahiba yet again so when Sahiba finally comes up with tea on the scene when Jasleen and Garry as usual adding fuel into the fire and sahiba is like to Jasleen - buaji aapki chai mein kitna namak dalun? Aur garry tumhari chai mein kitni mirchi??? - and subtly in that moment Daarji is shown chuckling to himself getting her savageness even before she eventually explained it out to all...

Smallest of the moments but once again simply highlights how daar ji is one of those sensible ones in the house who simply get Sahiba for who she is - including her bold savageness when it comes to giving it back to the rest- in her savage style😆 like daar ji doesn't mind her boldness one bit...infact I think he likes it when she takes her stand and speaks her mind out boldly without fear..which is really kool of Akaal Singh brar..❤️can totally imagine daarji and sahiba cracking a laugh together in the future discussing their respective savagness...like at times daarji is super savage when it comes to his one liners/ sayings and kahawats...like loved how he shut his madcap jamairaja...today/ usually does it too....👍🏼 

Also no comments on manbir and her drama...like really these people tagging sahiba as dramebaaz..when they literally shut be awarded Oscar for toxic draamabaazi doing natak with the girl every single day without fail...like get a life you all..and let the girl breathe...dammit...

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Posted: 1 years ago

Their relationship is the best. I hope it never gets ruined.