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Posted: 1 years ago

Hi forum friends,

Myself anita from Malaysia. I started following this show coz of Sai ketan after adoring him in MHRW. But here, i am not able to connect to him. I don't see the chemistry between Raunaq and Chandni. I am liking Manav though😎😜 Hitanshu is really good looking and talented😍. His expressions are fabulous. I don't know why i am not enjoying Sai in this show. I prefer Manav Chandni pair. I see their fab chemistry but with Raunaq is zero 

On top of that his dialogues are making my eyes roll. I hope Sai is negative and Manav gets the girl at the end🤣🤣🤣.

Hopefully they don't turn Manav negative 

It's a trend these days FLs marry villains first. She is defo marrying raunaq but i hope at the end she leaves him .

I am skipping Sai scenes. I am not liking them. I skip Raunaq Chandni scenes too. I only watch Manav .😍

So for those who are just like me, consider this fiction as a treat. It is written on what i desire in the show. 

HUMSAFAR - a short story 

Lights, camera, action!!!

He moved forward and performed the required stunt for a kidnapping scene. He was chosen the male lead of a tv serial and he was supposed to rescue the female lead who was his newly wedded wife, kidnapped by goons. His business rivals were behind the cruel act 

He wasn't exactly enjoying what he did currently but true love had taken a toll on his emotions so deeply that he decided to quit the job of a fire station officer.

A few months after Chandni Chopra tied the knot with Raunaq Reddy,  Manav Dahiya left the city and shifted to Mumbai. It all happened lately when he surrendered to hard liquor. Swaying and dancing on the dance floor of a pub trying to release his inner pain of one sided love.

She never felt the same for him 


She was the only woman he desired on the planet. He had always intended to have her as his life partner. 

His Humsafar.

A sweet, kind and homely woman who understood him well. They were close but only as friends. 

He went to the pub daily after work to release his sorrow. He never kept in touch with Chandni directly but her grandma would somehow pop up at the station to share updates on her granddaughter in her in laws place. 

He was always told that she was happy. He felt glad for her. Her destiny had chosen a handsome south guy for her. And he was meant to be just the buddy and nothing more 

He accepted the bitter truth wholeheartedly and decided to pick the bits and move on but her memories were not easily erased from his mind. They just didn't want to fade away.

Feelings can never change in a day . He had to really work hard. He found peace and solace in alcohol . One fine day, a producer bumped into him at the pub and offered the lead role in a tv show HUMSAFAR. Upon hearing the theme, he roared into a laughter leaving the stranger puzzled but he  accepted the offer instantly.

Thanks to his handsome looks and charming personality that he was able to grab a golden opportunity to move away from the city.

Move away from her memories.

Escape from the sorrow beneath!

His restless heart decided to proceed towards a new journey. 

He took his little girl with him and admitted her in a boarding school in Mumbai and visited her on weekends. She seemed to understand her father's plight and urged him to stay busy so that he could get over his one sided love 

He knew Riya was upset too. She had adored a mother in Chandni but destiny had its own plans.

Time passed quickly. He was slowly and gradually moving on. He refrained from alcohol  after shifting to Mumbai. The busy schedule helped him stay sober.

"Aaj ka shot bahut acha kiya"

The director complimented.

He gave a weak smile and excused himself for a quick lunch at a cafeteria.

God, my stomach is growling. He skipped breakfast in the morning for the early shoot.

An hour later at a dine in near the set 

As usual,  he read the local press while munching his meal. As his taste buds enjoyed the delicacies of the aloo parathas with pudina chutney along with a hot cup of tea, suddenly he stopped eating.

The taste!

Exactly the same how Chandni prepared. He had shared her lunch box before. 

Oh my God!

He stood up at once. His dark eyes desperately searched around the kitchen area.

The manager interrupted,

"How can i help u sir?"

With a shaky voice he enquired,

"Vvv..vo yahan koi chand .. ch..chandni naam ki koi ladki kaam karti hain??"

The puzzled staff nodded in agreement with a weak smile.

"Yes sir, Chandni Chopra from Amritsar. Humari new chef".

To be continued 

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Posted: 1 years ago

Part two 

She vented out her frustrations on the whole wheat flour as she kneaded it to produce round capathis. 

She cursed her destiny like anything.

She cursed the first time she came across him.

Her husband.

Raunaq Reddy.

She only found out his true colours after marriage that he was full of vengeance to avenge his sister's death . She had nothing to do with it, of course. But he just misunderstood the whole scenario.

She was tortured badly in the mansion of horror. Her rich father in law was nasty . Her sister joined the team of cruellas to torture her more.

Many a times he manhandled her. Humiliated her in public.

The pressure within arose that so much so one fine day she took off to Mumbai to get away from the bunch of m*r*ns. She intended to start a new life.

It was disheartening leaving her beloved father and grandmas all alone stranded back in Amritsar but her granny pushed her to leave for the city as she would get the support of her good friend, Manav.

Her dadi even told her that the fire officer was head over heels in love with her and after successfully getting a divorce from his cheater wife and winning his daughter's custody, he left for the metropolitan to venture into a new journey of an actor.

The pay was lucrative. Settling in Mumbai was not tedious. He already purchased an apartment within the first three months after moving there.

" Manav aaj bhi tumse pyar karta hain. Vo aek acha insan aur dost hain. Vo teri medad zerur karega".

Her grandma 's soothing voice ringing in her ears.

She took the advise and eloped to the city. Raunaq hired goons on the look out. 

Despite having feelings for the narcissist, she still wanted to get away from his abuses.

Enough was enough !.

She needed to pull herself together and find ways to get out of the sorrowful marriage. She was pretty sure he wouldn't grant her a divorce.

She couldn't face her good friend upon reaching the city and decided to get a job on her own. Fortunately, a vacancy for a chef at a dine in near his shooting location was available. She attended the interview and got the job instantly as she demanded the lowest salary compared to the rest of the applicants 

The manager turned out a stingy fellow.

How to face him?? How shall i share my sorrows? I don't love him. I just don't feel the same. 

God, this is just so difficult.

Asking him a favour was like taking an advantage of his kindness. She became reluctant as the days passed. She was hoping he would drop by the dine in during his work hours and bumped into her . She could pretend that she wasn't aware of his whereabouts. Her grandma only knew he resided in Mumbai. But not his exact address or contact. He took off quietly after the divorce. His good friend informed the oldie stating Manav was undergoing depression that he left without informing.

It's been six months and he still hasn't called and informed his exact location in the metropolitan. The disappointed granny then decided to instigate her grand daughter to move towards the same city. In this way, she would be able to locate him.

Damn! Why is this flour so hard still. I have mixed enough water .

Struggling with the wheat flour still venting her frustrations, she didn't realize he stood at one corner watching her closely with tears rolling down his cheeks.

The woman he adored was right in front of his eyes. This was unbelievable.

Was destiny planning something ahead for them??

To be continued 

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Posted: 1 years ago

Part three

"Vo atta tumse naraz hain, Chandni, bina betaye Mumbai ageyi ,".

She stopped rolling the chapati. She recognized that deep calm voice instantly. 

Manav .

She remained adamant not to look towards him as he approached closer with slow steps.

" Legta hain Chandni bhi naraz hain".

He stopped right behind and she turned suddenly to embrace him. He welcomed her into his wide strong arms allowing her to release her emotions.

She cried badly. There was too much of pain.

The deception. Raunaq 's betrayal.

The bitter truth was unbearable that he never truly loved her 

After a few minutes, she released herself, still sobbing. 

He tried calming her by making her sit on a wooden chair near the large kitchen table offering a glass of water. 

She spoke as she held the glass.

"Usne mujhey dhoka diya. Maine kabhi nehin socha tha ki raunaq mere sath aisa karega".

He replied calmly trying hard to hold back his tears. Her pain was deep. He could see the sufferings she went through. Betrayed by someone we truly love is difficult to tolerate. He understood her plight. He felt her sorrow and guided her .

" Ab jo hua so hua. Apne kal ko bhulakar agey bedh Chandni. Tu aek fighter hain. Meri chandni kabhi kamzor nehin ho sakti".

She felt relieved with his encouraging words and emotional support. 

Chandni put up at manav's apartment as his housemate sharing half of the expenses. She insisted that he allowed her to do so. He had commitments. She worked morning shifts at the restaurant so she could babysit Riya the rest of the day after school as Manav would be busy shooting. She disagreed strongly for the child to remain in boarding . Riya was too young to be away from loved ones 

Chandni cherished her with mother's love. Manav was on the moon. But he knew his love was one sided and definitely he wasn't going to propose his good friend. She was still married to Raunaq.

He wished he had kicked that guy's a** but it was necessary to stay low for chandni's safety. 

For two months they lived a blissed peaceful life. 

Chandni was slowly moving on. She kept in touch with her dadi who had shifted to her sister's place in Delhi along with nani and dad after she eloped to Mumbai. Apparently her husband was looking for her high and low. The grandma could smell trouble. The night her granddaughter flee to another city, the same night she took her family to Delhi by train to reside in her sibling's place. They had to leave Amritsar for their safety too 

It was risky and life threatening to mess with rich powerful brats  

Chandni seldom left the house in fear of Raunaq locating her unless forced by the little girl usually to a nearby playground or mall. 

One fine afternoon, the evil twisted destiny knocked at her door once again when she was busy shopping for house hold stuff at a supermarket not far from her residence.

Raunaq 's men were wandering at the market area showing around her snap in their phones to passer bys. She managed to sneak around with a narrow escape. 

She knew it won't be long for her husband to find out her whereabouts. He was powerful. He had contacts. 

She couldn't risk Manav and his kid. She decided to leave his place and flee to somewhere else. But her good friend finally told her off 

It's time to fight back. Don't run from ur problems. U are a fighter. U are strong.

His words of encouragement made her stay and this time she was determined to teach that shrewd hubby a lesson of lifetime. 

Enough was enough!

Three days later,

Manav was shattered seeing his apartment ransacked. There was no sign of Chandni and his kid. Pissed, he punched furiously on the wall of his living room.

They had been kidnapped by Raunaq.

He found out finally.

To be continued 

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Posted: 1 years ago

I know R is evil...but I like him with Chandni😭

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Posted: 1 years ago

Originally posted by: la_Reine

I know R is evil...but I like him with Chandni😭

This story is manav Chandni pairing.

I already told in main post🤣🤣

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Posted: 1 years ago

Part four.

In a dark room 

Tied to a chair with mouth gagged she struggled hard to free herself from the clutches of the cruel kidnapper 


Apparently, the cunning selfish woman was the culprit who hired goons to kidnap the little girl. Chandni went after them to rescue and got herself into trouble.

On the other hand, restless anxious manav moved to and fro in his living room.

What shall i do??

The kidnappers didn't call 

Raunaq, i am not gonna spare u. This time u involved my little princess in the mess.

Just then a text message popped up on his phone and he trembled from head to toe.

Get ur a** to this location soonest possible if u want to see an alive Chandni.


Oh my God! It was his ex.

What about Raunaq??

Is he involved too??


Seconds later,

He had  the biggest shock of his life when a stranger knocked on his door 


Chandni 's husband looked furious.

The angry Manav pulled the tall guy from the collar of his shirt into the apartment and punched him numerous times.

The physical brawl lasted awhile with both men releasing their frustrations. Finally raunaq screamed angrily 

" I have started falling for her!Why should i harm her!Main bhi ussey pyar karta hun!'.

The harsh reply 

" Juth mat bol!Tune Natasha ko hire kiya hain chandni aur meri beti ko agva krane ke liye! Itna pyar tha toh usne tujhey choda hie kyun!. Tune uski life nerek benadi ab tu meri beti ke piche peda hain!Sale, mein tujhey nehin chodunga '.

The furious tone 

" Haan, maine usko torture kiya! Lekin uske baad jab vo mujhse dur cheligeyi tab uski value ka ehsas hua!. Main sirf tumhari help karne aya hun!. Natasha ne unko kidnap kiya!. Mujhey peta chelgeya! Hum dono milke ya toh yahan time pass karte hain ya phir unko bechate hain!. The choice is yours!".

With a heavy heart , the former agreed and they left instantly in the latter's  car to the location mentioned.

Why did Natasha kidnapped Chandni and the kid??

Thousands of questions but no answer 

As soon as they reached the deserted factory, no one was insight.

Then a text message popped.

Chandni  gadhi mein  hain. Brek fail hain. Ho sekhe to bechalo. Meri beti ko apne sath lekar ja rehin hun bahut dur.

Finally he understood. She didn't get the custody of the kid so she decided to snatch her away. Elope with the girl.

Raunaq understood the plight of the broken father and instructed him to go after his ex and  rescue his daughter. Meanwhile he would try to save Chandni. 

Manav didn't have any choice. As much as he desired to save the woman he loved but his daughter was his first priority. He had to get his kid from her evil mother before he lose her forever. 

With the help of cops, Natasha was finally detained. The little girl was glad to meet her father.

Raunaq's phone was dead. There was no news 

Did he managed to save Chandni in the nick of time??

Just then he received a phone call that shattered him from head to toe 

The police reported two cars badly damaged near a cliff area. There was a body found of a woman 


He sank on the ground of the parking lot in front of his apartment. He couldn't rescue her.

To be continued.

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Posted: 1 years ago

OMG im sure Chandni is alive but maybe injured...Hope Manav reaches in time to help her

Good to see Raunaq changing for the better❤️

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Posted: 1 years ago

Originally posted by: la_Reine

OMG im sure Chandni is alive but maybe injured...Hope Manav reaches in time to help her

Good to see Raunaq changing for the better❤️

Since u like rounaq, I have a wonderful surprise in coming story. Just be patient. There are others who like him too. If i am making manav Chandni pairing definitely something good for raunaq too.