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Posted: 3 days ago

Originally posted by MOTHERHOOD

After divorcing MAA, he can marry MAAya for the sake of CA. Anuj will never divorce Anu. So, I want a track where Anu is presumed dead, and Anuj agrees to marry MAAya just for CA's custody.


 If Anu keep running after her so called family and their issues, he might just do it.
If judge accepts the evidence Maya presents over how many time Deviji has left choti in care of other’s to take care of her grown batimaaz kids and how some member of her family have treated Choti.
If he loses custody based on all this, Anuj will be very upset and may not forgive Anu.

 He already told her how much Choti means to him so he may just do it knowing she will never put them  first or because of her he lost custody.

Posted: 3 days ago

Originally posted by TheSunShine

While rest of your post is on point and anger inducing. Anuj can’t raise Anu if he divorces Anupamaa. According to rules in India, single male parent cannot adopt a female child.

Just out of curiosity what happens in case the mother who has adopted has an unfortunate demise ? 🤔

Posted: 3 days ago
Originally posted by ga1986

Just out of curiosity what happens in case the mother who has adopted has an unfortunate demise ? 🤔

I meant single male parent cannot apply to adopt a female child. If a couple has adopted a child and the process is complete, then they have legal rights to the child as parents. I don’t know all the intricate legalities of adoption in India, just the basic rules.

Posted: 3 days ago
Originally posted by prerna4rishav

Sorry what upbringing did Kapadias do to CA ? CA was a readymade Anu delivered to Kapadias. In fact they should be sued to use CA as child labour as a nurse to Anuj when Anupamaa was busy at Shah house. CA also did multiple household works which Anupamaa missed to do. 

I dont understand the purpose of using villain music for Maaya. That is manipulating audience into thinking Maya is a negative char and Kapadias are poor poor babies. That’s not quite the situation. Even Gestation period is longer than Kapadias spent time with CA. 

I loved Kavyaa !! 

They took her to Nanupapa's temple everyday. That's really good upbringing.

Posted: 3 days ago

What I did not understand is why Abhay/orphanage officials had kept Maya’s existence confidential. Anu was being fostered, if she had a parent that was alive then it should be disclosed to foster parents. It’s in the rules that if the child being fostered has a living parent then the child should always be made aware of the relationship, so in effect the foster parents should be aware. Fostering of a child with living parents usually happens when the parent is terminally ill or otherwise cannot care for the child. If biological parent gives up a child for adoption then the information about the child is kept confidential and not told to the biological parent.

DKP land mein sab ulta chalta hai, orphanage informed the biological parent who gave up the child but not the foster parents who had the right to know.

Edited by TheSunShine - 3 days ago
Posted: 3 days ago

Just disgusted that this lousy no good person is being compared to Yashoda Maiya. Her so called mother's heart doesn't care in the least about CA and the upbringing she has given to the three trash Anuraj products is quite evident. What good have they done for CA except for exposing her to toxic tamashahs and constantly ignoring her needs. 

Can't wait for Maaya to show the ten thousand recordings she has taken smiley37

Maaya will probably be portrayed as bad but is still better for a child than being with spineless parents like Shitnupa Shah and Anuj Kapadia-Shah who do nothing when their child is being abused by mawaali jhuli etc

Posted: 3 days ago
Originally posted by MOTHERHOOD

She says that an Yashoda will fight with Devki for the custody of Kanhaji. She says that it will be a fight between blood and upbringing.

Did she really say that yashoda devki thing smiley8 

Lmao she is becoming so predictable these days smiley37 

And didi se pucho apni shakal dekhi hai sheeshe me kabhi..matlab how dare she compare her show off wala pyaar for ca with yashoda's selfless love for kanha jismiley11   

Anupama be like mujhe khud me rab dikhta hai Yara mai kya karu smiley8

Edited by shriz - 3 days ago
Posted: 3 days ago

Maarna mat

As far as I remember, anuj kapadiya is the same person who was crying and delivered same dialog for mukku. At tea stall, he said to Anu-- mukku aur tum dono meri jaan ho.. 

He considered mukki as his bacchi. Aaj bacchi ka naam bhi nahi.  

Inka memory loss ka problem hai kya. 

Anu di... Inko penick attack aa gaya. Inka maa, 9 mth maa bacche ko rakhti hai, gyaan kahan gaya. 4 mth mei CA saara ke saath, Gk, BB, aur ab dimpy ke saath hoti hai. Toh inko itna attachment kahan se hi gaya

No doubt, anuj' s performance was nice as usual but mujhe toh rona na aata.. I was like bhai tu decide kar le ki teri priorities kya hai.. Teri life mei kaun important hai. Gk kaka ko toh yeh bhool hi gaya bilkul. 

Mujhe toh iski kisi baat par yakeen nahi hai

Above all,  yeh baccho ka khel hai

Maa ya::  thode din ke liye tum rakh lo, mai waapis aa kar le loongi

Anu anuj: hum toh nahi dete, ABC pehle kyun di si


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