Posted: 11 days ago

I don't understand why everyone hates Shalin. Lets look at his journey in the BB house. He enters and starts flirting with all the girls. Forms a bond with Tina and Sumbul. Sumbul's father keeps poisoning the relationship, until they finally stop talking. Shalin starts getting serious about Tina but then BB throws the buzzer punch. Tina clearly shakes her head, but than comes back and blames him for not pressing the buzzer. After that, it is hot, cold, hot, cold ftom Tina's side. Until New Year's party dance, when for some reason everyone has a problem. 

After BB calls everyone to confession room to poison their minds against Tina and Shalin, Salman takes them to task for being fake in the New Year party! Poor Shalin is still taking Tina's side (don't be hard on her). Any married person can give umpteen examples of when they were fighting, even not on talking term for days, but all smiles when the neighbor rings the bell. If it is fake, it is their prerogative. And no one else's business.

Then the parents come and further poison their minds. A broken hearted Shalin finally says the one sentence he should not have said ("ek ladke se hat kar dusre se chipakti ho"). And after that he is completely isolated. 

Somebody tell me, what is his fault. That he overacts? Maybe that is his personality. 

That when he gets angry he says things he should not? We are all guilty of that sin, inside or outsude the house. 

That he has aggressive tendencies? Ummm Priyanka anyone?

I really, really want to know what are Shalin's sins that everyone inside and outside the house hate him so much? I don't think he is fake. But even if he is.... so what? 

Posted: 11 days ago

To be Honest Audience tend to judge Shalin based on his past. His past is so against him  & also its crystal clear that whatever happened with his ex wife is true and he denying the same and saying they are bestie are not believable. Even if he acts like dumb and playing far better than many other contestants here and also less toxic.. we feel somewhere down  that this shalin might not be the real shalin outside so things back fire him... 

But one the other side  it  might be  that he wanted to clear his image and restart and required a chance to prove self. 

Posted: 11 days ago

Shalin is always targeted ... And Salman did not speak a word when tina spoke about his ex wife... It seems they have brought shalin to big boss just to target him... No matter how wrong others are .... If he needs chicken then yes he needs it.... He earns and so he has right to have it.... If u r not giving its fine but dont make fun of it.... Its his necessity .... Even ekta kapoor made fun of him... Shalin was excited to get an opportunity in her tv shows ... But she did not give any role instead she called him again n again so that he feels he has got some opportunity... She was playing with his emotions .. even news reporters targeted him because he said to salman dont be hard on tina... Its just that he likes tina and so he said it... Whats a big deal in it... ,??? Can nobody give advice to salman??? Just because he is host and superstar doesnt make him super human being... I feel pity on his mental health condition which is not taken care of by big boss.. why bb shows those clips to public... Why cant u just tell him pls meet psychiatrist.... Thats it... When person is in wrong state of mind u r asking him do u need help ??? When u know he needs help why do u ask.... Its not physical thing its mental.... I wonder how shalin mother would be feeling.. she must have cried loads seeing those videos.... Big boss is doing too much wrong things with him... 

Posted: 11 days ago

When BB started I didnt like Shalin bcz of his history of being an wife beater /domestic abuser.

But as the season progressed I kind of started liking him and found him to be entertaining and a good person.

But with the last few episodes.....all his image building has gone down the drain. The 30 mins talk he had in that confession room was an eye opener for me. The guy is all pretence . Its all a show . Nothing about him is real. He is faking it big time and very well I might say.

Secondly......he is a big time liar. Sajid , Shiv , Tina ....all 3 have said similar things about Shalin approaching them before BB to play together inside the house but he outright denies it and gets caught in his own lies.

So now I do not trust him at all and his victim act .

Posted: 11 days ago

Two things. First.... why would you judge a person in the BB house based on his outside image. Even Daljeit recently posted all the best for him. Their marriage ended on a vad note. Things were said. Who knows what really happened inside the marriage. But they gave moved on and are friends now. But the sudience still won't forgive him.

Second, so what if he tried to contact people before entering bigg boss house and form alliance. According to Tina, Sajid and Shiv, he did not succeed. So even if he had, he has not reached this far with their help. He has been nominated practically every week, from week 1. And yet he is still here. No amount of collab could have saved him if he had been voted out.

Stop judging people for past actions. A person should not be charged with stealing because he stole once 10 years ago. 

Posted: 10 days ago

both tinln r at fault

but sha still wants footage....n play sympathy card and pretend to be Acha insan

Posted: 10 days ago

I don't know what Shalin's reality outside the house is. TBH sometimes it is hard to like him based on his past. But he does seem to genuine person in the BB house. I do think he has major anger issues though which he should work on.

Overall more deserving to be a finalist than Stan, Nimrit, and even Sumbul (even though I am her fan). I also find him more likable than Tina.

Posted: 10 days ago

I see lots of Newbies now coming and making threads in favor of Shalin.

smiley37 This is a major reason to dislike him. Achanak itne dino ke baad🙄 Why now? Sp when his preplanned BB play is out. Pura research karke BB jaisa show khel ne aya hai. Papa ka paisa uda raha hai for a trophy? OMG!Kis type ka obsession hai yeh?🙄

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