Ayaan's parents and the ways they express their love towards him

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Posted: 26 days ago

Why do I feel like his parents blackmailed him into this marriage just because his father adopted him? So, just for the fact that he married his mom, that gave him the right to crush the boy's dream and use the adoption card to make him do what he wanted Ayan to do all the time. If Ayaan was his blood, he never would have blackmailed him into submission like that and because of that one secret his father is always threatening to disown him if he steps out of line. His mom stands there and just tells him to be grateful for everything and take all the torture his father is putting him through because he is grateful. I can't like his patents for that and i wish at some pint he would stand up to them for manipulating him like that. Now he is in love with someone else he can't even voice it because again, his father would disown him, and his mother would call him ungrateful for not doing what his adopted father wanted. 

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Posted: 25 days ago

I hate her mom...she's responsible for this mess...  hou could a mother make her own child lifeless smiley3smiley11smiley7 hope ayaan blast her mum one day...

Posted: 22 days ago

I agree. It seems the epitome of the relationship of his father is that he obeys what he says and if he does not, he is not his son. Worst is that he verbally states it and uses it as a bargaining chip every time Ayaan does not comply with his wishes. Ayaan's mother is even worse as she guilt trips him when he dares to think and not follow through on his father's wishes. They are both blackmailing him and he was at vulnerable stages when they used the "illegitimate son card". It is a very interesting, and disgusting, dynamic and the show has more potential to show more sides of the rest of his family members.

Posted: 21 days ago

This is why I hope they don't ignore that big issue with his parents! Ayaan should confront his parents for their manipulative behaviors and that should be a major storyline even if hi so called father disown him. That man would not treat his own biological children like that, and I hate that he does that to Ayaan.

Posted: 20 days ago

I feel they will address it or at least confront it if: the rest of the family finds out Ayaan is not his father's biological son OR if Faltu confesses that Ayaan put the sindoor on her hairline. 

I feel more so he will be willing to confront his family if it involves Faltu as he is hanging on an edge right now. He is aware that he is love with her and he keeps comparing his relationship with Tanisha, with Faltu being his standard. I feel like when he finds out that she is his wife and he is her husband, he will lose all common sense and reasoning. Look at him now and it is a clear indication of what could happen, once the truth is exposed. I think at that point he will fight with everyone, including his father and mother (especially since they blackmailed and forced him to marry Tanisha after receiving a head injury). It's just nonsense musings in my head but I think Faltu, and more so her support, willingness, and confession of her love for him, is the key for Ayaan to fight and confront his parents.

Posted: 20 days ago

Very True! Once he finds out she is his wife, all bets are off because he is so in love with her right now and nothing or no one would stop him from protecting her. Tanu claimed to love him, but she is really not showing it and I feel like she just wanted to OWN him, so now that she does have him, she is bored with him. So far, I can't wait for the revelation though about his relationship with Faltu and i am kind of lowkey waiting for Tanu to realize she don't have his heart because she doesn't deserve it.

Posted: 20 days ago

I agree with your points about Tanisha's love for Ayaan. It was just a childhood friend and to be honest it's like acquaintances. They barely know anything about each other and if they have been friends for so long, you at least know your friend favorite food, color, books, flowers, hobbies, and etcetera. It made me laugh a couple episodes ago where they were both discovering new things about each other and this was not an arranged marriage between strangers, these are supposed friends.

I find it even more interesting with his relationship with Faltu as he was sharing things as most lovers do during the initial stages of their relationship his passion, his favorite flowers, and etcetera. I really love Faltu and Ayaan dynamic as it shows the weaknesses in his current relationship with Tanisha but shows a healthy transition of friendship to love. Although their friendship showed early signs of both parties being attracted to each other, it did show them learning about one another something he never really did in the years of his relationship with Tanisha.



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